Chapter 25.1

The end of the world was a place to test people’s heart, because of the shortage of food the dark side in the bottom of people’s heart may be stimulated or even infinitely magnified.

No one knows whether the person who called you brother would one second betray you next. Perhaps all you could do was to try your best to protect yourself and make yourself live longer.

No one here doesn’t understand this truth, even the knife playing man who has always hated Tang Tang knows this kind of thing.

Everyone was very shocked, even if it wasn’t showed on his face he was also surprised inwardly. After all a storage space full of supplies was like an open existence in the end of the world!

Tang Tang pursed her lips, she actually didn’t quite understand the intention of Jiang Zhu keeping her but since she had promised at the supermarket that she’s not leaving then she would also considere them as her teammate.

Although among these seven people three were completely unfamiliar while the other three were only somewhat known a little.

But now, seeing that they were almost hungry she feel that if she don’t get something to eat for them they may not be bitten by the zombie but they would starved first.

Jiang Zhu took the things in Tang Tang’s hands and gave her a profound look.

Tang Tang who was being looked at was feeling a little guilty as if he had see through something.

The other three probably thought they were just badmouthing Tang Tang so if they took these things on wouldn’t they be slapping themselves in the face?

The tree men looked at each other and none of them reached out.

Tang Tang pursed her lips, if they don’t take these things then she needs to return it back…

Jiang Zhu looked at the three and saw that they really have no intention of picking up the foods, he also did not say anything to persuade them but instead step forward facing Tang Tang.

“Take the rest of these back for now, there should be something left in the vending machines in the gym, they’ll go find it.”

Is that so?

Although it looked as if there was no major damage or change in the gym, there were still some areas that were attacked and it was evident that people had been here before.

She don’t think that people who come here don’t think the same as they were about getting food from the vending machine, right?

But those three people seems to have no planned on taking any of the foods she have, so Tang Tag turned her eyes and the foods she was holding on her hand all vanished in a blink of an eye.

Those three who watched it with their eyes wide open, gulped and their stomach rumbled.

“Let’s go look for the vending machine.”

Saying so, those three quickly ran away.

“Let’s go.”

When those three people ran away from their sight, Jiang Zhu spoke.

Tang Tang nodded and walked together with him, she now has to think of a new plan when she suddenly feel dizzy.

Logically she was not bitten or caught by zombies so being infected by a zombie was ruled out in advance, so what could be reason and what she had done these days that…

Oh! Now that I think about it.

She was caught in the rain and the wind—she didn’t catch a cold, did she? Impossible, how could a cold make her feel dizzy? Then what could it be? Could it be that Zheng Xue’s ability have the ability to make people dizzy…

Tang Tang was thinking hard about this phenomenon happening to her when suddenly her eyelids gradually became heavy and finally she fell asleep directly on the back of the chair.

Jiang Zhu finished eating at this time and saw the delicate girl lying on the back of the chair next to him, he stared for a while then moved the chair over a bit before he straightened and gently put Tang Tang’s little head on his shoulder.

Why did she reveal about her space?

Is because of me?

He thought.

Finally those three did not know which corner they walked in but finally found some small bags of foods scattered on the ground. The three big boys shared and finished everything, but their stomach’s rumbling still did not stop.

Still hungry.

Since the hidden space has a size limit the staff inside although complete was not inexhaustible plus it’s Tang Tang’s personal belongings and a few of them were embarrassed to eat all the time so it’s obviously unrealistic to keep hiding in the gym they need to go out and find food.

When Tang Tang woke up she smelled a familiar smell and when she opened her eyes she found herself tilting her head and was resting on Jang Zhu’s shoulder.

…why is my head here?

Tang Tang sat up at once and shook her head to clear her mind.


Jiang Zhu’s voice came from the side.

“Not dizzy.”

She said as she shake her head.

Currently they have eight people here, of which six have awakened their psychic abilities. Yan Zhen’s ability were in the process of awakening and Tang Tang’s abilities were not yet known.

At this time there was no need to say the importance of food and because it was very important the difficulty of getting one was also very difficult that it was possible not to get food even after scavenging food outside for days.

Therefore allocating people on who to look for food was very important.

Tang Tang herself has hidden space and the space could store food for a long time, so there was no threat of getting the food spoiled. And as long as they could ensure their safety they could pick food.

But it’s still hard to actually have that kind of assurance.

Tang Tang listened to their discussion when suddenly a familiar feeling of heavy eyelids came out again, she shook her head trying to clear her head but the effect was not very significant. Tang Tang frowned and began to take both hands to support herself.

But in the end it was inexplicable sleeping took over her, her head lolled and she fell asleep on the back of the chair again.

Jiang Zhu saw this scene and frowned.

“The three of us are going to take a look at the supermarket’s warehouse.”

The boy who played with knife spoke.

“Jiang Zhu do you want to go too?”

“The people in the warehouse may not have gone.”

Jiang Zhu was worried.

“Then we’ll go off-campus and see if there’s anything to eat at the mini-mart.”

One of the three said, they were very interested in going out to look for food after all the three of them were different from Jiang Zhu and the others, they didn’t have any food.

Jiang Zhu thought about it and nodded.


The three of them then asked.

“What about you guys, Jiang Zhu? Do you want to go and look for food?”

Jiang Zhu was a little hesitant, he looked at the side and his eyes feel on the sleeping Tang Tang. He always feels that that her current situation was very strange, if he went out and in case something happens to her he could not rush back then….

“I’m not going.”

Said Jiang Zhu.

“It’s just so happens that Yan Zhen is awakening his abilities, he and Tang Tang will stay here and I’ll keep watch.”

Several people looked at each other, Qin Zhang readily said.

“That’s fine, then the five of us will go out to find food!”

When Tang Tang woke up once again it was already the next morning.

She did not expect that she just feel sleep after waking up for a nap and even got up the next morning….

Qin Zhang and the others were getting ready to leave at night, since they were not a proficient in their abilities yet they practice in the gym making sure not to make mistakes.

Tang Tang remembered that before she fell asleep they were discussing the issue of going out to find food and seems that now they were able to determine the people who would go out?

With Jiang Zhu still sitting next to her she asked.

“Aren’t you going to get ready for the warm-up?”

“I’m staying here and not going.”

He said.

Tang Tang was puzzled.


Jiang Zhu was the male lead, his ability must be the most powerful of these people. It was hard to predict how dangerous the situation outside was, and if he doesn’t go the probability of success in finding food outside may become smaller.

“After discussing, it was decided that you, me and Yan Zhen would stay. I would protect you both.”

Jiang Zhu explained.

Tang Tang nodded, since it was already discussed then she do not have a say for anything now.

When it was dark the five of them walked over.

“We’re going out, are you sure you don’t want to come with us Jiang Zhu?”

Among these three someone asked.

Um? Tang Tang turned and looked at Jiang Zhu. Didn’t they already discussed it?



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