Chapter 25(1)

Jiang Mian went to Qi Yanshu’s home, and went immediately to his refrigerator to get some of the ingredients then said to Qi Yanshu.

“Uncle Qi, wait I’ll bring them over to you when they’re ready.”

Qi Yanshu: “…..”

The door then was closed gently and Jiang Mian had left.

Qi Yanshu stood in the living room, because of Jiang Mian’s arrival the room noisy become a little lively was quiet again. A few seconds later, he came to the bathroom and took down the white cloth in front of him.

His face was reflected in the smooth mirror and after two months of conditioning his face he no longer looked sickly white.

Long eyelashes tremble lightly as if to open a slit, a moment later the eyes then decadently closed.

Or not.

Qi Yanshu raised his hand and used his fingertips to gently scrape on his eyelids then swirled as usual to take the white cloth and patch in front of his eyes.

On the other hand Jiang Mian was busy in the kitchen, she moves very fast as she prepares within three and half hours for three dishes and a soup then put them into a plate. She readily face the opposite side when her mobile phone rang, she picked it up and saw that it was her billionaire tyrant father.

Her billionaire tyrant father was still in United States and has not returned so Jiang Mian was a little surprised, according to the time difference between the two sides, US right now was still early in the morning and her billionaire tyrant father should be resting. But now that he was calling was there any urgent matter?

She was worried and quickly picked up the phone, her voice then sounded a bit worried.


“Mian Mian guess where Daddy is now!”

Jiang Mian was relieved to have such opening statement, which meant that the billionaire tyrant father was okay. She went along with his words.

“Where is it?”

Han Xu smiled.

“Open the door.”

At the same time the elevator dinged open, Han Xu who was dressed in a high-end custom suit walked out of the elevator surrounded by two bodyguards. His face looked very tired and there was a faint red bloodshot in his eyes.

Han Xu did not know Jiang Mian was filming in the mountain, he just returned from the United States and because of the time difference and since he was dealing with emergencies he had a little time to contact Jiang Mian.

It was hard to deal the US side of things, but of course the first thing that came back to his mind was to visit his baby daughter.

In order to give Jiang Mian a surprise, he did not talk to Jiang Mian in advance about his return and as soon as he got off the place he immediately rushed over just to see his baby daughter’s pretty little face at first sight after he returned home.

He stood in the doorway and glanced at the door of the room opposite—the Qi family was really shameless.

Since he knew that Qi Yanshu lived across Jiang Mian, Han Xu was trying to find a way to get Qi Yanshu to moved out and he did it secretly several times but it didn’t work so he had to stop.

This was done with Jiang Mian’s knowledge.

Jiang Mian hung up the phone and was confused for two seconds before she reacted and hurriedly took of her apron and quickly opened the door.


To her billionaire tyrant father, Jiang Mian offered a sweet smile,

“When did you come back, why did not tell me in advance?”

At the sight of her billionaire tyrant father’s reddened eyes, her brows furrowed.

“A surprise for my baby girl.”

Han Xu entered the door while the two bodyguards, one on the left and one on the right stood at the door like two door gods.

“Very good, not thin.”

Han Xu carefully looked at Jiang Mian, feeling that his baby daughter was more beautiful before he left and was nodding with satisfaction.

His nose twitched as he followed the fragrance and landed his eyes on the three dishes and soup laid out on the table—Han Xu who had been in a hurry had hardly eaten anything and his stomach rumbled when he smelled the aroma.

“Just in time, Daddy is hungry too so I’ll eat with you.”

As the Father and daughter sitting on dining chairs, Jiang Mian silently in her heat said sorry to Qi Yanshu. Her billionaire tyrant father came to see her right after the plane landed, he looked tired and hungry so of course she had to feed her father.

She hurriedly served her billionaire tyrant father, in which Han Xu took only two bites before his eyes lit up and said.

“Liu Ma’s cooking is getting better and better.”

Jiang Mian snort softly.

“What’s wrong?”

The billionaire tyrant father immediately put down his chopsticks and looked at his baby daughter nervously.

Jiang Mian: “Dad I made this myself.”

She thought she would get burst of praised from her billionaire tyrant father but unexpectedly Han Xu’s expression changed as he put down his bowl and looked cold.

“Mian Mian you tell dad, is Liu Lihua been stealing?”

Liu Ma’s full name was Liu Lihua.

Jiang Mian was bewildered.


“Daddy will immediately dismiss her and find you a new one.”

Han Xu cupped Jiang Mian’s hand and when he thought of his baby daughter actually doing the cooking herself his heart flared up.

