Chapter 168

After a long time, the staff of the crew next door came to find Jiang Li only then did Jiang Li returned the script.

He let out a long breath and looked up to ask Fu Zhen.

“Who wrote the script?”

Fu Zhen replied.

“It was adapted with the same name of Teacher Luo Pingping and the script was adapted together by her and me.”

“Luo Pingping ah.”

Jiang Li raised his hand on Fu Zhen’s shoulder and patted him twice, encouraging him.

“Shoot well, I’m waiting for this film to explode at the box office.”

“Thank you director Jiang.

Jiang Li said smilingly.

“Our two movie might be released at the same time, if I knew you young people have such ideas, I should have staggered my schedule with yours.”

“Director. Jiang is joking, director maybe old but still spicy. I should be worried about bumping to you.”

“You pun.”

Jiang Li laughed, after a whole he put away his smile and said to Fu Zhen.

“Your teacher will be happy for you.”

Fu Zhen was silent, his teacher died two years ago because of cancer ad for various reasons he was not able to see him one last time.

The crew next door was urging Jiang Li to hurry back, Jiang Li waved his head and asked the other party to wait for a while.

He whispered to Fu Zhen and inquired.

“I heard that the female lead of your drama is Gao Tian?”

Fu Zhen smiled and shook his head.

“No, the one on the field now is the female lead.”

Jiang Li took a look at Chen Meng who was still sitting on the ground, nodded and complimented.

“The little girl has a lot of spirit! How old is she this year?”

“Sixteen years old and still in her sophomore year in high school.”

“Not bad, not bad. The little girl has great potential in the future!”

Jiang Li’s eyes then fell on He Ming’s body, although Chen Meng has a great aura it couldn’t compare with the powerful actor.

Jiang Li asked curiously.

“Who’s playing with her? Why is he a little familiar?”

“It’s Mr. He Ming.”

“He Ming?”

Director Jiang Li was taken aback.

“That chubby He Ming.”

Fu Zhen nodded.

“It’s Mr. He.”

Director Jiang Li couldn’t stop nodding, as he said.

“Yes, yes.”

Shortly after, director Jiang Li left with the staff who was somewhat curious to inquire with director Jiang Li.

“What do you think of this play by director Fu?”

“Wait and see, this year’s dark horse is probably him.”

“Why did director Jiang give such good evaluation?”

The staff was a little confused.

“The script is good, the actors are also good and the director is good. Isn’t it normal for this movie to be a dark house?”

However the staff slandered, how could Gao Tian be called good as the female lead? And thought that maybe Director Jiang Li lowered his standard today.

After Fu Zhen re-take the footage just now he looked up and saw Jiang Hengshu, who he didn’t when he arrived. He quickly lowered his head and took a look, it has been eight hours.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

“What bring you here?”

Jiang Hengshu sat down next to Fu Zhen.

“I got off work earlier today and came to see you.”

The other staff and actors crew were surprised seeing Jiang Hengshu in the crew, although there were speculations in the internet about Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu’s relationship were good.

But they didn’t expect it to be so good that they he won’t go home to his wife after work but instead they came to the crew to accompany Fu Zhen.

What could be the reason behind? Was it true that woman were like clothes and brother were like accomplice?

The paparazzi who followed Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu for many days, and finally took pictures of them on the same frame.

This time since there was the hot news of Tang Wanwan, the paparazzi did not hesitate to take a particular eye-catching title.

<<Jiang Hengshu’s private meeting with his lover, it turned out to be him!>>

However, the reaction of the netizens was very cold. Originally, they thought that Jiang Hengshu has cheated but the result was the picture of Jiang Hengshu visiting the crew.

What could a big deal with visiting the crew? From the day Jiang Hengshu was seen picking up Fu Zhen from the Hexi Entertainment, they were already labeled as friends and most likely Jiang Hengshu was also an investor of Fu Zhen’s film.

So how could this be not normal? How could it be so disgusting from the paparazzi’s point of view?

Last year, when Lin Bing’er visited Wang Xichen why does those paparazzi did not accuse them as pair of lily?

How come those paparazzi has double standard?

The netizens were outrage, and the more they curse under the paparazzi’s weibo the worse it got. The paparazzi had no choice but to dust off that headline and changed it to ‘Jiang Hengshu visiting White Castle crew’.

But because of this matter, it also gave birth to a new cp. But since Jiang Hengshu already has a lover they secretly built a small group to write about them and pictures together.

On the other hand, Tang Wanwan took a flight to a foreign country in a gloomy morning. As soon as she left the country, the netizens seemed to recover from the magic of the witch waving the keyboard and complaining about how blind the Hollywood was.



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