TMBAM 16.1

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Chapter 16(1)

“Mr. Jiang this way please.”

Gu Xueyi slightly turned her body sideways and made a “please gesture” not caring about the reporters who were holding up their cameras.

The camera was chasing the stunning beauty yet the beauty herself was unconcerned by the commotion she caused.

The more advance the photography skills was the more they couldn’t wait to take high-level photo of Gu Xueyi on the spot.

Jiang Yue moved his lips but finally only spat out one word.


He was already here in front of the door, so it doesn’t make much difference whether he enters with her or not.

Jiang Yue collected his gaze and walked in past Gu Xueyi.

Jiang Jing followed closely behind.

When he saw Gu Xueyi he was stunned once again, but then he felt ache this time—a throbbing pain in his back. If it wasn’t for his second brother entering the door quickly he was afraid his legs would be too weak to step closer to the door.

“Sister Gu….no, sister-in-law.”

Jiang Jing hurriedly greeted Gu Xueyi.


For a moment, all the people who were close to them looked at Jiang Jing.

This included his brother Jiang Yue and was not limited to Jian Changming who was not far away.

Jiang Jing then realized that the way he called her has ambiguity that was quite big. His eldest brother in foreign countries would be killed.

What’s more the eyes cast around the surrounding pressed in unison on Jiang Jing’s back.

Jiang Jing hurriedly waved his hands.

“No, no, no I mean…..I, I was called along with Yan Wenbo! Doesn’t Yan Wenbo called her sister-in-law?”

Jiang Yue pulled the corner of his mouth and gave a smile but his expression looked a little cold and fierce.

“With Yan Webo? What? Do you want to marry him?”

Jiang Jing shivered,

“No, no, no….I was just following how he called him, we are on the same generation after all.”

After saying this Jiang Jing shut up so as to not say more and make more mistakes.

Only did Jiang Yue take another big step inside.

But the pressure in the atmosphere was still not going down, in fact it was a still a little awkward.

???? Everyone don’t believe that there wasn’t something wrong??

Jiang Jing hurriedly slipped in as well.

Gu Xueyi did not changed her expression as she turned around and said.

“Mr. Jian good evening, please come inside.”

This time, the smile on her face was more—her eyebrows and eyes were shining and her smile was more moving.

For a while, people couldn’t tell who was more special to her, Jiang Yue or Jian Changming.

This was really a bowl of water.1

Jian Changming collected his gaze and nodded slightly.

“Madam Yan first plese.”

After saying that, he followed Gu Xueyi and walked inside together.

Jian Rui looked more and more amazed from behind.

There were really only few who could hold posture so appropriately in front of her uncle, she was not timid at all but not flattering also.

Seeing Gu Xueyi going in, everyone understood that the two most influential figures at today’s dinner had arrived. The others were not worthy for Madam Yan to personally welcome them.

The people who were originally blocking the doorway have also dispersed one after another.

The reporters who got the invitation also entered the party in an orderly manner.

Yan Wenshu looked in the direction of the hotel door and frowned more tightly.

When she turned around, she saw Jiang Meng firmly glued to the place, motionless which made her more angry.

“What are you waiting for? Why don’t you go in quickly?”

Jiang Meng moved her steps with difficulty.

Just now she finally recognized the dress on Gu Xueyi, it was a Dior spring-summer which high fashion models wear. Ji Mingming wanted to borrow last time but was denied. The moon was one of the top-styling teams in China that has gotten the most Dior couture, then she should have invited the moon!

But who hired it for her?

If she had known this was the case she might as well have simply come in low profile.

She was now instead pressed to defeat by Gu Xueyi, and wouldn’t this be what the media would talk about?

Jiang Meng kept up with Yan Wenshu and it took a lot of effort for her to tense up the decent smile on her face.

Just then, she heard Yan Wenshu snickered.

“You want to be Madam Yan?”

Jiang Meng: “No, I don’t want to….”

Yan Wenshu’s sarcasm intensifies.

“Didn’t you come running to me for what? When you took out the child as bargaining chip you have already exposed your little ambition cleanly.”

Yan Wenshu leaned over and looked at her.

“But I tell you, if Gu Xueyi doesn’t deserve it… don’t deserved it a hundred times—no a thousand times.”

After saying that Yan Wenshu steps in inside.

Jiang Meng fiercely clenched her fingers.

Gu Xueyi’s dress was not suitable for walking too much, unless there was someone behind all the time to help her lift her dress.

Her dress so splendid but not overbearing, and it was indeed more suitable for walking in the red carpet.

Gu Xueyi didn’t have high requirements for modern clothing so she didn’t put forward any opinion with the modeling team at that time.

Now she was standing in the hotel, just like a jade statue of beauty. She could only move carefully and without haste.

However this way every movement of her hands were more elegant and noble.

Gu Xueyi raised her hand and casually pointed to a fruit plate and said to Jiang Yue.

“It’s better than the strawberries the other day.”

As soon as Jiang Yue heard the word “strawberry”, he smiled.

“Madam Yan, I haven’t settle this account with you carefully yet.”

“Hmmm? What account?”

Gu Xuiye tilted her head.

Jiang Yue choked.

Suddenly there was the illusion of bullying the small with the big again.

But soon this illusion was pressed down.

These days, Jiang Yue would no longer take Gu Xueyi as a spiteful and brainless woman, let alone treat her as a soft little girl.

“Madam Yan tied my Jiang family and your Yan family together, what’s the advantage for me?”

Jiang Yue paused, he stopped smiling and said in a low voice.

“Madam Yan always give me some sweets.”

Not far away Jian Changming and Chen Yujin eyelids twitched at the same time.

They didn’t hear what Jiang Yue has said but Jiang Yue’s arrival itself has already made people over think things.

Then every move of Gu Xueyi and Jiang Yue also became strange.


Gu Xueyi thought about it and said.

“I will asked Chen Yujin to share the Baoxin Project with you.”

Her tone was unhurried and was even a little soft, she was deadpan earnest.

Jiang Yue smiled in exasperation once again.

“Does Madam Yan think me for a fool?”

Gu Xueyi held a plate of fruit in her hand and turned her head to look at him without speaking.

Jiang Yue slowly curbed his smile and couldn’t help thinking about whether her sentence just now meant too much ridicule?

Soon Jiang Yue reacted again inwardly.

Not right ah, did I scolded myself as a fool? Then did I mocked myself and not mocked myself at the same time?


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This was really a bowl of water.1– is a Chinese idiom, pinyin is yī wǎn shuǐ duān píng, which means to deal with things fairly and not to favor any party.


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