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Chapter 56

Xue Jiayue hummed a song under her breath as she put down the bags she was carrying and opened her luggage then took out her pajamas before hopping into the bathroom and took a shower.

Xue Jiayue took a good hot bath in the bathroom and changed into a comfortable silk pajamas before coming out and did her skin care routine and finally lay down to sleep.

She don’t know whether it’s because she was not used to the bed or too excited but Xue Jiayue couldn’t sleep even after a long time.

Xue Jiayue could not sleep, remembering what Xu Yanwen said about Tang Xintian being a star and had shot two or three plays before she took out her phone and searched the internet for Tang Xintian’s plays.

After watching the “Emperor’s Policy” for the first ten minutes, Tang Xintian who just entered the palace was as fresh and tender as flowers on the branches.

Her acting skills were also very good, and every frown and smile was very charming.

Xue Jiayue thought it was really good, and suddenly wanted to share it so she sent Xu Yanwen a WeChat message.

Xu Yanwen just came out of the bathroom after taking a shower when he heard his phone ringing. He walked to the bed to picked up his phone and saw that it was a WeChat message from Xue Jiayue.

Jiayue: Sister Tang’s acting is so good, she also looked so beautiful in the drama. I like her very much thank you for your recommendation.

Xu Yanwen’s face became colder and his gaze deepen as he looked at his screen as if he wanted to scold the person who sent the message opposite through his phone.

His fingers darted on the phone screen and returned Xue Jaiyue’s WeChat.

Xue Jiayue clicked on WeChat icon and saw two cold words.

Xu Yanwen: Sleep now.

Just from these two words Xue Jiayue could see his cold face and icy tone, his face was clearly good looking but his personality was just too cold and icy.

She don’t know what came to her but Xue Jiayue suddenly felt funny and laugh at Xu Yanwen’s WeChat avatar.

It was late at night and Xue Jiayue didn’t want to disturb Xu Yanwen so she quit WeChat and watched another episode of the TV series before going to sleep.

At first Xue Jiayue couldn’t sleep but after watching for a while she felt her eyelids getting heavier and soon she fell asleep and began to dream.

Inside the dream Xue Jiayue seemed to feel that someone had gotten into her bed with his hands on her body.

His dark eyes gazing deeply at her leaning down his tall upright body and pressing against her and doing whatever he wanted to her.

She wanted to scream but unfortunately she could not, she wanted to push the person away but her hands had no strength and she simply could not push him she was instead clasp by the other party’s large hand directly and pressed her hand on top of her head which made it more convenient for him to do everything he wanted to do to her.

Xue Jiayue was muddled and drowsy as she fell deeper into her sleep and her strange dream. She didn’t know how long it lasted until she was almost exhausted, she seemed to hear a dull sound and the tall figure who was pressing her body had disappeared in an instant.

The feeling of bashfulness and suffocation suddenly disappeared then Xue Jiayue finally woke up.

The sky outside the window was still dark only those buildings in the distance flashing all kinds of lights were brightly lit up, Xue Jiayue reached out to touch the phone and looked at the time it was only one o’clock in the morning.

She only slept for an hour or so but she already have a weird spring dream like that and in that dreams she couldn’t see the other party’s face but remembered that pair of black cold eyes surprisingly like the pair of Xu Yanwen’s eyes…

Aiya, what is she thinking about!

Xue Jiayue promptly let herself stop in time, she dared not to think about anything in a mess. He was the male lead and she was just a cannon fodder so it was unrealistic to have ideas about him, she should have self-awareness.

Sleep, sleep, just go to sleep.

Xue Jiayue hurriedly rolled over and closed her eyes to continue sleeping.

But she didn’t sleep well enough and always felt that she was dreaming, there were all kinds of messy and strange pictures until she woke up in the morning. She felt she was more tired after sleeping but couldn’t remember what she had dreamed in her dream.

When she was eating breakfast, Xu Yanwe saw that she was sickly and in good spirit he asked her calmly.

“What time did you sleep yesterday? Did you stay up late again?”

“I didn’t, I went to bed early.”

Xue Jiayue replied.

