Chapter 26(2)

Her billionaire tyrant father left early the next morning. Tang Anan came over to pick Jiang Mian at noon and arrived at the hotel prepared by the crew in the afternoon.

As a result as soon as they entered the hotel lobby they saw Guan Xin and Gu Qiwen the latter obviously came to send Guan Xin in the group.

Jiang Mian: “….”

They could really be seen everywhere.

“Don’t pay attention to her.”

Guan Xin who was holding Gu Qiwen’s hand and quickly let go—there were many people here and she didn’t want others to know about her relationship with Gu Qiwen.

Gu Qiwen took a deep breath and gave a “hmm” not noticing that Guan Xin had let go of his hand.

Jiang Mian directly ignored the two, at this time a large group of people rushed in from the hotel door. Jiang Mian pulled Tang Anan to hide and not get sweep by the crowd.

On the contrary Guan Xin and Gu Qiwen, the two were squeezed unsteadily from the side. Jiang Mian saw very clearly that Gu Qiwen was stepped on the by the girl’s high heel.


Jiang Mian tried to calm her expression but soon she couldn’t control it.

“Ahhh, Brother Qin!!”

“Almost there, almost there, the car is here!”

“Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze, give some space or no one can shoot!”

“Everyone be a little more orderly, don’t crowd. Be careful, brother Qin is coming in you’ll hurt him.”

Jiang Mian: “??”

Why is her film emperor father here?

She looked outside the hotel and saw a large wave of people, it was strange because obviously earlier when they arrived there was no one outside. These people seemed to emerged out of thin air.

The group people was extraordinarily excited and almost all of them were girls.

“How frightful, Mian Mian you weren’t squeezed just now are you?”

Tang Anan’s heart was palpitating while curiously looking out.

“Hearing them shouting it seems to be Brother Qin coming.”

Jiang Mian and Tang Anan were standing next to each other and although the two were not squeezed by the crowd the space in front of them was taken up by the group of girls. There were excited that they didn’t realized they were blocking people and treated Jiang Mian and Tang Anan as if they were fans like them.

Tang Anan shouted a few time for Jiang Mian’s name before her voice was drowned out in the excited screams.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Once again she intrusively felt the popularity of her film emperor father.

“Ahhhh, he’s getting off the car, getting off the car. It’s Brother Qin ah.”

“It’s really him, so handsome.”

“OMG, I’m going to lose breath.”

“Don’t squeezed, you’re stepping on my foot!”

The hotel security guards and the body guards brought by Qin Jingrun gathered on both sides to form a human wall separating the excited fans from the group.

Under the escort of security guards and the bodyguards Qin Jingrun entered the hotel lobby smoothly, more and more fans crowded forward and cellphone cameras kept attacking each other. They all wanted to take a picture of Qin Jingrun at 3600 angles in all directions.

And in such chaotic moment, Qin Jingrun still had a perfect smile on his face when a female voice screamed.

“Brother Qin I want to give you a baby.”

Qin Jingrun returned her sentence with


There were more crazy scream.

“Brother Qin, this way, look at me look at me.”

A girl in front of Jiang Mian jumped up like a spring successfully attracting Qin Jungrun’s eyes.

Then, Qin Jingrun eyes pass through the girl. He saw his precious daughter squeezed in the corner.

Qin Jingrun: “…..”

He immediately took a big stride.

The girl was blushing with excitement—Brother Qin noticed me and Brother Qin coming towards me!

With her in the center of girls screams, stung Jiang Mian’s ears.

“Isn’t this the lead actress of Director Zhang’s new movie who look a bit like me?”

Qin Jingrun voice was not too loud nor weak, it was enough for the people around to hear. He looked at the fans and said in a warm voice.

“You can come and see me, but you can’t hinder others.”

The fans did not react and just stared blankly at Jiang Mian.

“I apologize for my fans.”

Qin Jingrun apologize and naturally pulled Jiang Mian into his own safety zone and then entered the hotel under the escort of security guards and bodyguards.

The fans tried to follow again but were stopped tightly the security guards outside.

“Who is than woman?”

“Brother Qin said it was the new female lead of Director Zhang’s….”

“I remember, that’s Jiang Mian! The last time Brother Qin forwarded her photo he said she looked like him!”

“Oh, that’s her!”

When the fans were dispersed out of the hotel by the security guards, Guan Xin and Gu Qiwen finally squeezed out of the crowd. The former’s hairstyle was messy and the latter who protected Guan Xin was even wretched.

Even if the two no longer have the energy left on them, Guan Xin was still able to notice Jiang Mian. She grabbed Gu Qiwen’s sleeve and said.

“Jiang Mian….was rescued by the Film Emperor Qin?”



Entering the elevator with the surveillance, Jiang Mian tried to make herself act normal.

“Thank you Brother Qin.”

Qin Jingrun: “….”

The film emperor father looked at Jiang Mian making sure he wasn’t leaving any spot, for the time being it seems that his baby daughter was not injured and was finally a little relived.

“You’re welcome.”

It’s time to show the acting skills between father and daughter.

Lin Xi who was following them: “….”

“What floor are you on?”

Qin Jingrun asked.

“The eight floor.”

Jiang Mian replied, Qin Jingrun reached out and pressed the button for the eight floor and then he pressed the sixteen floor—using this move to tell his baby daughter that he lived on the sixteenth floor.Soon to the eight floor.

Jiang Mian winked playfully at the film emperor father.

“Goodbye Brother Qin.”

Watching his baby daughter’s back disappear, Qin Jingrun withdrew his gaze and asked Lin Xi in a low voice.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Mian Mian was also staying at this hotel?”

If he hadn’t found it in time, he’s afraid that his baby daughter would have been injured because of him.

Thinking about it, Qin Jingrun’s eyebrows slowly wrinkled up.

Lin Xi was wronged.

“I do not know ah.”

Qin Jingrun: “You didn’t contact your cousin?”

Lin Xin: “Brother Qin, you were the one who said not to pry too much into Mian Mian’s whereabouts, otherwise she would be unhappy if she knew.”

Qin Jingrun: “….”



Jiang Mian stood at the door of the room waiting for Tang Anan since the room card was with her.

A few minutes later, Tang Anan came up dragging her suitcase and hurriedly opened the door with her room card. Once inside Tang Anan said excitedly.

“Mian Mian, you’re going to be in the headlines again.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

“The scene where Brother Qin pulled you over just now really looks good.”

Tang Anan held her heart, when she used to work with other female artist she was always very serious and would be scolded if she relax a little but only after a month or so with Jiang Mian she was much livelier.

She couldn’t help but wonder.

“Mian Mian what is your relationship with Brother Qin?”

She only had the opportunity to take care of Jiang Mian through her cousin Lin Xin who mad a list detailing what Jiang Mian liked and disliked.



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