Chapter 39

Ye Susu however expressed satisfaction and stroked Ye Xun’s shaggy hair.

“Moreover in our race, the real kings never fight in person we go lie down and win.”

 “Remember, at all time we must remain elegant and graceful.”

It’s hard to shovel someone’s shit.

Except of course for those reincarnated as stray cats.

Ye Xun seems to be still digesting these words, his grape eyes were a little confused but the fierce look in the small face was gone.

The countdown just hasn’t stopped…..

[1 min 35 sec 34 sec….]


Ye Susu collapsed.

Her hand holding the cub weakened and her legs were a little weak to the point where she couldn’t take a step.

Was it possible that 99 lifetimes of cultivation would turned into ashes today?


Just when Ye Susu was at his wit’s end, Ye Xun’s low frustrated voice rang out.

“Is what they said true? My father, he is a bad man… he, he…”

Why did he abandon Ye Susu and himself?

Ye Xun’s small hands dropped down weakly.

His mind flashes back to the past with a look of contempt and ridicule.

Why do others have father and he doesn’t….

Was it because he was a bad boy that needs to be punished?

Ye Susu froze.


She didn’t expect to be asked such a question.

The original body has a series of historical legacy that were not related to her, Ye Susu the big cat.

How to explain?

Say is the original owner has a hole in her head?

She also does not know who his father was, in her opinion mortals don’t have anything good to them..?


[Countdown 58 seconds…..54 seconds…]


“Ahem, child.”

Ye Susu held the child to the intersection and suddenly saw the big and small reflection of them reflected on the glass of the parked vehicles.

Although the cub was a human but frankly the physical features were long her aesthetics.

Soft hair, white skin, small round face… ah.

“Child, look.”

She instantly picked the little man up and shone a light on the glass car window.

“A three-colored cat and a little black cat can’t produce an elegant Persian cat.”

“A bloodline is a bloodline no matter how much you disguise it you can’t hide nor change it.”

“You are so good looking.”

“Overall your dad’s genes must been excellent as well.”

Ye Xun was dumbfounded, apparently this was the first time he heard such statement.

Ye Susu saw that he seemed to have listened and hurriedly added a fire.

“In my experience beauty is tied to noble lineage, so your father can’t be too bad.”

“Of course, why isn’t he with us….well who knows? Maybe his head was caught in the door and he suddenly lost his memories or something…mortals have a lot of accidents so mommy can’t tell.”

After a good while, Ye Xun frowned a little and was a little skeptical.

“Like the grandmother of Xiaohua’s family next door who doesn’t remember Xiaohua later?”

Ye Susu breathed a sigh of relief.

When children grow up they would choose their own comparison group.

“Yes that’s right so don’t feel bad anyway it’s not our problem. Mommy learned a new way to make a little mouse buns yesterday let’s add it to our meal tonight okay~”

There is nothing a little dried fish and little mouse can’t fix!

[Countdown….19 seconds….18 seconds….. 17 seconds.]

[Congratulations, the cub’s signs of blackening have temporarily subsided.]

[Please continue to complete today’s task.]

Ye Susu huffed and puffed, feeling that she finally come to life!

Ye Xun though that once he was out of the kindergarten he could not continue the live broadcast without the WIFI but he never thought of other possibility.

There was something called mobile date network.

The phone he kept in his school bag had pop-ups flying wildly on the screen.

[It’s like I’m following this kid on roller coaster ride!]

[Oh my, so he’s a single parent who was ostracized by his kindergarten classmates?]

[Those parents really went too far, if my children are scolded like this I’ll fight with them! The baby’s mother did a good job today, she made the atmosphere breathable!]

[Aiyo, it hurts to hear when the child ask about his father.]

[I also grew up in a single parent household, my parents’ divorce when I was very young. Baby this sister will tell you that even without father you still have a strong mommy so don’t be afraid!]

[The baby is so poor, did you buy a new pencil today?]

[Reward 500 silver coins]

[Give 1000 gold coins]

[Pity, 2000 silver coins, I will give all my pocket money to this kid.]



And the car at the intersection, waited until the mother and son left before slowly moving.

Liu Zhen on the passenger side turned back to look at the man in the back seat with a gloomy face which made him little fidgety.

Originally the car drive off but when they saw in the rearview mirror Ye Xun rushing towards the parents the boss asked the driver to drive back.

The result, they heard Miss Ye’s speech about the boss through the glass window of the car.

And according to the investigation report, Miss Ye’s original neighbor—about Xiaohua’s grandma was already eighty-five years old and her brain has degenerated so she couldn’t remember people.

He got goose bumps on the back of his neck just thinking about it.

Is this Miss Ye’s way of scolding the boss?

The blood is noble but his head was caught in the door and can’t remember things just like the grandmother with Alzheimer’s?


A cold voice fell in the car.

Liu Zhen trembled.

And the next moment the tablet in his hand shook when he looked at the e-mail it was sent by the PR department and was stunned reading it.

On their Evergrande network a live broadcast room called beautiful girl was on fire and received more than a thousand rewards.

And the anchor was a small child?

What was the Commerce Department boss up to!

How could a child sign a contract without an ID card?


Author has something to say:

Cub: I was scared to death


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