Chapter 41

During the morning, Huo Xi posted on his weibo.

–@Huo Xi: I hope there will be more good original works in the music industry.

This was simply slapping the plagiarizing dog’s face, and as soon as the weibo post came out major media marketing forwarded reports one after another and the attention was diverted. Sheng Qiao’s PR was able to clean up her mess very easily.

The program team of “Starlight Teen” also issued an apology statement, stating that they did now know that the contestants’ songs were plagiarized before this, and that they would definitely check and review them closely in the future and to not such incident happen again.

Although the program team once wanted to pin down all the problem to Sheng Qiao but since also because of this incident the heat of the program has expanded a lot, they could not tell on Sheng Qiao in the open after all they still have to invite her back to continue the next recording.

With all said and done, it’s only the second phase she basically made the heat of these two phase.

She was just too good at screwing things around.

But Sheng Qiao was still hated by the Music Arts, it was estimated that she wouldn’t be invited to any future homemade variety shows hosted by them.

Although both parties were avoiding involving the artists there were still scuffing marketing numbers and gossiping netizens who open postings like [Sheng Qiao rushes to the crown and wanted to be known].

First of all only Huo Xi’s fans know the song “Wind and Cool” so how could Sheng Qiao who heard in once on a live know? Secondly Sheng Qiao’s tone and expression at that time seemed too angry if it was just a plagiarism.

Before the gossip ignited it was snuffed out by the fans of Huo Xi and Sheng Qiao, at the same time the two sides reported against plagiarism. It could be said that they were united as one before the gossip post were posted and now they were creating small waves of fighting each other,

Xiguang: Don’t try to bind us!

Qiao Fan: The hell we want to get involved with you!

The two fandom were both fed up and break their own list.

The live broadcast accident has successfully ended, and Bei Mingfan smilingly handed Sheng Qiao a document

“I’ve negotiated an advertising endorsement for you, take a look at it and sign the contract first if there is no problem and shoot the day after tomorrow.”

“What ad?”

Sheng Qiao flipped through the file and her eyes widened.

“Sanitary napkins?”

Bei Mingfan coughed dryly.

“You now need to enhance the national friendliness now, this ad I tore this from the hands of several small artist.”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

Then I can’t thank you enough!

“You have no representative work now, your popularity is unstable and your national position is inaccurate. This kind of advertisement is much better, shoot first and then take the high profile ones later.”

Sheng Qiao did not really dislike sanitary napkin after all it was a woman’s best friend and they need it. She looked down at the documents and read them carefully clause by clause and confirmed that they were correct before signing her name.

She has nothing scheduled in the afternoon so Fang Bai sent her home, before leaving he didn’t forget to turn over the work memo to remind her.

“Sister Qiao you still have homework that is not done oh, remember to do the homework and give it to the teacher for checking.”

Only then did Sheng Qiao remember the homework that Meng Xingchen had left.

She had been practicing these days and after lying on the couch for a while and typing her daily list to Huo Xi, she got ready to record the video. First she acted in the mirror a few times before opening her phone and fixing it with a stand and walked to the camera.

She don’t know if it’s because of “exam anxiety” but she didn’t act naturally in front of the phone camera than in front of the mirror. After several attempts she still felt unsatisfied, she repeatedly acted, repeatedly recorded and only in the evening did she choose the best performance video and sent it to Meng Xingshen.

Before going to bed, she received a reply from him.

[Score B, keep up the good work.]

What I put on my best performance but I still get B?

Sheng Qiao wailed for a while and covered herself with blanket.

After two more days of practice at home it was time to shoot the commercial. Fang Bai prepared breakfast and pick her up in the morning. Ding Jian and Zhou Kan were waiting in the car, now she deserves the status of second-line small artist.

The filming studio was in the outskirts of a photography base, when Sheng Qiao arrived green clothe and camera have been set up, once inside she first greeted with the staff one by one and was led by the assistant to the dressing room to change for shooting clothes.

Into a pink and white puffy dress.

Zhou Kan was still in charge of styling her according to the needs of the director, she was wearing a pink girly makeup, her long hair was curled into fluffy ones and tied a bow in the middle of her hair.

Sheng Qiao looked at herself in the mirror and the corner of her mouth twitched.

“So girly…..isn’t too inappropriate?”

The director was beside her said.

“Appropriate, too appropriate. This ad we are trying to hit the girl’s heart and launch a girl model, so the girly you are the better!”

Sheng Qiao: “…..”

After styling, she came out holding the script while listening to the director when she saw a man came in. The director immediately said.

“Zhou Che is coming, go and change your clothes I’ll wait for you.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

Who is this person?

Perhaps her expression was too surprised so the direction took the initiative to explain.

“This is your shooting partner in a moment.”

Sheng Qiao: “…sanitary napkin ads, and a male partner?”

Director: “In order to highlight the difference between our commercial and other sanitary napkin commercial we purposely designed the plot of male and female interaction. One moment you will be lying on the bed over there acting on you menstrual cramps and your boyfriend, that is Zhou Che will go buy you sanitary napkins. You used it and immediately you were physically and mentally relieved then accompanied by music you will dance waltz on top of the sanitary napkins.”

