ECM 46


Chapter 46

Students of no.7 middle school now know that Xu Zhaixing was not only a talented designer but also a positive energetic girl who loves learning so much.

On her home page there was only Xu Zhaixing who was like a clear stream and exudes a distinctive fragrance of socialism.

Sure enough people were famous for a reason.

[Was it possible for anyone to have such a noble consciousness and such a great dream like Xu Zhaixing? All of you, you be ashamed of yourselves! We should all learned from Xu Zhaixing!]

The students who knew Xu Zhaixing was excitedly forwarded jokes about her and made sure to turn on the notification and of course they never forget to comment with,

[Hahahahah I laughed until the rooster crows in a hundred miles!]

The blogger who posted: [?]

Then the comments “hahahaha” was commented by a hundred more students.

In this way the use of notification was officially introduced like this.

One day Xu Zhaixing suddenly noticed that the status of his idol has changed to [Follow].

Xu Zhaixing: ????

Brother what did I do wrong? Why did you shut me down QAQ

Could it be that I’m not positive enough? Wah wah….

Xu Zhaixing cried and poked into the weibo of her idol and found that the previous only two follows now became sixty-nine. The list of people he have been following were now basically the trainees of Zhongtian as well as the staff who were certified as executives of Zhongtian Entertainment.

Was it a company requirement?

Xu Zhaixing was a little disappointed but soon accepted the fact and continued to play happily on weibo. Without the supervision of her idol she happily posted everything she wanted to post and post on memes just like her classmates, she even quarreled and joked with others in the comment section.

When Cen Feng got his phone and account back it was already a month later.

Wen Tingting came back from country H, she was used to seeing how hard the trainees in country H worked and how strict the training was. So she naturally applied this training system to China and hoped to recreate the Korean wave in the same way.

So near the beginning of the selection on who to debut, another trainee training was arranged. This training was basically a military training type where the management won’t allow trainees to used computers, phones and other electronic equipment. They were locked in the studio to practice their performance again and again, it was not until a week before the official selection before they were released.

On the bus back to the dormitory Cen Feng leaned against the window, his hat covering his face and slept when someone sat down in the empty seat next to him.

Smelling the perfume he didn’t like his brows furrowed under the brim of his hat.

Wen Tingting did not speak so he also pretended not notice her. He leaned motionless against the window, after a long time Wen Tingting really couldn’t help but scold him.

“I say, you are actually awake right?”

Cen Feng kept her original posture without moving.

Wen Tingting waited for a while but there was still no movement, she raised her hand to take off his has. Dissatisfied she said,

“Do you people know don’t how to be polite? I’m talking to you!”

Cen Feng opened his eyes, and his dark pupils glowing with cold light.

“Give it.”

Wen Tingting was stunned and put the hat behind her.

“No! I’m telling you Cen Feng don’t be so stubborn, don’t rely on me to look after you. You don’t know what’s good for you! The auditions are coming up, do you want to make your debut or not?”

Cen Feng narrowed his eyes, the next moment Wen Tingting felt pain in her arm. Cen Feng has pressed her shoulder and reached out to snatch the hat over.

She was so shocked and angry that her voice changed its tone.

“You hit me?!”

Cen Feng lightly swept a look on her as he expressionlessly put the back the hat on his head, then stood up sideways and walked to the empty seat in front row and sat down.

Wen Tingting looked at him incredulously, her face was red for a while as her chest went up and down due to anger and couldn’t speak for a long time. All the people in the bus dare not make a sound and silently closed their eyes to sleep.

Cen Feng was stirred up so much that his sleepiness were gone, he looked at the window outside and watched the sweeping street scene for a while before he retracted his eyes and took out his phone.

The short mailbox has nothing but a few advertising spam messages.

After Xu Zhaixing got his phone number she only sent him two messages.

Once was in B city when a storm was coming, she should have watched the weather forecast so she sent him a message saying:

[Brother today’s weather is stormy, do not go out ah. Pay attention to safety.]

After that was the beginning of autumn, the weather becomes cooler so she sent a message again saying: Brother the temperature has recently dropped remember to add clothes ah.

She also listened to him and really did not leave any messages again on his blog. After having weibo she didn’t send any private message to him either.

Cen Feng clicked on the weibo only to find that his follow list has been changed. There were dozens more unknown people and less the little girl he was following.

He doesn’t have to think who did it, it was no other than Wen Tingting.

His eyes went cold.

He exit the list and click on the search bar, he entered [picking up the stars from the sky for you]. The account soon quickly popped up, he clicked on the home page. Cen Feng found that it has been one month since he hasn’t seen her weibo and the little girl’s style was finally normal.

Posting about funny jokes, some funny selfies and exchanging jokes with her mutual friends or even scold and use “I’m your father” with a middle finger.

After thinking about and probably guessing her mindset, the finger that wanted to tap on follow button again just stopped.

Just be a happy and be normal little girl, there was no need to be uncomfortable with his presence, was what he thought.

He quit weibo and put his phone back.

One week later was the official audition for the debut position.

All the trainees were fighting with one’s back to the river1, they dropped out of school early and did not take the entrance exam for college just to be selected. After all this selection was the entrance exam for them.

Only Cen Feng was the same as usual.

The teachers who taught him in these years came to talk to him on the eve of the audition, not asking him to be so attentive but asking him to show his real strength and finish the performance seriously.

He didn’t say anything nor nod.

There were nine places for debut, the judges were Zhongtian’s senior management and several veteran agents. There were three rounds of selection, after three days Cen Feng was not selected.

It’s not easy to get selected but it’s too easy to not get selected.

