Chapter 26(1)

Han Xu stroked Jiang Mian’s hair and snatched his baby daughter’s hand from Zuo Xingping’s and said to Zuo Xingping.

“Did you hear that, Mian Mian told me to stay so why don’t you hurry up and get out.”

Zuo Xingping was so angry that he pulled Jiang Mina behind him and angrily pointed to the door.

“Mian Mian said let us all stay. If you don’t like it the door is over there and go away.”

Then he went to push Han Xu.

Han Xu: “Move your mouth not your hands ah, or do not blame me for not being polite!”

Zuo Xingping: “I’m not afraid of you!”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Jiang Mian looked at this father and that father while supporting her head with her hand and for a moment she really don’t know what to say.

“Okay, I’ve decided. Dads you all go back.”

Jiang Mian took two steps back from the battlefield of the two dads as she clasped her hands and offered a solution.

She thought that if she said this the two dads would stop fighting, unexpectedly the two dads did not stop fighting but thought that Jiang Mian’s decision was good so they stared at her and left together.

Jiang Mian: “….???”

Didn’t they say they love me!

Among the four dads, Han Xu and Zuo Xingping duo were the most at odds with each other.

Han Xu believes that Zuo Xingping engages in feudal superstition and would bring down his baby daughter so he has been teaching Jiang Mian not to trust Zuo Xingping since childhood.

Zuo Xingping has been keeping a small notebook in his mind that has the names of the people he hated, and he Han Xu’s name was on the top of the list. If Han Xu hadn’t always instilled the news that he was a divine sick into his baby daughter, would his baby daughter not believe that he didn’t like her?

Insidious, too insidious!

Every year, only New Year and Jiang Mian’s birthday the two would reluctantly stay together and the rest of the time they would pinch each other as soon as they meet. In short it was impossible to live in peace.

They would rather not live under the same roof than see each other’s repulsive face.

After the two dads got out of the elevator, they grunted in unison. Han Xu called his bodyguards.

Zuo Xingping stared at his back, his hand were itching to tie the villain.

When they walked out of the neighborhood gate, Han Xu sat in his chair and didn’t leave yet and deliberate parked there—he then asked his bodyguard to get a bike and put it on the curb.

Rolling the window glass, Han Xu said with a high cold face.

“Reward for you.”

After the car drove away, Zuo Xingping glared at the bicycle and turned around to left with his backbone after taking two steps he stopped and looked back.

The bicycle was thrown here, it’s too bad that it’s wasted.

“I’m being frugal.”

Muttering to himself, Zuo Xingping got on his bike only to have the chain break with a click after half the ride.

There was no village in front and not shop in the back, no shared bikes around either and there was nothing but streetlights.

Zuo Xingping: “…..”

On the other hand, Han Xu imagined the situation when Zuo Xingping’s bicycle broke down through the ride and laughed mischievously.

Let you steal my daughter from me? Dream on!

He said to his bodyguard.

“Turn around and go back.”

The bodyguard turned around as ordered and reached the neighborhood. Han Xu waved his hand.

“Come over in the morning.”

Then lift his steps and enter the unit building.

In terms of scheming even against ten Taoist Master could not compare the billionaire tyrant father.

Without the two dads the house was suddenly quiet and since the time was late Jiang Mian washed up and sat on the bed to meditate ready to recover the spiritual energy consumed when kneading acupuncture points of her billionaire tyrant father.

When the doorbell rang, she wondered who would come knocking at this point.

Could it Qi Yanshu is back?

When he saw that it was Han Xu, Jiang Mian: “…..”


Jiang Mian looked behind him.

“Where’s dad Zuo?”

“Don’t mind him.”

Han Xu took out a box of video discs like a magic trick.

“Dad came back to watch ghost movies with you.”

He promised to come back and watch ghost films with his baby daughter. While in the US Han Xu squeezed out time to watch several 3D ghost films in order to strengthen his courage, he called his assistant and the Filipino maid to watch them together.

Jiang Mian don’t know whether to love or cry and for the first time felt hat the billionaire tyrant father was very mischievous.

“Daddy, you didn’t even get a good rest when you came back, let’s see it next time.”

Han Xu only slept for more than two hours on the sofa even if she used her spiritual power she didn’t recover the billionaire tyrant father’s spirit so quickly.

“It’s okay, daddy is in a good spirit now.”

Han Xu did not lie, he did not close his eyes for more than twenty hours but after waking up after the short nap here in his baby daughter’s place he felt greatly refreshed and all his fatigue disappeared.

Seeing this, Jiang Mian was not good at refusing her own father’s enthusiasm so the father and daughter nestled on the sofa after pulling the curtains and turning off the lights leaving only the faint light of the TV screen.

“Mian Mian, if you get scared just gabbed daddy’s hand.”

Han Xu held his baby daughter’s hand and looked at the screen with a nervous face.

Jiang Mian leaned her head on her billionaire tyrant father’s shoulder and did not expose him—Jiang Mian watched ghost films with her billionaire tyrant father when she was still a child her billionaire tyrant father would held Jiang Mian in his arms and explained to Jiang Mian that he was worried his baby daughter would get scared.

Only later did Jiang Mian know that her billionaire tyrant father was scared but in order to watch with his daughter even if he was afraid he would still watch.

The film begins with a bleak and eerie tone of terror, Jiang Mian keenly felt the moment the music started her billionaire tyrant father’s body tightened up.

Jiang Mian: “…..”

“Dad, let’s stop watching.”

Han Xu froze and his first reaction was,

“Don’t you think it’s scary enough? Is it ugly?”

“Dad brought several of them, you pick one.”

He looked at Jiang Mian with expectant gaze.

Although Han Xu was indeed afraid of watching ghost films he enjoys such rare and cozy moments alone with his baby daughter.

It has been a long time since he spent time with his baby daughter like this, making him think back to when she was still little when he held her tiny daughter in his arms as they watched ghost films together.

“I don’t want to watch it.”

Jiang Mian got up and went to turn on the light, the light was so bright and made Han Xu slightly relieved but a little apprehensive at the same time—was his baby daughter angry so she didn’t want to watch a ghost film with him?

As soon as the thought flashed, Jiang Mian turned off the video player and switched to TV station and turn back to nestle beside him.

“Dad, let’s watch TV.”

Han Xu’s face instantly showed an old fatherly smile, after a while when Jiang Mian was not paying attention he took out his phone and quietly take pictures of father and daughter nestling together watching TV and then send to his friends with no caption but never forgot to @ the film emperor father and crime police officer father.

Qin Jingrun’s has a full queue of announcement these days, he was a man who couldn’t afford to be idle.

Even though the filming of “Death Plan 3” was postponed his schedule has still always been full but since there was no good script he did not take up any drama for the time being and all notices arranges for him were from other areas.

After finishing work on his way back to the hotel Qin Jingrun was talking to a boss on WeChat and exited the chat but after it was over he saw a red decimal point 1 on the right corner of his circle of friends’ notification.

He went and clicked on it and saw Jiang Mian nestled on Han Xu’s side, the father and daughter looked happy and warm in the picture.

Qin Jingrun’s eyes narrowed.

When did this guy came back?

He snorted, after thinking for a while he clicked on the picture and saved it. He then opened a P-map software he then put big P on the head of Han Xu’ face and then send this picture back with @ only on Han Xu.

Qin Jingrun: [My baby is so cute, who is this pig next to her?]

Han Xu: “…..”

Jiang Mian who was secretly photographed, send to his billionaire tyrant father’s friends then edited by her film emperor father has watched the whole process: “….”

Dads are you both having fun?



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