Chapter 40

A live stream hosted by a child.

The child’s age was suspected to be around five years old.

The platform’s commercial department received calls from two agencies today, hoping to get the contact information of the guardians of this live broadcast and they want to make a contract.

Liu Zhen felt headache when he saw this email. The boss was in a bad mood, and this report right now wasn’t this the bullet for the gun that was ready to fire?

The prince was not yet five years old, and his boss just recently feeling the stage of a father’s outbreak love and don’t want see a child suffering.

Not if he let him know that there were minors on their Evergrande platform and such a small child was making money for their parents which he himself thought to be absolutely disgraceful.

And even signing a contract, my ass!

Liu Zhen took a deep breath and decided to let the Ministry of Commerce investigate the situation of that ‘beautiful girl’ ID first.

But before he could send the message the car gradually pulled up next to the Begonia Garden.

As soon was the car was parked, the door of the rear compartment was opened from the outside.

“Second uncle, how did you run to this small house to live? I went back to this house to look for you twice and finally it was housekeeper Zhao who looked at me poorly and told me…..hey Liu Zhen long time no see.”

With his left hand in his pocket the same tall and handsome man—the lineage of quality gene of the Li family, the man with double peach eyes smiled as it bent over and greeted.

“Fourth Young Master.”

Liu Zhen was surprised, fingers pointing at the half-edited text message. He had a bad feeling.

Li Jun narrowed his black eyes and his side profile was hidden in the dark unable to distinguish his expression.

And obviously he spits words with certain displeasure.

“Didn’t Housekeeper Zhang tell you that he’s been going to the office to see me for everything lately?”

Li Yinchen hold out his hand and begged, with peach blossom eyes that has a tearful mole making him looked beautifully pitiful.

“Second uncle you’re so heartless. I went to your company first, the secretary said you left early for something and I went home to find you. As a result, housekeeper Zhao said you didn’t come back and I went to the company to wait….three of four times back then and fourth….ok, ok, I’m here for business ok?”

It didn’t take him long to be baptized by Li Yun’s chill.

“I am twenty-eight, do not stare at me like I was a child….cough, the thing is, I do not have a net brokerage company that specializes in signing up for online live broadcast on major platforms so I always pay attention to the data of various live broadcasting platforms.”

Hearing this, Liu Zhen foreboding became heavier.

Sure enough, Li Yinchen’s next key phrase came soon after.

“Guess what happened? Just now I was casually strolling around our Everest platform and I ended up see an unparalleled potential stock!”

“Although his he has not been included in the top ten hot list, I can guarantee that he will definitely be popular. At present there is no same type in the market so there is no need to casually create one. Just rely on his idea of natural carving and live broadcasting at will. He can become one of the hottest host this year, and no one else!”

Liu Zhen stiffened as he turned his back with trepidation.

“Fourth young master, the boss is off work today. It’s better to discuss that tomorrow…”

“A workaholic has off shift?”

Liu Yinchen rubbed his palms together obviously still turmoil as if seeing someone digging his own grave happily.

“Second Uncle the Commerce Department said they need your approval to give me the other party’s contact information so give them a call quickly.”

Liu Zhen sighed and gave the fourth young master a helpless smile.

The boss was in a bad mood today, so before his boss spits fire he had given hint to the fourth young master but it was no avail

Sure enough Li Yun wrinkled his eyebrows and his black eyes sank.

“What’s wrong with this host that it needs my approval?”

Evergrande Group was one of the family industries of the Li family involved in a number of business areas and right now Li Yun was the leader.

Among them Evergrande entertainment was a popular live streaming network platform nowadays.

Wangle brokerage company was a company run by Li Yinchen of the third generation but was relying on the family making it easy for new people to sign in Evergande for the first time.

The Evergrande Commerce Department was not stupid and would not make it difficult for Li Yinchen to sign the contract.

Unless there was a problem.

“Haha, second uncle, you’ve got the key point. I’ll show you and you’ll know…”

Li Yinchen had his cellphone ready long ago.

