Chapter 51

Fu Shiyuan admits he was a bit mindful of this matter and not for any other reason his wife wants to draw a perfect conclusion to his son’s “last birthday of childhood” and intends to plan an elaborate birthday surprised that must be so profound that his son would look back on it later and feel his childhood was worth living.

He was afraid that she would take Jayce’s young age for granted, neglect him and fail to give him the care he deserves but now she was willing to pay attention to this issue, what reason does he have to object?

So it was understandable that his wife wants to improve, after all creating songs was not something she could just come up with and without real talent it was impossible to muddle through.

In a family like them since his wife wants to play a little bigger, she couldn’t stare with so many eyes and fool around, it’s just that although she was also from the music department how many skills does she have after so many years of not touching music?

Under such premise it would be a wise choice for her to invite professional to cooperate with her. Fu Shiyua had to admit that his wife chose a good man.

Even was suitable, not because he was famous and has genuine talent and learning though of course it was part of the reason but Even’s innocence was the key.

His parents were professors from Hong Kong University, a scholarly family and a rigorous family style. Even has become famous for many years and has not been contaminated with the habits of some so called artist—this was also the reason why they could rest assured that Jayce could learn piano from him.

Therefore when his wife get close end even asked him to co-write songs which was not bad nor have bad impact.

It just that in Fu Shiyuan’s opinion it’s not perfect. His wife and other men prepare surprised for their son. Should he be pleased with this or should he feel relaxed that he doesn’t need to participate?


At this time like all men Fu Shiyuan felt jealous but he had no reason to stop this “great cooperation” nor did have the energy to come forward to replaced Even’s work.

Was this a blessing?

Fu Shiyuan looked at the heartless woman in the screen and suddenly said.

“In fact when I was young I also learned some music and could play several musical instruments if I had the opportunity I really want to do it myself.”

Jian Ruixi nodded in agreement.

“I know, you’ve learned a lot.”

President Fu was a pure amateur as if he was a person who could learn everything like playing.

She thinks that he could play more musical instrument that she and Madam Fu combined, and every time she thinks about it she had to admit the superiority of IQ.

But seeing President Fu suddenly selling himself now, could it be that he wants to express that he was also very talented?

Jian Ruixi finally was able to star as she thumbed up and started her performance.

“You know in fact with this idea, I first thought of you Ethan. After all your talent would not lost to any professional and your Jayce’s father and family cooperation is really meaningful.”

After affirming President Fu’s talent Jian Ruixi and said in a very considerate tone,

“But you are so busy and have so little time to sleep if I mention this to you, you will have less time so I found Even first. Jayce’s birthday was important but Ethan’s health was also important.”

Jian Ruixi the frowned with melancholy feeling that she was simply touched by the virtuous wife and mother who moved Hong Kong City.

But Fu Shiyuan who was opposite to her didn’t seem too impressed as his response was—

“So it was me you were thinking of?”

Fu Shiyuan smiled that was not a smile as his expression clearly said.

“A minute ago you said your inspiration was Even.”

Jian Ruixi suddenly went into acting a bit feeling like a scumbag who had been caught by his wife.

However Jian Ruixi was still quick witted, after a burst of embarrassment she brazenly concluded.

“What I thought of the first time was you but what can I do? You can’t find time for this.”

In short, it’s all his pot and she’s been a good a little angel of understand from the start to finish.

President Fu also has an advantage that Jian Ruixi likes very much, that was he engraves the gentleman into his bones and never embarrasses a lady with unknown face in front of him.

Just like at the moment, even if his face was full of disbelief but still good-naturedly smiled.

“That’s really my bad sorry for misunderstanding you Annie.”

She don’t know if because he seldom her name directly but when Fu Shiyuan call her “Annie” she felt a little strange.

She feels a little low and dumb than usual, especially after hearing the sigh that escapes from his throat giving people an illusion of affection.

Of course, Jian Ruixi would not think that President Fu was flirting with her—even if he was really flirting he would never have this kind of reason.

At most he thinks she was interesting.

Moreover combined with the unique demeanor and emotional intelligence of President Fu, she prefers that he was unconscious and provocative.

And as long as she maintains this momentum and makes a pair of superficial husband and wife with President Fu.

So Jian Ruixi carried her lack of understanding to the end and graciously said.

“We’ve cleared up the misunderstanding so it’s okay.”

At this time Fu Shiyuan sincerely said that in order to apologize, he was willing to squeeze out time to pay attention to her work with Even.

And provide help and contribute to her career when necessary.

Jian Ruixi was confused.

“You mean… want to join us?”

Is President Fu so idle?

Fu Shiyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“What, not welcome?”

Obviously she still looks like light breeze and clear moon1 but Jian Ruixi inexplicably feels that President Fu was a little dangerous right now.

She has to nod in frustration and say considerate words.

“As long as you can arrange it and don’t force it too much, I can be more assured.”

Jian Ruixi privately thought that this guys came to rob her of her glory and call it helping her.

However no matter how much she did, her medal would be divided into half of him—just like her abacus of pulling Even into calculations.


However, in front of President Fu she had to maintain a cordial and warm smile.

“It’s getting late, I’ll go over and see how Jayce is doing if he’s asleep let’s end our talk here first.”

“Good night.”

Fu Shiyuan looked at her overly bright smile, hooked the corner of his mouth and said in a warm voice.

“Say good night to Jayce for me too.”

Jian Ruixi ended the call with a smile on her face, got up and walked to the door but then touched her face and washed the mask off directly in the bathroom of this room.

She was already a mother for a long time, she also learned to be gentle and careful. After washing her face she returned to the bedroom.

A hill has been arched on the big bed, when she came closer she saw the little guy’s red sleeping face.

She smiled knowingly and changed the crystal chandelier into a softer table lamp then casually rub some cream before gently lifting the quilt and lie down.

The child was hot as the quilt had baked him hot, with this thought Jian Ruixi thinks that he must be warm to sleep with on winter but it was a little hot for her now even if the air-conditioning was turned on in the room.

As soon as Jian Ruixi thought so the little guy rolled over into her arms, and she honestly reach out and wrap her arms around him and said softly.

“Sleep, little baby.”

Jayce’s breathing gradually became stable, Jian Ruixi also did not let go him as the small body seems to carry a magical healing ability.

She was hurt from President Fu earlier but right now she was immediately healed.


light breeze and clear moon1– period of peace and prosperity, noble and benevolent character


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