ECM 45


Chapter 45

When your account was being followed back by someone you don’t want to it’s like being locked in the classroom by your teacher as if to say ‘I’m watching you.’

This was what Xu Zhaixing was feeling right now, well other than how else could she say what she wanted!

Xu Zhaixing was saddened, beating her chest she said to herself.

Why! Why did I not protect my vest1?!

From now on she need to put on her disguised mask and act cute, behave well, be positive and she could no longer forward those hahah with small yellow paragraphs!

A sudden thought came to her mind.

How about blocking my idol?

Crap Xu Zhaixing! You’re floating2! How can you have such terrible treacherous idea!

Damn me!

Forget it, just pay attention. It’s no big deal, later I will just use the other account to eat melon and post hahah while this account can just maintain the good image!

So Xu Zhaixing with a painful expression released the first status since creating her weibo.

–@Picking up the star from the sky for you: Today is also a day to study hard!

With a picture of a math paper.

Cheng You who was next to her laughing while sending jokes: “?”

Xu Zhaixing: QAQ …

Does it looked like I was posting for my parents so see?

After posting, she clicked on her follower lists and flipped though it page by page. Because there were too many students following her in the past two days she didn’t look at it carefully and didn’t even notice when her idol was mixed in.

As she was scrolling she only found out that her idol was already following her for almost two nights.

Heavens, I actually left my idol alone for forty-two hours!!!

Xu Zhaixing cried as she clicked on the follow back so the status became mutual.

After clicking that button she felt an unreal fantasy!

 I am now following closely with my idol!!!!

Ah…..Xu Zhaixing what were you pretending earlier for? If you can’t eat melons! I just can try other ways to stalk I mean support him! Isn’t it just to be a positive girl?

I can do! I can do it!

Eating melon maybe valuable, posting jokes maybe a good past time but if it’s for her idol she could both throw everything!!!

I have the idol’s attention so isn’t it the same as having the world!

After accepting the fact Xu Zhaixing was immediately immersed in happiness. Cheng You on the other hand forwarded a joke for a while and clicked into the front page of mutual followers.

They just started exploring Weibo now and everything feels new especially the number of fans and followers making everyone inexplicably compare themselves, looking who follows who and who you follow.

Some people who have the potential to be a comedian have learned to make funny collections to attract fans.

Cheng You poked into Xu Zhaixing’s home page and looked at it, she was envious when she saw her growing number of followers every day.

“Zhaixing, you’ve gained more than 100 followers again. Hmm? Your following has also increased by one, who are you following?

She clicked on the follow list and when she saw the word “Cen Feng” she was so shocked that her eyes almost pop out.

There is really a person called Cen Feng?


She pounced on Xu Zhaixing in shocked and ecstasy.

“There’s really Cen Feng? Is there really a Cen Feng? The most important thing is that you have to be certified yellow V user? Let’s see….Zhongtian trainee? Crap! Is the avatar really him? Ah my heavens so handsome!!!”

Xu Zhaixing was almost shaken apart by her.

“How do you know each other?! How the hell did you meet! Ahhhhhh Zhaixing you and I are not friends anymore, you never talk about such handsome boyfriend and you didn’t even tell me the truth!!!”

Xu Zhaixing pushed her away, and picked up her math book to slap it on her head.

“Wake up! That’s not my boyfriend!”

Cheng You’s hands dance and feet trip3 as she said.

“How is he not your boyfriend? Didn’t you say that Cen Feng is someone you like very much? You also rejected Zhou Mingyu for him didn’t you? What kind of divine love is this! That Zhou Mingyu lost! I declare him as a loser! You were right to turn him down! Cen Feng is much more handsome than him! He’s a trainee so he’s going to debut later right? Oh my heavens you’ve got a star boyfriend!”

Xu Zhaixing: “…”

Before Cheng You calmed down she decided not to talk to her.

So after this, Xu Zhaixing spent two full days to finally make Cheng You understand.

That he’s not a boyfriend but rather her idol.

Cheng You was still star-struck as she was licking the screen, although Xu Zhaixing has been telling her that he was not his boyfriend or something along that line—she may understand a bit of what Xu Zhaixing had told her but overall she still doesn’t get it.

“Although he will later debut as a star, but he is still just a trainee so why are chasing him now?”

Xu Zhaixing gave her a contemptuous look.

“Nurture to understand?”

Cheng You: “?”

Star chaser can also play this way?

Forget it, if she said he’s not her boyfriend then not her boyfriend. Everything was unimportant, what she needed to say now was what’s important.

“Zhaixing! Zhou Mingyu pays attention to Cen Feng!”

Xu Zhaixing: “???”

Crap Zhou Mingyu if you dare to talk nonsense to my idol I’ll kill you!

She quickly poke into Ceng Feng’s home page to see, his status was still zero—no post that Zhou Mingyu could comment on in case he notice that Cen Feng in her weibo.

After she sighed with relief she suddenly realize that there was still private message!

God forbid, Zhou Mingyu that retard don’t send any strange private message to her idol!


Zhongtian Intern Division.

Cen Feng finished his training and went to the bathroom with a towel intending to rinse the sweat off his body, just after turning into the corridor he saw the company’s airborne artist executives walking over with high heels.