Once he opened it, it was the Evergrande Live platform.

 Soon a sultry soft voice came out from the phone.

[Mommy, then if Daddy regains his memory, will he….come, come to….us?]

Instantly the cold man in the car with his long legs stretched out and his expression changed!

And Liu Zhen in front row almost jumped up in place.

The next second the atmosphere in the car became eerie and cold.

And another delicate female voice soon rang out clearly from the phone.

[Child, your father can’t eat or play what do you think he’s doing? Put on your gloves…we’re going home.]

[Mommy…is your father also gone….]

[En, there used to be…]

[What happened later?]

[Ah, then he’s gone since then.]


“Hey this kid has no dad and no grandfather.”

Li Yinchen’s peach blossom eye’s squinted as he held his breath while holding the phone tighter and was melancholy for a long time.

“So pitiful.”

He was so engrossed in the conversation between mother and son that he didn’t notice the eerie atmosphere in the car, sending the phone screen back towards the man beside him who didn’t say a word.

“Second uncle, look at the comments screen above and then looked at the reward data. This child has no father, and the mother has definitely has the rhythm of conquering more than 50% of Evergrande’s live broadcast audience. Even I can’t help feeling that the child is poor and wants to reward him, I want to see what he is doing every day and whether his life has become better… has he been bullied today… the child is superior!”

Even though his phone screen was pitch black.

But the pop-up screen was indeed floating with comments.

[Oh, I cried.]

[It’s okay, it’s going to be okay, baby look forward~]

[Hey, reward 6666 gold coins, nothing to say.]

[Well, it’s time to transfer the child. So many people scold the child in the school, really not good for the child ah!]

[Commenter above, do you know how troublesome it is to transfer students? It’s not what ordinary parents wouldn’t want for their children, letting their children go to a good school was of course a must! Do they have school district housing? Can they get together to sponsor red envelopes? If it’s a long way away they have to rent a house and move, how much money do they have to save?]

[Stop arguing! Don’t you think the kids are suffering enough? Keyboard warriors get lost! I’ll give you 520 gold coins every day from now on, how about you guys?]

[Crowdfunding +1, reward 2000 gold coins, the pocket money this sister have will be given.]

[Joining, the Chinese New Year is coming soon so I can give you more reward with the New Year’s money!]

[I was going to buy a dress after work, but now I’m not! Reward 20,000 gold coins!]

[Wow, I suddenly feel like raising a darling baby with everyone, I will reward 520 gold coins.]

“Second uncle look, he was doing live only for how long…. just five minutes ah. This reward has exceeded all newcomers…. But because it is underage the Ministry of Commerce said to as the guardian first and then report back to you.”

Li Yichen said as his peach blossom eyes squinted, as if he saw the first doll artist he promoted as it rise to become the brightest star in the night sky, no, the brightest child.

But he was just laughing halfway when a cold and bone chilling water of basin poured out!

“Liu Zhen, tell the Ministry of Commerce to reject all signing applications from agencies.”

A ruthless order fell in the car.

Li Yinchen’s peach blossom eyes twitched.

“Second Uncle?”

Li Yun’s handsome face was gloomy as he gaze the phone screen and frowned. He roughly pulled off his tie from the collar of his shirt and opened the door and walked out with his slender legs.

“Second Uncle, wait! The kid has endless potential, are you going to let him stay at Evergrande and sign?”

Li Yinchen pushed open the car door and went out after him.

But before he could finished his sentence he saw his always elegant and perfect second uncle, at the moment in his eyes looked like a beast on the edge of rage. Two buttons of the shirt collar were torn off and rolled into the nearby grass.

“Are you questioning my decision?”

Li Yun narrowed his dark eyes dangerously.

Li Yinchen’s leg trembled unconsciously.

“Uh, no, it’s a discussion…”

“Yes, then you will report to the group tomorrow.”

“No, no, no, then forget it.”

Li Yinchen peach blossom eyes twitched.

