Chapter 50

Fu Shiyuan didn’t fail to recognize that she turned the corner and boasted that her photos were good looking as he also smiled and said.

“It’s rare advantage.”

“You think so, don’t you?”

Jian Ruixi laughed even more.

It was Jayce time to talked with his father but the young master was once again reduced to a set of board as he sat quietly and watched his father and mother chatting feverishly even though he also could say a few words since the topic was about the concert.

But children shouldn’t talk while adult were talking and could only listen, not say anything.

And his unscrupulous mother didn’t even intend to give him the opportunity to listen to them. As she said and was ready to leave with the tablet.

“I’ll tell you something…..”

Fu Shiyuan said he had no opinion but Jayce had an opinion. He held his mother in time to protest.


Jian Ruixi looked down and suddenly realized that her son was still next to her so she patted him on the head,.

“Go to bed first, good night—.”

“Then my tablet….”

Jayce embarrassingly reminded after all it was his mommy bed he couldn’t just sleep here.

Jian Ruixi’s intelligence was restored some more and she handed him the phone.

“Haven’t you said good night to your grandparents yet? Use mommy’s phone to call.”

Then Jian Ruixi went to next room without looking back, Jayce watched her back. His little face was at lost for the first time, it seemed that he had been abandoned by his father and mommy?

When Old Madam Fu connected the video, she saw her good grandson on screen looking a bit sickly. She looked around before asking confusion.

“Zonglin why are you alone in the room, where’s mom?”

Usually when she talk with her grandchild, Jian Ruixi would accompany them and occasionally injecting a few words. And with the family became more and more harmonious so suddenly not seeing her figure Old Madam Fu was a bit uncomfortable.

Jayce was a little depressed but he didn’t want to tell grandma so he replied succinctly.

“Mommy is talking to Daddy.”

When Old Madam Fu heard this, she misunderstood and asked.

“Dad is back? When did it happen?”

If it wasn’t in front of her grandson Old Madam Fu’s next sentence would be definitely be ‘You only know how to find a wife back in Hong Kong, you really have married your wife and forgotten your mother.’

Now being looked at by Jayce’s pure and innocent eyes, Old Madam Fu silently swallowed her complaint back into her belly.

Jayce shook his head and explained clearly about how his parents left him and the two of them ran off to whisper next door.

Old Madam Fu couldn’t help but laugh, she wasn’t a kind of wonderful mother-in-law who couldn’t see the good relationship between her daughter in law and son.

When the misunderstanding was resolved, she changed the topic and coaxed her little grandson lovingly.

“Mom and dad ignored you, but would grandma do that to you? let’s talk quietly…”

Jian Ruixi didn’t know that her son had quietly told her off as she was talking excitedly about the song with Fu Shiyuan.

Although Jian Ruixi said that as long as she didn’t want to make a debut and wrote songs just to coax her son to be happy, her mother-in-law would certainly not stop her.

However even if she don’t stop her that doesn’t mean she support she, she didn’t expect a rich parents in law to understand her instead she wanted to win President Fu’s vote.

Fearing that President Fu would think she was making a big deal of it, Jian Ruixi finished and added with a doting mother’s heart.

“Although it’s not a whole birthday but it’s also very special after all next year’s birthday. Jayce is already a glorious elementary school student, no longer a child….”

Unaware of how she look.

Fu Shiyuan was silent for a moment and suddenly asked a question that had nothing to do with the point.

“So you’ve been supporting Even recently just to find him to work with?”

Jian Ruixi although was surprised that President Fu’s concerns seemed a little crooked she also felt that there was nothing wrong with President Fu’s question.

She really supported him because of Even’s identity but if she was too honest with President Fu would he think that she was a utilitarian person?

On such thought it’s hard to nod directly, Jian Ruixi replied tactfully.

“I should say that I have this inspiration after playing together.”

Fu Shiyuan’s eyes flickered and his tone was inexplicable.

“You said Even gave you the inspiration?”

The ignorant were fearless, Jian Ruixi topped her green face with a big smile.

“Yes, Even is really handsome and talented too.”



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