ECM 47


Chapter 47

Time was fairest of all, whoever has been practicing for a long time has more strength. Zhongtian’s trainees has been in place for several years so it’s normal for Chen Xing not to be their match yet.

And now the focus of Chen Xing was not on this, the main thing they do right now was to continue to expand the company’s fame and scale towards the goal of becoming bigger and stronger.

Xu Zhaixing remembering this cleared up her mind and was relieved and continued to invest her time in learning. During Chinese New Year Xu Yan went back to the S city and had a New Year’s dinner with Xu Zhaixing’s family.

Xu Yan’s mother was abroad, she has been used to life abroad for decades. Generally she likes spends Christmas and put little significant of Chinese New Year but Xu Yan’s mother was warm-hearted, she greeted her son early and asked him to come home for a reunion.

Xu Zhaixing and he haven’t seen each other for nearly half a year so after the long meal they took advantage of the gap between Xu Zhaixing’s parents watching the Spring Festival Gala and asked Xu Yan to come to her room to ask about the company.

Xu Yan simply told her that Chen Xing has a good momentum now, both its artist and resources were thriving. Many newcomers were willing to sign under Chen Xing, they know that the company was humanized, good at treating its artists and the positioning and packaging were very accurate. It was basically one promotion and one standard, even some stars whose contracts expire have the intention to cooperate again with Chen Xing.

In short, he had made a lot of money in these two years which involved in investing and garnered quite generous returns. Xu Zhaixing once mentioned of wanting the whole building extended and so that’s what Xu Yan did.

The company has just recently expanded its PR department, Xu Yan was so sensitive to the market that he doesn’t even need to be reminded by Xu Zhaixing as he immediately start running marketing bloggers on weibo. These marketing numbers involved various industries including horoscopes, movies, music, gossip, breaking news and jokes which all look like self-indulgence of private blogger but in fact they all have the backing of Chen Xing, paving way for Chen Xing to master the market discourse in the future.

Finally when it comes to Zhao Jinijn Xu Yan has recently been selecting her drama scripts for transformation.

Speaking of which, Xu Yan paused and sighed.

“Now there is a problem, I am optimistic about the novel adaptation but the investment risk is too great.”

Xu Zhaixing was interested in what he said.

“What novel?”

Xu Yan told her, this novel was called “Building a Mountain River”. In fact it was not very popular on the internet but the author’s relatives happen to work in Chen Xing copyright department, and they think that this was an opportunity for both sides so they recommend it to Xu Yan.

The novel tells the story of four countries in the era of chaos, the heroine’s country and the three big families. These three families were fighting openly and secretly as they don’t agree with each other but their interest were inextricably linked.

The layout of “Building a Mountain River” was very big and the author’s description of the power and conspiracy part of the book was also very wonderfully written and Xu Yan still approves of the story after reading it. But the biggest problem was that there was no TV drama of this type on the market and he couldn’t predict its prospects.

The film and television market was actually very careful in following trend, many investors need to be sure that there has been the same type of drama fire before they would invest. Xu Yan mentioned this project intentionally or unintentionally through several investors’ dinners but the other party said it was too risky so it was better to invest in the same type of drama that was hot at the moment.

Xu Yan’s tone was also a bit helpless.

“I am now also considering whether to give her a workplace drama that won’t go wrong or take a risk and directly buy the adaption right of the novel which will be invested and produced by Chen Xing.”

As soon as he finished speaking he heard Xu Zhaixing say with excitement.

“Go for it brother! Just cast this drama! It’s okay if we don’t have investors we’ll cast ourselves! This novel is so well-written it will definitely be a hit!”

At first she did not react when she heard Xu Yan say “Building a Mountain River”, not until Xu Yan told the general plot of the novel. Xu Zhaixing suddenly remembered that this novel was a masterpiece that was deeply involved in plagiarism in the future!

In a few years there would be a copy of the novel “Building a Mountain Rivers” that came out of nowhere, otherwise how could heaven so unfair? The original book was not that popular but the copied text was boosting with popularity. It has even sold film and television copyright, made a TV play and become popular all over China.

Until the TV series became popular everyone found that it was plagiarist but at this time the drama fans, book fans and even the star fans of the plagiarized work had been solid. At that time the domestic creative environment was still very relaxed and the plagiarism was not so strict. So the original author began a long road of safeguarding his rights.

The lawsuit lasted for several years and that was due to the author’s hard work, but in the end he just got a light apology and a fundamentally unequal compensation while the plagiarist still had it good.

If they could make “Building a Mountain River” in advance now, wouldn’t that plagiarized drama behind not appear? Even if that plagiarist still copied the story later, when the “Building a Mountain River” has been broadcasted she would be found in advance and hammered to death by the majority of audience!

If in those days the plagiarized drama could be popular it doesn’t make any sense that the original couldn’t be popular!

Now the original author had take the initiative to Chen Xing, indicating that the writer’s shows fate even in the dark. It was both an opportunity and a rescue so how could they miss the chance.

Xu Zhaixig firmly patted Xu Yan’s shoulder.

“Brother, when we first met we said that we should not follow the market lead us but lead the market instead. High returns are accompanied by high risk, I am very optimistic about the play if we can find a reliable production team I believe the result will never disappoint us!”

Xu Yan looked at her for a while and finally let out a laughing sigh.

“Actually my thought are the same as yours.”

Xu Zhaixing was instantly happy, and after thinking about it she added.