“I thought about it, it’s ok not to sign him…”

He was the Evergrande’s camel’s hunchback, who wouldn’t sleep not until he finished his work.

Only human with physical strength and brain like his uncle could do it.

As soon as his voice fell down, he slammed the door and nearly broke the bridge of his nose.

“Today, second uncle….did he ate a gun powder?”

Liu Zhen, who was following behind don’t know if the laugh or cry.

You just found out that, not only you feed him with gun powder you also lit it up!

He couldn’t be bothered to explain and hurriedly opened the combination lock to get it.

“Good bye fourth young master.”


Li Yinchen touched his high nose, and lowered his head then operated his phone first.

“Crowdfunding I also want to participate then first give this little guy to charge a good five thousand…huh, my account is frozen! Paralyze, which idiot did it!”

The idiot who blocked and frozen someone’s account was at the moment had a dark face, he entered the house and went into terrace moving stiffly to take out his phone.

He leaned against the wall, it was nearly five o’clock but the sun has not yet set in and formed a shrouded shadow of his figure.

He opened the live app of Evergrande with difficulty.

He then searched for the room “Beauty Girl.”

Seconds later, inside came the intermittent sound of familiar voice from time to time the soft speaking voice of Ye Susu and occasionally interspersed with the thin voice of a child.

This kid…

Li Yun covered his forehead in dismay.

How old was he this year and he’s already appearing live on camera?

The Li family’s children received business education from an early age, he himself was 10 years old when he learned to buy and sell stocks with his father’s account and learn to operate a company virtually.

He didn’t officially entered Evergrande Company to take over the real industry until he was an adult at the age of 18.

And Ye Xun, who was only less than five years old—looking at the number of rewards, has earned more than Ye Susu.

And that child was his son.

Li Yun wrinkled his brow, only to feel a fire in his chest. He cleared his mind but after a few moments he felt his heart throbbing in pain again.

He was proud yet heartbroken and angered inside.

Liu Zhen stood next to him, not daring to move and was desperately trying to reduced his sense of presence.

“Encrypt the personal information of this room ID and forbid anyone to inquire about it.”

“All recorded videos, delete.”

Li Yun’s slender fingers tightly squeezed the phone.

Liu Zhen hurriedly replied.

“Do you want to seal this number? Prohibit… this child’s live broadcast?”

There was a dispute when minors throw their heads and show their faces which must be carried out with the knowledge of the guardian.

And the child’s guardian, Miss Ye was obviously unreliable. Would another sequential guardian which would be his immediate boss, a man with high status in the county allow his son to make money by live broadcasting?

Liu Zhen’s first thought was stopping the future crown prince.

But just as he had said this, the combination lock on the front door was pressed open.

Liu Zhen shut up at once.

The mother and child was back.

Before the door was opened, Ye Susu’s unique soft voice could be heard from afar as it was getting near.

“Child, do you have…homework in kindergarten today? Will you do it now, should we do it together?”

That’s exactly what a good mom looks and sound like.

Liu Zhen slandered.

Turning, he thought about whether to avoid her when he heard an eek.

“Mr. Li, you’re home too.”

“This….bank card big brother…..is you.”

Ye Susu has a good memory and remembered who he was when he saw Liu Zhen.

Liu Zhen hurriedly smiled.


Just after doing this his smiled stiffened.

Crap, is he on the kid’s live now!?

How many fans were watching now??

He couldn’t help but looked at Ye Xun and saw that he wasn’t holding a small phone, just some bulging pocket in his side pants, it was a metal bulge to be exact.

He’s not in the picture.

Well, the kid does not always show people—he had no frame.

“Ah, I have something for the old…..”

Liu Zhen’s smile widened.

But the cold voice interrupted him.

“Let’s go to the room and talk.”

Li Yun from start to finish did not give Ye Susu a look, he extremely restrained himself to conceal the disgust on his face before he quickly turned around and went upstairs.

One more look at her and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Every moment he wanted to directly take Ye Xun away from her and cut of all contacts with this woman.



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