Chapter 167

Fu Jianchen shook his head and the butler just stood beside him. The Fu family fell into familiar silence, soon after the blood meandered down Fu Jianchen’s arm and fell on the floor of the living room.

After a long time, Fu Jianchen called Fu Ting.

“Find someone to check what Tang Wanwan has done recently.”


Last night, Old master Jiang almost cried when he watched the video with Cocoa. Fu Zhen discussed with Jiang Hengshu and decided to take Cocoa back to the Jiang house for a while.

Fu Zhen poke Cocoa’s face while changing her diaper and told her.

“Tomorrow we will go to see grandpa, you be obedient.”

Cocoa obviously did not understand but she blinked her big blue eyes and looked at the bell above the rocking bed, grinning from ear to ear.

“What are you smiling at?”

Fu Zhen also smiled along with her and when he finished changing the diapers he asked Jiang Hengshu who was beside him with a sideways glance.

Jiang Hengshu has no way to answer Fu Zhen, he suggested instead.

“Why don’t I hang a few bells on your bed to feel it?”

Fu Zhen imagined the scene and shook his head, he said.

“Then if the bed move the bell will also move, everyone would know what we are doing. I think I’ll cry instead.”

Jiang Hengshu gave a light laugh and raised his hand to touched Fu Zhen’s head.

The next day Jiang Hengshu first drove Fu Zhen to send Cocoa to Jiang’s mansion before sending Fu Zhen to the crew then finally driving to the company.

Fu Zhen intends to drive himself to the set but Jiang Hengshu refused Fu Zhen.

“Forget it, there are too many cars in the morning rush and your legs have not yet recovered well, I have nothing to do and it’s also a way to see you off.”

Fu Zhen does not believe that Jiang Hengshu would drive him half of Pinghai City just to send him off.

Jiang Hengshu urged Fu Zhen before he got off the car.

“Don’t be too tired on working in the set, take a break if you feel uncomfortable.”

Fu Zhen nodded as he unbuckled his seatbelt and give Jiang Hengshu a peck on the cheek.

“I’m going.”

And then got off and entered the crew.

Fu Zhen and his crew were not the only one filming on the site. Someone was filming a war film next door.

They could often hear the roar of guns and artillery, Fu Zhen and his crew have to give up and live audio.

Chen Meng dressed like a small beggar sitting on the ground, in front of her was a cracked old porcelain bowl. She looked up at the blue sky with her gray eyes that was full of confusion as if she had crossed time and space then returned back to another starting point in a moment.

Her ears were surrounded by the humble begging voice of other beggars like the buzzing of flies.

“Please have a pity on me, I haven’t eaten in a long time.”

“Give some money, give some money…..”



When a long shadow fell on Chen Meng, she raised her head and looked him.

He was a man in his 30’s, he looked cold and indifferent. He stood in front of her as he looked down on her.

After a long time, he stretched out his hand to her.

“Come with me.”

The man said.



“You’re doing better than you did two years ago.”

After this shot, a somewhat old voice rang in Fu Zhen’s ear. Turning around an old man about in his 60’s was standing next to him.

He was wearing a pair of reading glasses and a Zhongshan suit with the buttons buttoned meticulously to the top.

Fu Zhen was surprised, the old man in front of him was not an ordinary person. His name was Jiang Li, he was the famous film and television director.

His douban rating of 9.6 points 13 years ago for “The Great Tang Dynasty”. He could be regarded as a national treasure director.

Fu Zhen hurriedly stood up and asked Jiang Li.

“What brings you here Director Jiang? You sit down, you sit down.”

“I’m filming next door.”

Jiang Li smiled at him and sat down explaining to Fu Zhen.

“I heard you were here so I came to see you, you don’t have to be so formal. Sit down.”

Jiang Li was a good friend of Fu Zhen’s teacher, when Fu Zhen was still at school his teacher often boasted to Jiang Li that the child was very talented if cultivated well.

And that his future was unlimited, unfortunately there was such a thing that happened two years ago.

Jiang Li didn’t know why he didn’t remember the little apprentice of his old friend as he was thinking about the past two years.

He was always ashamed of his old friend who was already dead and to Fu Zhen at some point.

During this time Jiang Li was filming a military film next door, when the actors of his crew mentioned that Fu Zhen was also nearby so he went to take a look.

He came quietly and since the rest of the White Catsle crew knew him, they didn’t stop him and was instead quite pleased to watch him direct a scene beside Fu Zhen just now.

Jiang Li asked Fu Zhen.

“Can I see the script?”

“Of Course.”

Fu Zhen hurriedly got the script and handed it to Director Jiang Li. Whether the script was good or not could be determined by just looking at the dozen pages.

As soon as Jiang Li threw himself into the script he didn’t talk to Fu Zhen for a long time.

Fu Zhen guessed that he would not able to finished reading it in a while so he continued to direct the next scene.



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