“And still look like you’re not awake?”

“It’s not because of…”

Xue Jiayue instantly remembered the spring dream she had and couldn’t help but blushed, she hurriedly lowered her heard to eat her breakfast and was embarrassed to look at Xu Yanwen again.

Xu Yanwen however did not know this and stared at her unblinkingly then asked.

“What did you do?”

Xue Jiayue was getting crazy after being stared with sharp eyes, what should she say about such shameful dream?

Unfortunately even though she kept her head down and tried to avoid Xu Yanwen’s gaze the two of them were sitting face to face so it was inevitable that Xu Yanwen saw the scarlet flush on her face.

“Why is your face red?”

Xu Yanwen then looked at her dodging eyes again, which was even more suspicious. Seeing this he thought she had the impression of guilty conscience and became more and more sure that there was something she was hiding.

“I, I feel hot.”

Xue Jiayue turned her eyes and pointed to the hot milk in front of her and said to him.

“The milk is too hot, after drinking it I blushed.”

Xu Yanwen’s deep gaze feel on her, he slowly picked up the hot milk in front of him and drank it. The temperature was moderate, neither cold nor hot, the temperature was just right. Her lies were not made decently was what he thought.

Xue Jiayue kept her head down and didn’t dare to look directly at Xu Yanwen although she didn’t looked at Xu Yanwen but she was still very clear about what Xu Yanwen had done.

When Xu Yanwen picked up the cup to drink the milk she secretly protested no, in her mind she know very well that the reason she said could not fool the person in front of her and that made the fingers under the table tightened.

The moment Xu Yanwen finished drinking the milk and put down the cup, Xue Jiayue abruptly stood up and raised her head as she quickly said to Xu Yanwen across the room.

“I have an appointment with Sister Tang, I’ll leave first.”

Not waiting for Xu Yanwen to speak, Xue Jiayue grabbed her bag and walked out all the way of the restaurant without even looking back as she hurriedly fled as if there was a monster chasing behind her, and could not wait to escape with flying speed.

Xu Yanwen has been staring at Xue Jiayue out of the restaurant, there was no changes on his expression. He reached out and took another sip of the milk on the table, the milk was a little cold and the taste didn’t seem as strong as before—it was not good as before.

There was not much left milk in the cup, Xu Yanwen’s eyes gave swept a glance at the cup and simply lift the cup to drink all the milk in one gulped.

The empty cup was placed on the table, Xu Yanwen lifted his right wrist and looked at the time on the diamond watch it was not yet nine forty he clearly remembered that yesterday Xue Jiayue and Tag Xintian had an appointment to meet and 10:30.

Xu Yanwen’s gaze was slightly cold as he stood up from his chair and lifted his long legs to walk outside the restaurant.

Xue Jiayue walked out of the restaurant and walked a little further before stopping, reaching out to pat her thumping chest and taking a deep breath before he inner tension gradually calmed down.

When she calmed down, Xue Jiayue could now think normally and could not help but spit on herself. She was afraid of Xu Yanwen and ran because of the spring dream she had even though she had no feelings nor intentions towards him but she didn’t say it so he shouldn’t know about it!

But since she looked guilty not to mention the blushing, it was obvious that she had something to hide. And since Xu Yanwen was smart he would soon doubt her, and if he found out that she was not the original Xue Jiayue would he think she was a monster?

Ai ai, I don’t know.

Xue Jiayue felt it should be a big problem and couldn’t help but pray silently in her heart hoping that Xu Yanwen didn’t find anything so she won’t have any problems!

Xue Jiayue was apprehensively worried for a long time until Tang Xintian called her, the two met at a dating site. She put aside her thought about Xu Yanwen and accompanied Tang Xintian in a good mood as they tour around.

At this time they had just finished visiting a brand clothing store on street and came out of the store carrying bags with clothes they bought when they saw a man in his early 40s holding a young and thin girl.

They didn’t know what they were talking but the man suddenly showed cruelty as he shook his hand and slapped the girl and the latter directly fell on the ground. The man hit the girl again and as if not relieved he went forward and kicked the girl again and again and again.



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