“If this author can write such powerful story as “Building a Mountain River” the other stories should not be bad either! Brother buy her together!”

Xu Yan: “Together?”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“Yes! Buy it in a package, it’s cheaper! Moreover the author can also make more money but not only her. In fact we can buy novel with good quality in the market and hoard IP so that in the future we won’t lose no matter whether we invest in the shooting or selling the copyright!”

Xu Yan hear about hoarding the IP for the first time, he thought for a while and nodded.

“Well, I’ll go back and examine it.”

Xu Zhaixing once didn’t know the truth and had seen the plagiarized play, she knew about the male and female lead and the general plot. Now that they had decided to shoot the play the heroine Zhao Jinjin was already secured since she was their own artist however who was more suitable for the male lead?

She thought about it, then suddenly her eyes lit up and said to Xu Yan.

“Has Chen Xing ever worked with Su Ye?”

Xu Yan was stunned.

“Su Ye? No, this kind of artist is still a little too high for us. Chen Xing temporarily can’t hire him for the time being.”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“Don’t belittle yourself brother! You should go and get Su Ye and let him play the first male role. His image is especially suitable for the male lead of Building a Mountain River!”

Xu Yan was helpless.

“Front line artist are not easy to get and I heard that he has the idea of transitioning to big screen so it was estimated that he will not take TV series.”

Su Ye’s has a keen eye and was picky, it would take for him two years before he could picked a movie script and play his first movie.

Xu Zhaixing tugged his sleeve.

“Our play is also very good ah, very deep and mysterious. Good actors won’t miss good script, go to him and have a try maybe he will agree when he sees the script and the role?”

In case Su Ye would agree and take the male lead role for Building a Mountain River then the play would indeed be a guarantee.

Xu Yan thought for a moment before he nodded and smiled,

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Xu Zhaixing said silently.

Zhao Jinjin this is all to realize your dream of chasing stars, if you really succeeded you have to thank me.

She wanted to talk to Xu Yan about the variety show but Mother Xu came upstairs and yelled at her as soon as she entered.

“This child, won’t you let your brother have a good rest on New Year’s Day. Stop asking your brother with so many questions and just come down! I’ve baked cookies and cakes, Xu Yan come down and let’s eat them together.”

The two of them then went downstairs.

The TV was still broadcasting the Spring Festival Gala, towards 12AM there was a sound of fireworks outside the house. At this time the control of fireworks and firecrackers in the city was not yet strict. Xu Zhaixing ate cookies and dragged Xu Yan out to set off fireworks.

There were already many people outside the community, most of them were parents and children who come out to play with flame sticks. The whole family looked so happy, there were also couples who were talking in pairs. On New Year’s Eve, the most important was family reunion.

Xu Zhaixing played and played and suddenly got sad.

Her idol right now never have had a decent year.

The young man was unfortunate and lonely, and now he was alone thousands of miles away and he probably doesn’t even have anyone to talk to.

When Xu Zhaixing thought of this, her mouth was simply bitter. She handed the rest of the firework stick to Xu Yan and whispered.

“I’m sleepy.”

Xu Yan looked her twice, not sure if he could see that she was not in the right mood but only nodded and said.

“Go back if you’re sleepy.”

Xu Zhaixing turned around and took two steps then step back, her tone was a bit urgent but her voice was low and earnest.

“Brother we must make Chen Xing stand on the highest mountain peak, we must become the most powerful one.”

Xu Yan looked at her slightly reddened eyes and smiled a little.

“Of course.”

When she got home, Xu Zhaixing greeted her parents who were still watching the Spring Festival Gala before going upstairs to bed. When she finished washing up she lay down on her bed and waited until the hour hand on the clock pointed to twelve o’clock.

She turned off the light and the room was then covered with darkness, only the phone screen was giving a faint light.

Outside the house, the sound of firecrackers could be heard everywhere through the window.

She stared at the phone number in the screen that she never dialed. She hovered her finger several times but withdrew it every time, finally she took a deep breath and gritted her teeth lightly as she dialed the number.

After two beeps, she heard her idol’s low voice.


Her eyes went sore and sour at once.

Xu Zhaixing raised her hand to cover her eyes tightly but the corner of her mouth was curved up and her voice was joyful and gentle.

“Brother it’s me, Happy New Year.”

He smiled a little and his voice was soft.

“Happy New Year.”

There were tears flowing into the cracks of her fingers.

But she said happily.

“Brother did you watch the Spring Festival Gala? Did you eat dumplings? Did you set off fireworks?”

The other end was quiet, it was so quiet that he could hear his breathing. He answered her in a low voice.

“I didn’t watch the Spring Festival Gala, I was watching the video robot competition. City control forbids fireworks and I eat dumplings.”

Xu Zhaixing covered the receiver with her palm and inhaled the snot before putting it back to her ear.

“What kind of filling is in the dumpling? Is tasty?”

Cen Feng said.

“Stuffed mushrooms, not bad.”

She asked a few more questions and he answered them all.

It seemed like it was an ordinary phone call from home.

The sound of firecrackers outside the house gradually diminished, Xu Zhaixing glanced outside.

There was still unfinished fireworks in the night.

She wiped her face with the back of her hand and tried to make her voice light.

“Brother in this new year, I hope you can be happy every day and everything is going well, you are healthy and everything is fine!”

The other end was silent for a few seconds then smiled.

He said.

“Okay, I’ll try.”



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