Chapter 38

Seeing Ye Xun rushed to the next small group of parents, Ye Susu shivered.

She’s seen this scene a lot.

In anger the kitten scratched a claw at the mortal. It was soft and didn’t have much lethality but—

[4 minutes and 13 seconds..]

[Once the cub causes damage to other the blackened part will be irreversible.]

Ye Susu’s heart thumped.

In the blink of an eye little Ye Xun rushed over, today he wore his brand-new white shoes leaving footprints as he run and when his little feet were about to step on the sidewalk tiles between a sprouting small grass….

Ye Susu panicked!

What do you mean by causing harm? Do flowers and plants count?

“Child, don’t move!”

She cried out in alarm, she used all her strength and rushed at Ye Xun’s side with a lightning speed.

Ye Xun clenched his fist, wanting to raise against those who bad mouthed Ye Susu and scolded him for not having a father but for a moment his small body was suddenly held back by a soft embraced that was sweet and warm!

His movement came to a screeching halt and even his little cheeks that was puffed up in anger deflated instantly.

The cold light in his grape light eyes was half ignited and then stopped.

He looked down at the hands wrapped around his waist.

He turned his face to the side with difficulty and saw Ye Susu’s pale face.

When he was about to shout the second half of the sentence “you are not allowed to say that to ‘my mommy’” all of a sudden he forget to speak.

“Child calm down, let’s calm down.”

Ye Susu trapped the cub and pulled off his raised legs and put them safely on the back of the empty tile.

Feeling the little one in her arms, her body muscles went from tense to stiff and finally gradually relaxed before she finally let out a sigh of relief.

It’s okay.

However…..[3 minutes 39 seconds, 34 seconds….] the countdown window surprisingly hasn’t stopped yet.

Ye Susu’s face quickly became flustered again.

And when Ye Xun saw her expression he remembered what he just impulsively wanted to do, the small face quickly turned paper like pale.

How could he be like that just now?

He had no father and he was Ye Susu’s biggest drawback, an existence that kept her head down and he knew it. He always knew it.

However, just now when he heard those aunts scolding Ye Susu he still couldn’t help but want to shut up and beat them, let them apologize to him and Ye Susu!

How could he be like this?

Throwing tantrums like this, wanting to hit and cursed. Teacher say being like this was being a bad child.

So he was….a bad boy now?

Ye Xun lowered his eyes and loosened the small fist that was tightened up and grinned his small teeth instead.

He just lost Ye Susu’s face again, right?

But he hates all the people who say he doesn’t have a father and he hates the people who scold Ye Susu, if he’s a good boy he has to be scolded and he doesn’t want it!

He’d rather be a bad boy!

Ye Xun lifted his slackened little face and a trace of coldness reassembled in his grape like black eyes.

Ye Susu listened to the countdown in her ears and was about to turn around in a hurry!

Her hearing was keen and she heard the sound of the little one in her arms grinding his teeth.

She looked down and saw the little guy’s fierce look that seems ready to go to bite people off.


Wait calm down first!

In the past when she wanted to damage things what would her shiguan do to stop her?

Ye Susu’s panicked eyes, suddenly lit up.

She hurriedly lowered her head and opened her mouth to bite open her backpack zipper and her left hand immediately pulled out a small dried fish and pressed it on Ye Xun’s cheeks with her right hand!

“Here, meow meow open your mouth.”

Ye Xun’s angry face froze.

Ye Susu made persistent effort.

“Meow meow be good and I’ll give you dried fish oh.”

Feeding the dried fish, the shiguan begged her for mercy in this way.

One hundred shots1.

Each time her anger was allayed.

Ye Susu looked expectantly at the little cub in her arms.

Ye Xun’s cheeks was pressed by Ye Susu with small dried fish and listening to her coaxing him with Meow Meow sound, he could not help but lost and stupidly opened his mouth.

When he stayed this way, the small dried fish was stuffed in.

At once the salty and sweet taste overflowed his little mouth making his whole little head unable to move for a moment.

Apparently in his memory, Ye Susu had never coaxed him like this before nor had she fed him so much.

Ye Susu saw that his small teeth were no longer grinding and know that with an alternative to devouring a bite her heart only fell down halfway.

And the other half however was still hanging in the balance.

“Yo, the top beam is not right and bottom beam is wrong!”

“Such an impolite kid, what kind of family teaches a child like that ah!”

“I was scared to death, I thought the kid was going to beat me up! Look how fierce his eyes are, like he’s looking at an enemy!”

“That’s right, without a father he was lawless!”

More and more critical and sarcastic voices were ringing out.

Ye Susu suddenly exploded.

She had a hard time stuffing the cub’s teething little mouth.

And yet this group of mortal messed it up, just forget about her but they still did not spared her little cub?

No wonder the little brat would be blackened out in the ending, being beaten at home and going out getting bullied was simply a little pathetic.

She crossed her arms and laughed in anger.

“Shut up all of you!”

Making fun and her mission cub in her territory.

Could these stupid humans afford to pay when he goes dark?

Standing in front of her, Ye Xun was shaken by this roar.

However Ye Susu didn’t notice and fought.

“You have a family education yet you stand here and spit on my child? How dare you talk about us when you are all uncivilized? This older lady, you just chatted with someone and stepped on the roadside wildflowers. The uncle over there, you just threw a ball of tissue paper into the trash can but it didn’t go in and rolled on the ground but you didn’t pick it up…”

“And the one who just crossed the street not waiting for the green light, that grandmother over there, your grandson is eating pancakes on the road and the wrappers are falling on the ground.”

“Family education, are you worthy of mentioning that? I think you have a father but that’s all!”

Foolish mortals nothing escapes the dynamic vision of a noble cat.

Ye Susu raised her head and chest.

“Please don’t bring down my child or I’ll consider taking my child to a different school!”

“To study with your child, I think it’s better to raise them separately!”

A group of people stared.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Today there are children, I did not do what you just said. Don’t slander ah!”

“The nerve of…..”

A few rebuttals sounded but they became softer and softer under Ye Susu’s glare.

There were even parents who received their children long ago and turned their heads and left.

It could be seen that what Ye Susu said just now was exactly right.


Ye Susu was still a little uneasy after teaching her enemy a lesson.

She looked down, gently grabbed the little guy’s shoulder.

“Don’t be afraid, who bullies you in the future remember their face then go home and tell me. You are still small, look at your hands it is not half as big as mine. You can’t do it yourself, you know? What if you fight and hurt the flowers and plants on the roadside? They are innocent ah.”

The parents who hadn’t gone far, jerked back and almost craned their necks.

Was this how a child should be educated?

However what make them faints was that the child, Ye Xun also nodded his head.

Ye Susu however expressed satisfaction and stroked Ye Xun’s shaggy hair.

“Moreover in our race, the real kings never fight in person we go lie down and win.”

“Remember, at all time we must remain elegant and graceful.”


One hundred shots1–  to carry out a task with great precision; to shoot with unfailing accuracy; be a crack shot


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