Chapter 25(2)

Jiang Mian took Qi Yanshu to a western restaurant near the neighborhood and in order to apologize she ordered a table full of dishes regardless whether they could finish it or not.

While waiting for the food to be served, Jiang Mian’s phone rang it was her Taoist Father calling.

There was nothing to be done, who let have more relatives? Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows as she connect the call.

“Mian Mian are you home? I’ll bring you the dress.”

Her Taoist father’s heart was already set on getting his baby daughter wear the beautiful dress he bought.

Since Qin Jingrun canceled his trip to United States after Zuo Xingping pestered him for two more days to making sure that Qin Jingrun would really not go to United States before he quietly left and continued to start his daily life as a poor Taoist priest.


Qi Yanshu knew that Zuo Xingping was her father and since the two were brothers there was nothing to hide in front of Qin Yanshu.

“Dad have you eaten yet?”

Zuo Xingping hesitated and was ready to tell a lie—he found five yuan on the road today but lost all his money right after so he had no money to buy food.

Jiang Mian knew clearly that he was a little distressed but she didn’t reveal it, she only said.

“Dad I haven’t eaten yet, will you come and eat with me?”

Suddenly remembering that she was with someone she looked at the opposite of her, she bought this meal for Qi Yanshu to make amends so she hurriedly covered the receiver.

“Uncle Qi….”

Before the words were finished, Qi Yanshu knew what she was going to say.

“I haven’t seen senior brother for a long time.”

With this one sentence, Jiang Mian put down her worry.

As soon as her Taoist father heard his daughter say that she hadn’t eaten yet he immediately said.

“Mian Mian I’ll come over right away, wait for me.”

Jiang Mian give him the address, Zuo Xingping found a shared bicycle. When no one was round he took a small paper man and flicked his fingertips, the small paper man suddenly “live” stretching its small body to drill itself into the lock of the shared bicycle1.

Shortly after the lock was unlocked with a beep.

The small paper man squeezed out and fell on the ground and quickly turning into a fine ash.

Zuo Xingping stepped on the pedal of the shared bicycle as he rushed towards his baby daughter at a high speed.

More than ten minutes later, Zuo Xingping arrived at his destination—after all it was not far from the neighborhood when he called Jiang Mian.

Locking the bicycle Zuo Xingping first looked up to see the name of the restaurant confirming that this was the address Jiang Mian provided to him. He pulled the Taoist robe and walked inside with big steps.

But then he was stopped by the doorman.

“Mian Mian, I was stopped.”

Helpless, Zuo Xing ping had to call Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian came downstairs and saw Zuo Xingping standing at the door as he said seriously to the door man.

“My daughter is inside.”

Doorman: “…..”

The doorman smiled and politely ignored him.

People passing by were glancing at him with all kinds of eyes.

Seeing Jiang Mian, the Taoist father’s eyes lit up and said with great pride.

“That’s my daughter.”

The doorman subconsciously turned around and saw Jiang Mian coming out.

He had an impression of Jiang Mian, after all she was too good-looking who came in not long ago with a man whose eyes were covered with a white cloth and who was also outstandingly good-looking.

Such a beautiful daughter, with such a…..father?

Jiang Mian walked over and took her Taoist father’s and smiled at the doorman.

“This is my dad.”

For some reason she suddenly got serious as she covered the lower half of her face revealing only her eyes.

“Look, I have the exact same eyes as my father.”

The doorman looked at her and then at Zuo Xingping who had curly hair and a big beard, after a long time he apologized to Zuo Xingping in an embarrassed manner.


Jiang Mian pulled Zuo Xingping upstairs.

Zuo Xingping giggled all the way upstairs as he follow his baby daughter until he saw Qi Yanshu sitting on the table together with them and his smile froze.

“Mian Mian, why is here!?”

Taoist father whispered to Jiang Mian’s ear.

“Didn’t I tell you to hang out with him less!”

“It’s a long story.”

Jiang Mian also whispered back to him.

“I accidentally hurt Uncle Qi’s hand and invited him to dinner to make amends.”

Her Taoist father frowned, when he was about to speak Qi Yanshu turned his head and said.

“Senior Brother.”

“Junior Brother.”

Zuo Xingping walked over and looked around his eyes.

“Your eyes….want me to take a look at them for you?”

“It’s useless, don’t bother senior brother.”

Qi Yanshu looked in the direction of Jiang Mian, and Zuo Xingping noticed that it was hard to continue the topic.

Jiang Mian: “?”