Sheng Qiao: “??”

What the heck!

The director was still talking.

“On the later stage we will make it more beautiful and dramatic, you will stand on top of a huge snow-white sanitary napkin surrounded by small star and small moon, then you will dance BGM in sharp contrast before the menstrual cramps!”

Are you selling napkins or painkillers?!

The directory eagerly asked her.

“Do you know waltz?”

Sheng Qiao: “…..”

I wish I don’t know how to.

The male co-star Zhou Che soon changed his clothes and came out, Sheng Qiao did not know him. He introduce himself as a junior student of the acting department of a certain university.

It’s not easy for male students nowadays



The shooting soon started.

 The first scene was shot while Sheng Qiao was lying on the bed because of menstrual cramps, Zhou Kan specially added a layer of powder to her and wiped off some lipstick making her whole face look particularly haggard.

The director held up the board.

“Three, two, one ACTION!”

Dysmenorrhea still needs to be performed?

Sheng Qiao herself was a member of the army of dysmenorrhea so once she hear the word action she immediately curled up and covered her stomach looking so much in pain and collapsed.

As a result, she heard the director say.

“Cut. Xiao Qiao you can’t be like this, you have to be beautiful and painful at the same time, understand? Your current expression is too hideous.”

Sheng Qiao: “…..I—this is the most realistic expression of menstrual cramps.”

When it hurts like hell who the hell cares if you’re beautiful or not.

Director: “We are going to broadcast this to 1.3 billion viewers, is it appropriate to have such ferocious face?”

Sheng Qiao: “……is not appropriate.”

Director: “Right, it doesn’t look good. Let’s do it again ah.”

Sheng Qiao: “….okay.”

Once the board was hit again, she covered her stomach with her hand while her jaw was slightly shrinking inward making a look of aggravation and pity.

Director: “Cut! Xiao Qiao is this menstrual cramps? It’s like you’re pregnant with a baby and you don’t know who the father is.”

Sheng Qiao: “??”


She rolled over and sat up.

“Why don’t you come and show me first, director?”

The director the replied to her with.

“That’s okay, great aunt don’t visit me every month so I don’t know what it feels like to have dysmenorrhea.”

Sheng Qiao lay back down with no hope, but the director cheered her up.

“Don’t be discourage Xiao Qiao, I believe you can do it! Let’s do it again!”

The first scene of menstrual cramps took more than 20 times to have a good take.

The second act was the boyfriend picking up her girlfriend for the prom but found that his girlfriend was suffering from menstrual cramps. Seeing her distress he suddenly had a bright idea and bought her a pack of sanitary napkins back.

Sheng Qiao who was sitting next to him: “….”

Can this laozi know about dysmenorrhea that he bought me sanitary napkins? Can’t I buy it myself? You might as well let me drink hot water! Who wrote this ad script! Do they have common sense?!

Next they started to shoot Sheng Qiao getting the sanitary napkin then with some effect she turned around already wearing a dress and a crystal shoes. She took her boyfriend’s hand and danced waltz.

But then again, another CUT resounded. Zhou Che could not dance waltz, he would always ended up stepping on her feet making her feet swollen.

Sheng Qiao couldn’t take it anymore and said.

“Wait a minute I’ll teach you the basic dance steps first.”

Zhou Che was also quite embarrassed.

“I’m sorry Miss Sheng Qiao it’s my fault.”

“It’s nothing, it’s very simple look. One beat and one step, then another step for three beats so four steps in total.”

She carried her skirt and jumped up in place as she dance slowly demonstrating step by step for Zhou Che to see.

Director: “Yes, yes! that’s exactly it feels. Xiao Qiao you jumped very well! Later for the other scene you will look better if you spin on the snow-white sanitary napkin!”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

I don’t want to dance.

Plus this laozi don’t jump!

After teaching for a long time Zhou Che finally mastered the basic dance steps and officially started shooting, the studio also played music suitable for waltz. Sheng Qiao wore a pink fluffy dress, her long hair was decorated with a bow and she was smiling gently and sweetly.

In the afternoon the whole scene was recorded and tomorrow they would have to go to the studio to record commercial lines. When Sheng Qiao came out after changing clothes in the fitting room the director greeted her and handed her his business card as he excitedly said.

“Xiao Qiao you really surprise me, you performed all the feelings I want! I will contact you as soon as there are any advertisements in the future!”

Sheng Qiao: “…..”

No no I don’t want to waltz on top of a sanitary napkins anymore.

The director shouted at the assistant behind him.

“Come, bring the gift for Xiao Qiao.”

The assistant answered and ran over from the corner holding a big box, Fang Bai reached out and took it. The box looked big but not very heavy, Sheng Qiao asked.

“What’s inside this?”

Director: “Sanitary napkins! Super easy to use! The brand chamber of commerce will send you several boxes in a few days, you don’t have to buy sanitary napkins this year.”

Sheng Qiao: “….I thank you all.”


CNM1– caonima or fuck your mother, common way to curse. In some phrase its sao ni ma


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