Even though his appearance brightened the eyes of several executives but his performance on stage was too mediocre and not surprisingly lost the selection.

Wen Tingting watched the scene from outside the door and was so angry that she slammed her phone.

The new nine-member group, F-Fly was successfully formed which included his former teammates as well as strangers he was unfamiliar with but none of them had anything to with him anymore.

To be abandoned, to be forgotten and then to be released from his contract then to leave here forever, to disappear into obscurity—this was the future he expects.

F-Fly was the first idol boy group launched after Zhongtian opened the trainee system. The company has given them very good resources for both the preliminary publicity and the later packaging plan.

After the member were confirmed the debut promo was shot first, and the personal information and photos of the nine members were published and uploaded to start attracting fans.

The official debut was schedule for New Year’s Day, before that the members would start from scratch to bond, practice, rehearse dances and record songs while Zhongtian would start running the boy group, promoting and building momentum to earn fans and hot spots.

When Xu Zhaixing saw this news, she had just finished the mock exam.

Cheng You who climbs the wall faster than grabbing rice held her phone and told her excitedly.

“Zhaixing Zhongtian’s idol boy group has been launched! Called F-Fly!! These nine little brothers are so handsome!”

What F-Fly? Isn’t it S-Star?

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly took out her phone and found that among the nine people there were once members of S-Star and people she didn’t know but her idol was not included.

Is Zhongtian blind???

She didn’t expect that by getting rid of Yin Chang then, it would cause S-Star to oblivion. She couldn’t help blaming herself, was it because she interfered without authorization and changed the track of events so the payment was taking the chance for her idol to his debut position?

But….but she privately felt that without S-Star without those teammates who let Cen Feng take the blame and without the agent who squeezed him then he would have a peaceful environment.

After all the group not only did not bring him hope but stepped him into hell, it was good that they were gone npw.

Xu Zhaixing looked at the promotional video of the male group on the front page of Zhongtian weibo and secretly made up her mind: We don’t care about this group! Brother wait I will no I must send a better debut position for you!

She just hope he won’t be upset by it…

Xu Zhaixing thought about it, clicked on her contacts. She was torn for a long time before she send her third message after getting his number.

[Brother jiayou! Next time you can definitely debut! The best ones are left behind for the finale!]

Cen Feng’s reply came back quickly, he said.

[En, you too jiayou.]

She was full of happiness and couldn’t help but share with him.

[I just finished the mock exam QVQ, I did pretty well and the last big question in math was answered correctly, I think. Is brother happy today?]

Cen Feng replied,


Xu Zhaixing was like a little adult as she replied again.

[Then we must continue to dream high~]

He said.


Although he replied with only one word but she just feels so warm. Holding the phone she looked at the chat history and giggled for a while, she didn’t want to disturb her idol anymore so she put her phone away, satisfied.

Soon it will be New Year’s Day.

Basically all the entertainment companies in the circle were watching the debut fever of F-Fly after all this was considered the first idol group inland to debut as a trainee and no one could predict it’s prospects.

If the Korean wave has swept the domestic entertainment industry they could also do the same if the same standard of Korean wave was place on inland artists.

Even if Xu Zhaixing knew that the S-Star was burnt she was not sure whether the new nine members group would be popular.

The first show of F-Fly’s debut was at a small performance venue in B City with the previous promotion of Zhongtian F-Fly already has a group of fans. The tickets for the first show were not expensive and almost all the fans who could go have gone.

The debut show as in the form of live broadcast and Zhongtian cooperated with another large video platform which was also the current rival of Xingchen’s entertainment video. It was broadcast live for the whole network for free.

Xu Zhaixing upholds the concept of knowing one’s enemy was winning a hundred battle so with this principle she click on the live link.

She could see that Zhongtian made too much effort on this debut.

But in her eyes, it was really just average in general. In comparison to the level of those male groups in the future that casually give endorsement stand.

And how should she say it, probably because this was first attempt for  Zhongtian but their style as boy group was obviously imitating the Korean stream but it turned out to be little too much and lost the pureness of a teenage idol themselves.

After the debut, F-Fly’s official weibo intermittently increased by more than 100,000 fans.

She couldn’t say it was not nothing, at least it was much better than the year S-Star was launched on her previous life. The very least there were still many students chasing this group around, after all there were nine types of man which meet the various aesthetic needs of star chasing girls.

But she couldn’t say they were hot either because they were not as popular as a few bands of purely musical nature in the inland.

Xu Zhaixing feels that Zhongtian has made a dogmatic mistake with their appearance. Like the silver hair and eyeliner, all member almost have the same style that tends to be integrated with one another. In simply terms it was hard for people to remember each member’s face.

Moreover in the current era, the acceptance of this evil and sexy male idol with makeup and hair dyeing was still relatively low.

But in any case the launch of F-Fly and its slowly growing popularity proves one thing to the entertainment industry: the market for idol boy groups would have infinite possibilities in the future.

Zhongtian was the first to east the crab and although they didn’t get to eat the meat, no one could say that the crab wasn’t good.

In the meantime, the entertainment companies in the circle were getting ready to make a move on the still large pie they could get from the trainees.

Xu Zhaixing keenly found that the fans circle for idols have advance from this day.

She called Xu Yan in a frenzy.

“Brother how is the training of Chen Xing’s trainee? Did you see the first show of Zhongtian? How are they compared?”

Xu Yan smiled.

“You said the F-Fly? Look, this group has been relatively more mature and our trainees can’t compare with them for the time being.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

So their chicken couldn’t be compare to their chicken yet?

She begin to feel deep concern for the future of Chen Xing.


fighting with one’s back to the river1– fight to win or die


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