He subconsciously wanted to turn around and avoid her but the other side had obviously seen him, hiding was mostly useless so he looked straight and continued to move forward.

After Ma Fengkai was arrested the position for artist director of the trainee branch was vacant for a long time, Niu Tao originally thought he could rise to the top and went to the headquarters every day to make his presence known but the result was that not long ago the company suddenly parachuted in another director or rather a young girl who had just graduated from college.

At first the management was a bit unconvinced, on the first day when the director came to the company the old manager made it difficult for her as a result the old manager received notice of dismissal that afternoon.

Later they learned that the parachuted director was the daughter of one of the major shareholders, named Wen Tingting.

She just returned from country H and majored in media, she then interned in an agency in the same country during college so she was more familiar with Korean circle.

The trainee system itself was more complete and systematic in Country H. Wen Tingting with this experience was a suitable candidate for Zhongtian who wade the river by grouping for stones4 but of course the main thing was a father giving power to his daughter.

Wen Tingting also has the intention of doing well on the job given to her, she introduce Korean culture and repositioning idols on the second day after she first came to work at the company. She also gathered all the trainees from the whole company together and asked the trainees to introduce themselves and perform one by one so that she could grasp the situation of these trainees the fastest and make a new positioning classification.

Then she saw at Cen Feng and took fancy on him.

Almost at the first moment she saw Cen Feng she was sure that this boy would be on fire in the future.

She waited with anticipation for Cen Feng’s performance and already started thinking about how to package this boy, but as a result Cen Feng only moved two times in a very perfunctory way and then retreated indifferently. During this period he didn’t even give her a look in the eyes.

Which of the trainees in the room were not trying their best to show their strengths in an attempt to make her, the new director look at them differently?

Wen Tingting almost exploded in anger and thought he was deliberately provoking her but after some inquiring she learned that Cen Feng was like this to anyone and even if his own strength was already very strong he gave up and degenerate himself instead.

But probably because of human’s rebellious psychology, the more Cen Feng was like this the more interested she was in him. From time to time she focused and talked to him alone, she also both used the soft and the hard way however Cen Feng didn’t give her half a look as usual.

Wen Tingting was born into a rich family—she was second generation rich kid. She was held up all the way so when she suffered this kind of snub attitude she really was angry and resentful.

Seeing Cen Feng pass by her with in an indifferent look she immediately reprimanded.

“Cen Feng stop!”

He stopped and turned his head slightly sideway while the corner of his eyes dropping halfway looking cold and distant.

Wen Tingting approached two steps closer, her facial feature looked very delicate there was a kind of charm when a girl turns into a lady. But as soon as she get closer Cen Feng covered his nose and sneezed.

Wen Tingting: “??”

I just sprayed some sweet and fruity fragrance so what do you mean by that?

She gritted her teeth and said.

“What did I puff smoke on you?”

Usually people would go along and save each other’s faces but Cen Feng said with no expression on his face.


Wen Tingting: “???”

She was once again dying in ager but thinking that Cen Feng’s character was like this, she could not get angry with him, biting her lips she snorted.

“The company opened a weibo for each of you, you got the account and password right?”

Cen Feng replied.

“I got it.”

Wen Tingting smiled and stretched out her hands towards him.

“Give me your phone.”

Cen Feng frowned.

“What for?”

Wen Tingting asked.

“Do you know that you’re the only trainee in the whole company who isn’t following me?”

Cen Feng: “I know.”

Wen Tingting was so angry that she stomped her foot.

“So give me your phone! I’ll help you click follow me, you don’t know my ID right?”

Cen Feng glance at indifferent and his voice was impolite.

“No, I’m not interested.”

With those words he left with a towel on his shoulder.

Wen Tingting was choked red by him, she really wanted to take off her high heels and hit him on the back of his head.

Cen Feng certainly do not care whether he offended the executives or not, he was more favorable for him if they terminate the contract with him in rage. He unscrewed the nozzle and lowered his head as he rinsed the sweat on his head and the wet towel to wipe the back of his arms and neck, as he was wiping halfway it seemed that he thought of something as he put his towel on his shoulder and took his phone in his pocket.

He open the weibo, click on the attention list and saw that the ID Picking up the star from the sky for you was already following him back and his cold eyes were finally softer.

He clicked on Xu Zhaixing’s weibo home page.

–@Picking up the star from the sky for you: live till you drop, learn till you’re old after all it’s not too late to learn even in your 70s.

And with a picture of various exercise books.

–@Picking up the star from the sky for you: As Chinese, why do we need to learn English? Because, language can’t be a limitation for me to explore this world!

Attached picture of English work book.

–@Picking up the star from the sky for you: I asked myself everyday: have you worked hard today? Are you growing up okay? Are you doing okay?

Then a picture of a pen that writes something until the ink runs out.

–@Picking up the star from the sky for you: work hard, not just for yourself! It’s for the development of socialism, to build a moderate prosperous society in all aspects, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Life goes on, struggle goes on! I love learning!

And with a photo of the five star red flag flying in the wind.

Cen Feng: “…..”

Was he following the wrong person?


vest1raw is马甲 which is mean sockpuppet or slang for vest; A sock puppet or sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception

You’re floating!2 impractical or bragging

hands dance and feet trip3– dancing and gesticulating for joy

wade the river by grouping for stones4– to advance step by step, to feel one’s way around


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