Chapter 52

She wondered if sleeping around with a small stove make people feel more at ease, because Jian Ruixi had a good dream all night.

When she woke up she could still feel the happiness she had when she was dreaming which made her smile as looked at Jayce who was lying in her arms and sleeping like a pig.

Perhaps because of the quality of her sleep last night she woke up earlier than Jayce for the first time, and it was also the first time she saw the little one in a state of sleeping soundly.

Unlike when he was awake, he looked sensible and clever. Jayce was no different from all children when sleeping, his sleeping face doesn’t look clever at all in fact she could even hear him snoring as his little belly rise and fall.

Unlike the snoring of adults, the sound of his snoring sound like a small animal that those who hear couldn’t help but smile as if their heart have become soft.

Jian Ruixi’s small maternal tenderness seems to be hooked up and suddenly wanting to touch the child’s round belly.

She reached out from the quilt and found target accurately, and the pajamas did not affect her ability to experience the round and hot touch under her palm.

The little one rolled over and faced her, rubbing his eyes with his little hands he asked in a daze.


Probably he was still wondering, since they have set up his own bedroom he has been sleeping alone on his bedroom so why was he sleeping soundly on his mommy’s bed, he must be came running to his mommy again?

Jayce with his pair of big round eyes and his hair that looks like the bird’s nest looked naïve and cute.

When they used to sleep together the little guy wasn’t this cute. The more Jian Ruixi looked him now the more she like the child, she did not wait for the child to be fully awake and take the opportunity to hold the little confused and defenseless child in her arms and rub him wantonly.

Having a son to play like this was really better than rolling cats and dogs.

So Jayce was squeezed and rolled by his mommy, he then soon remembered that he seemed to be playing in his mommy’s bed last night and then unknowingly fell asleep.

Then he didn’t unknowingly run to his mommy’s bed last night, Jayce who wanted to save his face began to fight back. Struggling with his little flushed face, he said.

“Mommy let go of me, it’s time to get up.”


Jian Ruixi who hadn’t had her fun had not left him and with a disappointed look on her face she told him carelessly.

“You don’t even let mommy have a good time.”

Jayce’s little face looked horrified.

“You want to play?”

However Jayce was too young to play her favorite “little game” so Jian Ruixi had little qualms but she was still very happy. Even if her motivation to approach the child was not pure at the beginning but since the child was fun she no longer regards it as a task and enjoys the child’s company instead.

Even on Thursday and Friday she began to look forward to the weekend.

It may also be that distance produces love just like weekend couple, there also weekend mother and son. Even farewell was worth cherishing, over time Jian Ruixi has formed a good habit of keeping her focus on her child and putting her business until working day.

This time was no exception, she and Jayce spent a pleasant holiday until Monday and make her time on her business.

Even’s company was more appropriate to call it a personal studio, it was not located in the CBD area, relatively speaking it was located in a remote area.

The environment was more quiet and secluded, there was a large courtyard decorated elegantly and uniquely, it was more suitable for artistic creation.

The most important thing was that according to the land price it was definitely people with mines at home who could get such a large area of office space.

Even seemed very proud, first he accompanied Jian Ruixi around.

“How was it?”

“It’s very nice.”

Jian Ruixi did not spare her praise.

“You have such a good environment here, I think the mood of finishing the work will not be bad. I will come here to find you in the future.”

Jian Ruixi praised not only the environment but also many beautiful little sisters and handsome little brother. She don’t know whether it has anything to do with their major but each look fashionable and temperament.

If it weren’t for fear of not meeting her current personal goal, Jian Ruixi would like to ask that the piano prince if the recruitment was all about face?

Anyway she liked the office conditions and decided to come here to play more often.

Even smiled modestly and took her to a music room again.

“This is where we work in the future.”

“No problem, let’ sign the contract first.”

Jian Ruixi embodied the rich woman who was not poor in money.

“Sorry, I slightly inquired about your market value so don’t say any friendship price. You take time of your busy schedule to help me and you can’t lose any more.”

With that she turned back to look at Lisa, who then handed the prepared document to Even and politely said.

“The content was temporary drafted so it may be not detailed enough, if you have anything to add please put it forward.”

Jian Ruixi was trying to do business, trying to give more money and leave no favors after all she was Madam Fu who was not with no power. The name of Fu family should be reserved for more needs.

However, Even was not some owner who lacks money. He took the documents without looking at it and put it aside.

“First let me say that I’m helping, and not because of favors. Will it be a bit exaggerated to sign a contract?”

Even laughed humorously.

“That hurt me a little, Annie.”


Jian Ruixi subconsciously glanced at Lisa, in her circle it was customary to look at the contract or do things only when the money arrives so she was used to this style.

However seeing Lisa’s surprise face Jian Ruixi was relieved, she knew that the practice she knew was common thing after all artist depends on money.

But it seems that he regarded money as dirt and finally failed to let him sign the contract, although she was surprised Jian Ruixi didn’t keep pestering about this issue as they soon sat down to talk about this issue.

They talk about division of labor and cooperation.

Even was very responsible for saying that he could be responsible for arranging a piece of music as he has tried composing privately so he also considered to have a small experience but he wasn’t that good with lyrics.

He decided on the difficult part, Jian Ruixi said with a relaxed smile.

“Then I’ll try the lyrics.”

It was written for a child, and it’s just need to be catchy so she was quite prepared.

“You are planning to play live at the birthday party so you’d better master your fingering now. After all you haven’t touched the piano for so long.”

When it comes to piano, Even starts the strict teacher mode in a second.

“You can come here to practice when you have time, although I may not be free there are many colleagues who can guide you.”

Jian Ruixi’s expression collapsed as she remembered the fear of being dominated by piano practice when she was a child but now she has to do great things and was not afraid of hard work.

If she wants to pay back, she has to pay first. Jian Ruixi nodded and said.

“I will come and bother often.”

She don’t know what the “student” qualification was but her attitude was good. Teacher Even showed a satisfied which just flashed by. Soon he remembered that she was not his student per say but his student’s parents and his friend.

Even coughed awkwardly and recovered his peaceful smile.

“By the way, you said you still want to carve a disc and keep it? Several friends and I worked with specially helped me from abroad. Now I don’t know if they have a schedule..”

“I’m just recording a children’s song, wouldn’t it be a big deal to have your friends come over?”

Jian Ruixi understood what he meant were beyond words and smiled at once.

“Actually Lisa told me that there are many good record companies or teams in Hong Kong City, isn’t it Lisa?”

Lisa didn’t say anything, she didn’t hear about it from her boss until just before she left work yesterday and in her haste she only had time to prepare the contract.

But now that her boss had spoken, she nodded her head without saying anything.

“Yes, they are also very professional.”

“I’ll leave it to you then.”

Lisa answered and was very good at drawing inferences.

“Madam do you want to do MV?”

This gave her inspiration, Jian Ruixi rubbed her chin and said.

“In these few months, Ah Ming should have a lot of materials in his hands?”

Thinking about the birthday scene with the music and the big screen was still playing all kinds of daily activities of eating, drinking and have fun with her son.

That would be as romantic and grand as the wedding, she likes it.


When she talked to President Fu, he gave Jian Ruixi better suggestions.

“Jayce take a set of commemoration every birthday, of course it was just the usual audio and video. Mom and Dad has them you can ask them for one copy.”

Jian Ruixi’s eyes lit up.

“Wow, all of them from one to six years old? How happy Jayce must be.”

She couldn’t wait to see the little one moved to tears.



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