Her Taoist father seems to know what was going on with Qi Yanshu’s eyes.

Zuo Xingping was carrying with him a bag that contains the dress he bought for Jiang Mian but since Qi Yanshu was also present he had to put the bag aside for the time being and let his daughter see it when she returned.

Originally Zuo Xingping also wanted to ask Qi Yanshu about his injured hand and on how Jiang Mian hurt him but Jiang Mian was busy feeding him and he didn’t have the heart to refused his baby daughter so he had to bury his head on the food and focused eating.

Jiang Mian who was addicted to feeding did not forgot about Qi Yanshu as she continuesly hand him with food also.

“Uncle Qi this is delicious you try this.”

Zuo Xingping found that his daughter gave Qi Yanshu a white and fat like pastry, he did not know what it was called but this did not prevent him from quickly eliminating the plate of pastry.

Every time Jiang Mian gave food to Qi Yanshu the Taoist father would eat everything on that plate, and Jiang Mian who noticed this did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The three finished their meal after almost an hour, after paying the three also returned to the same direction.

But just a short distance from the restaurant a car slid over and stopped at Qi Yanshu’s side.

“Sir the Old master wants to see you.”

Before Qi Yanshu could say anything Zuo Xingping didn’t wait and said.

“Junior Brother you go now.”

Qi Yanshu: “…..”

After Qi Yanshu left Zuo Xingping hurriedly said to Jiang Mian.

“Mian Mian in the future it is better not to associate with him, he is always pestering you he certainly don’t have good intentions.”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

She decided to change the subject.

“Dad do you know what’s going on with Uncle Qi’s eyes?”

Zuo Xingping hesitated for a moment.

“It seems that he saw something he shouldn’t have seen, he was cursed after accidentally recovering his life, as for the specific I am not sure.”

Jiang Mian: “That it to say if Uncle Qi wanted to see they must lift up the curse?”

“That’s probably what it means.”

Zuo Xingping nodded,

“Now he doesn’t know what the curse is, he can only solved it by himself.”

“Mian Mian why are you so concerned about him?”

Her Taoist father sounded sour.

Jiang Mian took his arm.

“Because Uncle Qi is dad’s junior brother.”

With this sentence the Taoist father was pacified. The father and daughter went home happily, opening the door Zuo Xingping immediately found Han Xu lying on the sofa.

“Why is he here?”

Jiang Mian explained, and after hearing the explanation Zuo Xingping no longer cared about Han Xu lying on the sofa. He handed the bag to Jiang Mian like a treasure and said expectantly.

“Mian Mian see if you like it.”

Jiang Mian took it.

“I’ll change and show it to you.”

Her Taoist father nodded like a chicken pecking his head. Jiang Mian took the bag into the bedroom, there were two dress, one pink and one light blue folded neatly.

On the tag, Jiang Mian was stunned. The pink dress cost 21,000 yuan while the light blue dress was 15,000. It seems that her Taoist father was afraid of losing the thousand money he have so he spend it immediately on the two dress.

When she changed her dress and walked out of the bedroom, she found that the tyrant billionaire father was somehow woken up and was sitting opposite to his Taoist father while staring at each other. She also notice that her billionaire tyrant father’s anger was visible on his naked eye.

Looking closely Han Xu had two balls of paper stuffed in his nose.

Jiang Mian: “???”

Han Xu couldn’t wait to hammer this divine stick away, he was sleeping well and was dreaming when his baby daughter was still a child when he suddenly couldn’t breathe. He opened his eyes only to see the bearded face of Zuo Xingping stuffing two balls of paper into his nose.


The two dads immediately turned their heads, Zuo Xingping brightened up and stopped paying attention to Han Xu.

“I knew Mian Mian would look beautiful in it.”

“You bought it?”

Han Xu understood instantly and smiled coldly.

“Ugly as hell.”

Afraid that his baby daughter misunderstood he hurriedly explained.

“Daddy is saying that this dress is ugly, Mian Mian this kind of stall goods cannot be wear. Daddy will buy you better.”

“What stall goods, I bought them in a designer store.”

Taoist father said angrily.

Han Xu sneered.

“Can you tell which is brand name and which is not?”

Zuo Xingping: “…..”

Seeing that the two were about to start a brawl, Jiang Mian hurriedly walked over while holding their arms at the same time and smiled sweetly at them.

“Dad are you going to stay with me tonight?”


shared bicycle1-companies providing bicycle sharing services on campuses, subway stations, residential and commercial areas including public areas but with payment.


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