Chapter 25.2

Looking at Jiang Zhu’s face and some little thought she understood some of the logic.

If someone else stays behind in case there was any danger in the gym then at most one more person could be taken care of. She and Yan Zhen were now weak so if they could only take care of one person the other was bound to be in danger.

And if it’s Jiang Zhu, he should be able to take care to both of them

….but why is he so different from the original book?

Tang Tang realized later that Jiang Zhu was worried about her safety, her understanding this was just one thing and whether she could understand the meaning behind was another. It was reasonable to say that she has been following the script and even if she doesn’t follow the script now the changes should not be so obvious.

Her knowledge of Jiang Zhu seems to be stuck in the plot.

Tang Tang could not tell how she feels now, but if something happens to the other five outside because of her she would feel the burden.

After all she was the one who was an outsider.

Jiang Zhu: “I’ll stay here.”

“You’d better go along, right?”

Tang Tang took her hand and poked Jiang Zhu’s arm.

“The gym shouldn’t be very dangerous.”

Jiang Zhu frowned, and was about to shake his head when he felt his sleeve was being pulled, he looked down and found Tang Tang’s hand was pulling his sleeve up and down and swaying it around.

“Follow along, we’ll be fine in the gym!”

Tang Tang motioned.

Jiang Zhu’s eyebrows loosened, this was the small gesture he likes very much.

It’s just that he still couldn’t feel comfortable letting someone else stay here.

So he shook his head firmly.

“I’m not going, I’m staying.”

Tang Tang opened her mouth but realized that it seems impossible to make him change his mind and closed her mouth back.

Qin Zhang said.

“Then we’ll go first and we’ll definitely bring you a lot of food when we return!”

After saying that the five people left the gym.

When Tang Tang’s sleepiness slowly came up again she nodded her little head and finally failed to carry on and fell asleep again.

Before falling asleep she wondered vaguely if she had narcolepsy.

When she woke up again her eyes were not fully open but she vaguely heard a mixed sound like a combination of many footsteps on the floor and strange screams like, like—

It’s like the sound she heard when she was dealing with zombies!

Tang Tang’s brain which was still unconscious immediately work up when she realized this, she opened her eyes and found that she was floating with her feet in the air it was about ten centimeters above the ground.

Jiang Zhu was no more than half a meter away from her, next to her was Yan Zhen who was also wrapped in Jiang Zhu’s starry sky ability. The three of them were surrounded by zombies inside and outside at the moment.

What happened?

Tang Tang looked up towards the gym door and found that the heavy object they used as a lock was somehow moved and was now lying on the ground.

There was a steady stream of zombies coming in, but how could there be many? If Jiang Zhu goes on like this she was afraid that he couldn’t bear it no matter how strong or powerful his ability was, he would surely be overwhelmed.

Tang Tang worriedly looked around and check her hidden space to look if there was any weapon they could use.

Jiang Zhu noticed that she was already awake and said in a deep voice.

“It’s okay don’t be afraid.”

…..I’m not afraid I’m just a little flustered.

The star like belt of Jiang Zhu formed a big circle around them and once zombie came close he would immediately release those small light spots.

Tang Tang found that as long as the place touched by the light spots a light dot-sized pit would immediately appear but it doesn’t look every deep.


But this kinds of damage was too small, even if those light spots were gathered together it was not enough. They could still not move away from their spot and there were too many zombies, those light spots were probably limited in numbers and there was no way to released them in large numbers.

This battle would be dangerous.

Tang Tang was very anxious, if this continues the three of them would have been done for.

Suddenly Tang Tang had an idea and shouted at Jiang Zhu.

“Can you wrap yourself up? Let’s fly out together?”

Jiang Zhu’s ability should be able to let people float up to the sky then if three people were wrapped up and then used the ability to control and float above the zombie were they could not be reached was it possible to move out slowly little by little?

However Jiang Zhu shook his head.

“No, there is no way to float very high.”

Tang Tang was dismayed but quickly said.

“Is it because our smell is stronger because we were together?”

She said as she took out a bottle of perfume.

“Do you want to spray some?”

Jiang Zhu paused for a moment before he moved and gesturing that Tang Tang could spray it for him.

Tang Tang of course did not hesitate and hurriedly took out another bottle and sprayed some on him, after spraying the whole person was fragrant.

In fact the smell was so pungent.

It makes you want to turn off yours sense of smell for a while.

After Tang Tang sprayed on Jiang Zhu she also sprayed some on Yan Zhan and finally spray on herself.

But even after doing that and even if the smell was pungent surprisingly those zombies did not only hesitate to move a little but continued to attack towards them?

This situation made Tang Tang froze, why? Did the zombies also followed suit and upgraded themselves?

But this was shortly after the end of the world, so was there already crystal core in their brain?

Jiang Zhu did not expect that this method did not work and his face sank again.

A moment ago about two hours after the five; Qin Zhang went out there were burst of stiff footsteps around the originally quiet gymnasium ad that sound would basically be remembered once heard once. Because it was too unusual and it was a dull sound that zombies make when they walk.

At that time, he felt something strange so he directly released his ability and wrapped Tang Tang and Yan Zhen then soon the footsteps were getting closer and louder. Listening to the sound, it looks like the whole stadium was surrounded, he couldn’t imagine how many zombies were there.

But his intuition was right those zombies were coming for them.

Even if the door of the gym was firm and the weight used to lock the door was heavy it could not withstand the impact of hundreds of zombies, soon not only the door was knocked open but also the windows in the gym were broke.

The gym only has one door although there were more than one floor but because some sport equipment were placed on those floor the height of each floor was much higher than of ordinary building. They were in the second floor, if they jumped down it was estimated that if they were not dead they could be disabled.

With his current ability there was no way to guarantee the safety of all three people.

And even if they go out, the zombies outside were not less than those coming in. No matter how much they think it seems to be a dead end.

There was no way out then they could only hold on.

Unfortunately abilities couldn’t be used indefinitely, although Jiang Zhu has tried his best to calculate the use of each ability to minimize the power consumption he still has a steady stream of zombie for a while now which consume a lot of his power.

If this continues they would die here together…

Tang Tang looked at these zombies who still kept trying to break through the star belt and desperately attacking towards them and felt it was too bizarre.

Not to mention that there were not many zombies near the stadium, and they were only three of them just three people so how could their smell be that strong to attract zombies? Could smell attract zombies with a few hundred meters even with few people? This was simply not possible.

Then there was only one scenario.

With a stony face she asked.

“Are we being set up by someone?”

Jiang Zhu noded.

“I think so.”

Then this was even worse.

If the zombies come spontaneously then they would have to deal these huge numbers of zombies, and if they were set up by someone then they may have powerful enemies hiding in the corner.

Who was it that could call on the zombies?

Was there someone else’s ability that was able to make zombies listen?

Tang Tang guessed and turned around to look, as a result except for a large number of crowded zombies she didn’t see anyone at all. Then they could only really be hiding in the corner? This could be really difficult for them.



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