You have been warned: This chapter contains abuse and violence, please skip this chapter if you don’t wish to read disturbing description

Chapter 57

“I gave birth to you so you have to give me money to spend if you can’t make money I’ll kill you!”

The man kicked and beat the girl and said cruel words, mouthful after mouthful he even said that he would kill her as if the girl was not a person but a tool to make money.

“You, you just took the money from me a few days ago….”

As soon as the girl answered back, before she could even speak the man slapped the girl’s face to one side and scolded fiercely.

“Your little money is not enough for me to play cards, tonight you must sell wine to Dongge’s KTV if you don’t go I’ll kill you.”

“He, he’s lying about selling wine there…..”

“Shut up!”

The man kicked her over again and cursed viciously.

“Cut the fucking crap with me and go when you’re told to go, you’re a loser like your mother you can’t even earn money you just know how to fool all the time!”

“I, I will not do illegal things!”

Although the girl was beaten pitifully and the corner of her mouth was bruised not to mention her face has five fingers printed on it and her eyes were red as tears keeps on falling but she was still stubborn and said.

“You and brother Dongge are both liars, you told me to sell alcohol but obviously….”

“If you don’t go I’ll kill you…”

The man stared angrily and looked at her ferociously as his hand once again hit the girl in the face.

“Stop it!”

Tang Xintian stepped forward and yanked the man’s arms.

“Who are you?”

The man turned to Tang Xintian and said fiercely.

“Mind your own business, this is none of your business if I beat my own daughter!”

Tang Xintian raised her eyebrows and said coldly with a sullen face.

“This is what I want to manage when I met one!”

“If you dare to do it again I will call the police!”

Xue Jiayue also stepped forward to threaten the man, her hand holding a phone making a gesture call.

“Bitch I told you to let go, don’t fucking mind my business. Believe it or not I’ll beat you both together!”

The man stared at them with a black face thinking that it was just two nosy women. They were thin and weak, their thighs were not even as thick as his arms if he wanted to make a move on them it would be easy and there was no need to be afraid.

Tang Xintian sneered and said contemptuously.

“You can try it!”

The man was instantly provoked by Tang Xintian’s contemptuous voice, no one dared to tell him what to do when he beat his wife and daughter.

In front of him these two smelly women who didn’t know whether when not to dare and meddle with his business, they must be asking to taste the consequence of meddling in his business!


The man pulled hard, trying to pull his arm back from Tang Xintain’s hand but who knows what when he tried pulled his arms he could not even badge.

It was as if Tang Xintian clasped his arms with iron pliers, he just couldn’t move at all.

Tang Xintian stared at him calmly.

There was trace of doubt in the man’s heart but he didn’t think he was that weak and think instead that he just didn’t used enough strength so he couldn’t pull back his arms so this time he made more effort.

However it was beyond the man’s expectations, he clearly exhaust his whole body but he just couldn’t pull his arm back from Tang Xintian’s hand.

“Aren’t you going to let go?”

The man turned red face due to anger and humiliation.

On the contrary Tang Xintian still looked at him calmly as if his brute strength was nothing in her eyes.

“Waste! Scum!”

“Fuck you!”

He despised woman especially those women he couldn’t handle, the man was even more angry and raised another hand that was not held by Tang Xintian.

“Give it back to you!”

Just at this time Tang Xintian suddenly made a slight effort and threw the man who was half head taller than her and throw him like throwing a garbage.


The man was like a rag doll thrown three meters away by Tang Xintian, he fell to the ground with a bang. He has bloody nose and a swollen face, he couldn’t get up for a long time so he could only shrink to the ground and cry.

“Good, good fall!”

The crowd passing by cheered Tang Xintian after all the man was too vicious and violent when he hit the girl just now, he didn’t treat the girl as a person.

They wanted to help but since the man was so fierce and afraid of getting into a fight they didn’t dare to come forward. Now someone has helped the girl, the man has been cleaned up they felt relieved and satisfied!

The man saw that no onlookers would want to help him so his cry was even worse while still on the groud.

“Ouch, ouch, they’ve beat someone to death, beat me to death I want to go to the police I wan to go to the police!”

“Fine call the police!”

Xue Jiayue took the phone and looked at him angrily from above and said,

“Anyway I have already called the police, the police will come soon I would like to see how you will explain to the police when they come to know that you abused your daughter and forced her to work at the wine shop? The police can also follow the clues you proved and eliminate all those who sell fake wine and work as a wine peddler!”

As soon as the man heard it he realized that he could be arrested and if he was really caught by the police and the policed asked him to explain everything the shady things he had done secretly would be found out.

In that case he would be locked up in the bureau, but he could not enter the bureau if he entered the bureau it would over.

Thinking of these the man could not care less about arguing with Xue Jiayue but also cared less about the pain all over his body as he jumped up from the ground like a monkey and brutally knocked on the onlookers as he ran away like crazy in the blink of an eye.

“Don’t run, don’t run!”

Some onlookers tried to catch him, and chased him a few steps but failed to catch up and could only watched him crossed the road and went into the alley across the street and soon he was out of sight.

The man ran away but Xue Jiayue did not go after him she just turned to looked at the girl who was beaten, and took a handkerchief to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth.

“What’s your name?”

Xue Jiayue asked with concern,

“Is the man who beat you really your father?”

The girl cried and said.

“My name is Zhang Xiaojiao, he is my father.”

Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian glance at each other with sympathy for Zhang Xiaojiao in their eyes.

Xue Jiayue asked again.

“What about your mother?”

“After my mom divorced him, she went back home to capital city.”

Zhag Xiaojiao thought of her mother and cried even more.

“I miss her, I haven’t seen her for years.”

Born in such a family was also unfortunate, Xue Jiayue comforted Zhang Xiaojiao.

“Your mother must have no choice but to divorce your father she must also be unable to let you go.”

Tang Xintian also sympathized with Zhang Xiaojiao’s experience and said.

“Do you want go find your mother?”

Zhang Xiaojiao froze for a while before nodding and saying.

“I want to but there’s no money for traveling and all the money I earned was taken by my dad.”

Xue Jiayue listened, immediately after opened the bag and took out the money from her wallet. Inside were several red mao grandpa and stuffed it on Zhang Xiaojiao’s hand.

“Take this money go find your mother.”

“No I can’t ask for your money.”

Zhang Xiaojiao panicked and pushed the money back.

“You guys just save me, you’ve already helped a lot how can I ask for your money again.”

“Take it.”

Xue Jiayue refused to take the money back and said unconcernedly.

“This money is nothing to me, you take it to your mother and live a good life from now on. Don’t follow your father anymore.”

Tears rolled down from Zhang Xiaojiao’s eyes at once, drop after drop like broken beads and she said gratefully.

“Thank you, thank you, you are really too kind. I, I will repay you later.”

Xue Jiayue then smiled and reached out to rub the top of her hair.

“We help you is just a handful, no need for you to repay.”

Tang Xintian also said.

“Take good care of yourself and live well you can repay us that way.”

Under the gentle gaze of the two woman, Zhang Xiaojiao squeezed the money in her hand and nodded vigorously.

“I know, I will.”

Afterwards, Xue Jiayue and Tag Xintian see off Zhang Xioajiao on the bus to the next city.

After sending Zhang Xiaojiao away, Xue Jiayue and Tang Xintian each went back to the hotel where they were staying.

Xue Jiayue had just returned to her hotel room and dropped her bag on the bed when there was a sharp knock on the door, she opened it and saw Xu Yanwen standing outside the door.

Xu Yanwen took the phone in his hand and stretched it out front of Xue Jiayue, saying calmly.

“Look at this.”



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