Cooking was something he should do with the baby he holds in his heart!

Maybe it was because Liu Lihua has seen her daughter has become sensible so she began to show her true colors and let her daughter do things she shouldn’t be doing?!

He immediately pull up his phone angrily that’s when Jiang Mian came back to her senses, she don’t know whether to laugh or cry as she snatched his phone.

“Dad you misunderstood.”

Her heart warm up, just because she cook a meal her billionaire tyrant father already thinking so much. He loves her so much and was afraid that she would be wronged.

She didn’t even know how to response so she had to hold Han Xu’s arm.

“Usually when Liu Ma cooks I occasionally stand next to her and learn how to do it so sometimes I make my own food. It’s very fulfilling.”

“Dad, aren’t I great. I learned to cook after just a few glances.”

Han Xu’s tense body slowly relaxed.


Jiang Mian: “Of course it’s true.”

Han Xu turned instantly happy, as long as his daughter was not wronged. Looking at the dishes on the table, he felt that his baby daughter was good at everything.

“It’s okay to do it occasionally but you can’t do it by yourself all the time.”

He carefully inspected Jiang Mian’s hands.

“Otherwise your fingers will become rough and it would not be pretty anymore.”

Jiang Mian nodded obediently.

“Mian Mian.”

The billionaire tyrant father coughed lightly and asked as if inadvertently.

“Do the other few dads know you can cook?”

Jiang Mian hold back her smile.

The implicit meaning of this sentence was to ask if the other dads have eaten the food she cooked.

Since childhood, there has been no end to this question.

For example as a child if Jiang Mian shared her food with four dads each would asked whether other dad had been shared—if which dad was the first to be shared by Jiang Mian that certain dad would brag about it for days.

In short, the four dads were competing for their daughter in endless ways.

Her Taoist father has already eaten the rice she cooked but—

Jiang Mian shook her head and deliberately lowed her voice as if the father and daughter were sharing some secrets.

“Now you are the only one who knows dad.”

The smile at the corner of Han Xu’s mouth couldn’t stop expanding. Then he put the dishes again that was made by his baby daughter and took pictures with his phone, he also did not forget to take photo of themselves father and daughter and finally ate all the dishes in one breath.

The happiest thing in the world was to go back to his country despite being hungry he was able to see his daughter and then fill his stomach with the food cooked by his daughter~

Han Xu has not closed his eyes for more than twenty hours straight but after eating he still forced himself to talk to Jiang Mian.

“Dad, I’ll massage your shoulders.”

Not waiting for her billionaire tyrant father to refuse, Jiang Mian stood behind Han Xu and pinched the acupuncture points on his shoulders for him and injected spiritual power into his body.

Han Xu was worried about tiring his baby daughter’s hand and wanted to refuse however his eyelids fought up and down, and in less than a minute he leaned back on the sofa falling asleep.

Jiang Mian’s hand did not stop, she continued to massage Han Xu until after her own spiritual power that she pass through her father weakened did she stopped.

She wiped the beads of sweat that flowed from her forehead as she looked at the peacefully sleeping billionaire tyrant father and couldn’t help smiling.

After Jiang Mian took off Han Xu’s shoes for him, she gently lay him down the sofa then fetch a blanket to cover him. Jiang Mian then opened the door and let the two bodyguards find their own place to sleep as there was no need to guard here.

Jiang Mian went outside and quietly closed the door, going next door she rang the doorbell. Qi Yanshu opened the door sensing Jiang Mian touching her nose feeling guilty, she honestly said.

“Uncle Qi your meal is gone.”

Eaten up by my dad.

Thinking of how she took other people’s ingredients but it all went down to her billionaire tyrant father’s stomach Jiang Mian felt more guilty especially after noticing that Qi Yanshu didn’t eat the takeout he had earlier, clearly the other party was waiting for her.

But since she was bias with her father she didn’t mentioned anything to the other party but the more she thought about it the more embarrassed she was. She said.

“I’m sorry….. It’s not too late now yet so how about I invite you out to eat? I’ll make amends.”

Qi Yanshu: “No need, I’m not hungry.”

The more understanding he was the more embarrassed Jiang Mian was so she simply said.

“It’s decided I’ll go change!”

She did not wait for Qi Yanshu to refuse her again and went back to her house to change clothes. When she left she looked at her billionaire tyrant father who was sleeping soundly.

Worried that her father woke up midway Jiang Mian wrote a sticky note and stuck it on the sofa so the billionaire tyrant father could see it immediately when he opened his eyes.



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