Chapter 42

Sheng Qiao came home with a box of sanitary napkins in her arms.

Fang Bai and other two people in the car couldn’t hold back and laugh out loud, Ding Jian said while laughing.

“Qiao Qiao once this ad is broadcasted you will definitely be on fire!”

Sheng Qiao waved her hand not wanting to talk.

Ding Jian flipped through the script of the ad.

“The script was also written in a funny way ha ha ha hah, ‘Auntie the goblin is back to torment’Light and soothing, dance with your heart, XX give you the best teenage experience’ ‘So don’t aunt1 deserves to have this sanitary napkin?”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

If Bei Mingfan give her this kind of advertisement again, she would fight with him!

It was late evening when she got home, Sheng Qiao was not used to asking for personal assistant to cook for her so she only asked Fang Bai to help her buy some dishes. She fried an egg and cooked a bowl of noodles, while eating and brushing on her phone she saw that Huo Xi’s official blog announced the billing of the third tour next Saturday.

She swished the noodles into her mouth and hurriedly click the notification and added the group ticket. Group tickets were the first wave of tickets specially prepared for the support fans, there were not many open tickets but they were much better than public ticket sales on the ticket marketing platform.

Worried that she couldn’t get it, she sent the link to Fang Bai and earnestly explained.

“Xiao Bai take out your hand speed of being single for 20 years! Grab it and I’ll buy you dinner!”

Fang Bai: “You’re the only one has been single for twenty years, I just broke with mine years ago.”

Sheng Qiao:  “Ah? How come I don’t know? Why did you break up?”

Fang Bai didn’t reply after a long time.

“….she cheated.”

Sheng Qiao: “Okay, grab the ticket and sister here will introduce you to a girlfriend.”

Fang Bai: “…….”

Sheng Qiao looked at the start of the countdown ticket with a happy face and remembered when Qiao Yu mobilized the entire law firm staff to help her grab tickets. The light in her eyes dimmed and sighed silently.

Early the next morning Fang Bai came to pick her up to go to the recording studio.

Since it was just a simple recording, she told Ding Jian and Zhou Kan not to follow so they could sleep in. The recording studio was in the city center, located in the city station building.

There were dozens of companies up and down on this area, all media industry both state-owned and private not to mention it was also the central of media industry.

After Sheng Qiao arrived, a person in charge sent by the advertiser met her. Yesterday the assistant beside the sanitary napkin director was also there, he said shyly.

“Xiao Qiao I am in charge of your recording today.”

Sheng Qiao looked at him, she hesitated but still asked.

“You are different from your teacher?”

The assistant quickly waved his hand.

“Not the same, it’s not the same, I’m normal.”

She was then relieved.

She had already practiced the ad script at home last night and also found a lot of sanitary napkin ads out to watch. She knew that this type of advertisement should be read with a sweet girl and coquettish voice, fortunately her voice was still delicate and pretending to be a teenager was nothing out of place.

Their appointment was at ten o’clock but Sheng Qiao also arrived half an hour early, when they went to the recording room the employee outside informed them that the room was already occupied.

The assistant said angrily.

“We have reservation for ten o’clock how can you give the room to someone else to use?”

The staff also look helpless: “Shi Xuan is here today to record songs, her studio equipment is broken. This is the room with best equipment, we can’t stop her she has to use this.”

The assistant said.

“That can’t be the case, just because she has to record a song we can’t record our lines?”

Xingyao has been promoting Shi Xuan, she was well equipped and has good resources all the way. Her popularity has risen rapidly as one of the new generation representative singers in the China.

So with Shi Xuan coming her in their recording studio was like a fairy ascending so of course the boss and employees dare not offend this person. They could only say.

“She came very early and the recording will end in about two hours, why don’t you go to the lounge and wait.”

Fang Bai sneered.

“Why do we have to wait, she don’t have that much big name yet ah so how can she learn to rob people of things?”

The employee was embarrassed even though it was not his fault, he couldn’t afford to offend both sides. Sheng Qiao looked at his embarrassed appearance and patted Fang Bai.

“Forget it, he also can’t say anything.”

She smiled at the employee,

“Shi Xuan and I, were old friends so if she wants to use it let her use it but can I wait outside? We won’t disturb her, we will just wait outside the soundproof room.”

Sheng Qiao was willing to take the initiative to take a step back so of course the employee didn’t dare to say no and quickly said.


He opened the door and Sheng Qiao waved his finger backwards.

“All go in.”

A line of people poured in.

Shi Xuan who was singing affectionately glanced at so many people coming in outside and was stuck up her song.

Sheng Qiao walked at the end with slow steps as she greeted the teacher outside the soundproof room and smiled at Shi Xuan who was also looking at her as she gesture jiayou.

Then faintly instructed a few people around her.

“Look at her for me, stare at her and smile, the kinder the smile the better.”

Several people were angry at being robbed of the recording room and immediately did as they were told.

Shi Xuan could feel those eyes from any direction and when she looked back they were smiling at her giving her goose bumps.

Her throat was itchy and she couldn’t record the song well, so she came out from inside with a cold face and sneered.

“Xiao Qiao it’s been a long time, what are you doing?”

Sheng Qiao smiled softly.

“Can’t you see? Cheering you up.”

She said with a cheering gesture, .


Shi Xuan: “Thank you for your kindness, but I can’t sing with so many people so please take your people out.”

Sheng Qiao: “What are you saying, if you can’t sing with these many people then how can you perform on the stage in the future as a singer? Is the audience not human?”

Shi Xuan: “You!”

Sheng Qiao’s lips were still smiling but her eyes were cold, tilting her chin slightly she said.

“Go in, continue recording. You want to use my recording room I’ll let you use it, let me hear if the sound recorded by the robbed equipment is better.”

Shi Xuan’s face was white due to anger.

The two confronted each other for a while before she gritted her teeth and said.

“No more recording! Let’s go!”

Sheng Qiao smiled.

“Good luck, I won’t see you off.”

When Shi Xuan left in rage, the studio was now empty and this made Sheng Qiao smiled gently and turned around to asked her assistant in a warm voice.

“Can we start now?”

Assistant: “….can.”

He knew it, the director was lucky yesterday that Sheng Qiao did not hate him and couldn’t help but thought that stupid people have stupid blessings.

The time has exceeded for half an hour, several were immediately put to work. After connecting the equipment Sheng Qiao took the script into the recording room.

aunt1– menstruation



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