ECM 44


Chapter 44

Xu Zhaixing thought about it for a long time, and felt that her ‘picking up the stars from the sky for you’ was the reason the cat was out the bag.

Her idol was so smart after knowing her name, he was able to linked the ID username and her name. What picking stars? She has already fallen off the horse!

When she left those messages she should have not said anything that would affect her image right? She was just praising the beauty of her beloved idol wasn’t she? And of course blowing rainbow farts? Well, it should not be a big deal!

Xu Zhaixing stammered.

“I….I accidentally saw your avatar and photo, only know that it was you….”

His blog was registered by the company after he signed up as a trainee and his avatar was a photo of his training days, which was also uploaded in the album so it was no surprise that she would find him.

Cen Feng didn’t think much.

He allowed her to approach him and did not realized that he was treating her much more leniently that he was treating the world.

The assembly bell rang once again, Xu Zhaixing hurriedly said.

“Brother, go back quickly!”

Cen Feng nodded his head turned around and walked inside, Xu Zhaixing reluctantly looked at his back when the phone on her pocket vibrated twice. She took it out and looked at it, it was an unfamiliar caller.

Xu Zhaixing picked up.


The voice of her idol came over the phone.

“Be safe on the road.”

She looked up and saw the back of her beloved idol walking and talking on the phone, her heart and liver were fluttering and she nodded haphazardly.

“Yeah, I know! Goodbye, brother!”

He had a few seconds of paused, then whispered.


Xu Zhaixing couldn’t allow herself to hang up the phone first from her idol, she held her phone and looked at the screen intending to let him hang up first. As a result after waiting for a while the call remained connected, Cen Fang had gone into the building and disappeared. She hesitated and take the phone back to her ear.


Cen Feng replied.


Xu Zhaixing was aggrieved.

“Why don’t you hang up the phone?”

Cen Feng: “….”

She didn’t know if he was laughing but his voice was a little lighter than before as he said.

“En, hang up now.”

“Un, goodbye brother!”

Only did he finally hang up the phone first.

She stared at the screen in daze for a while and when she recovered she hurriedly saved the phone number of her idol. When it comes to saving the name she was having a difficult time.

What was the best way to name it? She couldn’t directly save the name baby? Her parents would kill her if they saw this words, husband? Pah pah pah even more impossible. Then brother? But it feels so dull.

After being tangled for almost all afternoon, she finally had an idea and with a serious face she typed down two words: My cub.

The career mom fan must have the awareness of a career mom!

Xu Zhaixing went back happily with his notebook in her arms.

Outside the Crystal Pavilion, Zhao Jinjin was already packed up and waiting for her in the car. Xiao Xiao stood outside the car and saw Xu Zhaixing walking back with an aunt’s smile from afar and waved to her.

“Miss this way.”

Zhao Jinjin poked her head out of the car window and looked cautiously to make sure she was alone and that the young handsome man was not present, before she breathed a sigh of relief and pushed open the car door and jump down.

When Xu Zhaixing arrived, Zhao Jinjin stared at her and asked curiously.

“What are you smiling at?”

Xu Zhaixing: “Huh? Did I smile?”

Zhao Jinjin: “…..”

She saw the notebook she was holding tightly in her arms again and wondered.

“What is it?”

After asking, Xu Zhaixing turned her back and protected the notebook like she was protecting it like her calf.

“You can’t touch it!”

Zhao Jinjin: “…..”

She was really speechless.

“Okay, okay, I won’t touch it come up quickly!”

Xu Zhaixing climbed into the car, took her shoulder bag and properly put the notebook in like a baby gently patting and hugged the bag then giggled.

Zhao Jinjin now not surprised by her strange behavior and just asker her.

“How did you hook up that handsome boy again? I thought it was over, how did you– Did he agree to sign in Chen Xing?”

Xu Zhaixing gave her a disgusted look.

“You’re so noisy.”

Excuse me, I have better idea of exchanging my idol’s notebook.

Zhao Jinjin: “…..”

She snort and huffed then stopped talking.

Xu Yan went to have dinner with the executives of several other film and television production companies today to talk about the investment in the next drama and did not come to Xu Zhaixing’s exhibition. When Zhao Jinjin and her group arrived at Chen Xing he also just returned with his car.

The two cars just pulled up together, Zhao Jinjin got out of the car first with her mouth pouting so much that she could hang a bucket of water.

Xu Yan smiled as soon as he saw her like that.

“What’s wrong?”

Zhao Jinjin aggrieved.

“Miss said I was noisy.”

Xu Yan: “You were really very noisy.”

Zhao Jinjin: “???”

What’s wrong with your family?!

When Xu Zhaixing came down with a giggle while hugging her shoulder bag, Zhao Jinjin had already run away in a huff. When she saw Xu Yan her eyes lit up and ran over happily.

“Brother, you’re back? How was your talk?”

Xu Yan walked inside with her.

“Four points.”

Xu Zhaixing gave a thumbs up.

“Not bad, it’s a point higher than before.”

She looked around.

“Hey, where’s sister Jinjin?”

Xu Yan said.

“Pissed off by you.”

Xu Zhaixing: “….I provoked her?”

She put the shoulder bag on her back.

“I even arranged so many people to take her beautiful photos and later post it to help her occupy Tianya Club1, hump!”

Xu Yan looked helpless.

“This kind of thing can be handed over to the publicity and development department, why do it yourself?”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“I’ll study and learn in advance.”

As soon as she got out of the elevator, Xu Zhaixing ran to the publicity department. The picture of Zhao Jinjin taken by the professional camera she arranged has been refined and transmitted to major platforms of the other networks.

This kind of water army marketing were contacted outside by professional posting company, the publicity department just mainly supervise and command. Xu Zhaixing sat in front of the computer and logged into Tianya, after refreshing for a while the post with Zhao Jinjin’s beautiful picture became popular.

–Amazing! National first love is flying again, a panoramic view of the beautiful Zhao Jinijin.

–818: Zhao Jinjin’s fashion resources are also too good, the Chan Juan’s designer and the royal model, I admire my goddess.

–Rational Discussion: Is the most beautiful model in today’s show is Zhao Jinjin?

–Ahhhh Zhao Jinjin is too good looking! Friends took a lot of raw pictures and posted them for you to see!

–No tear, from newcomer to fashion star, from drag queen to popular star. What did Zhao Jinjin go through?

–Is Zhao Jinjin’s route to fame unrepeatable?

Some post were arranged by the PR team while other were made by passerby who saw them and participated in the discussion with the intention of using this Chan Juan show to raise the curry for Zhao Jinjin. She now has the national popularity so the next moved was to upgrade her position.

Xu Yan gave her more than the national first love position but also the film empress.

Although Xu Zhaixing has the foresight from the future, she admires Xu Yan in this aspect of packing and marketing his artist.

She couldn’t help but start to fantasize about how great it would be if she could take her idol and let him manage him.

Forget it, I’ll study hard now, watch and learn then wait for his debut so that I can personally help my idol!

Xu Zhaixing was satisfied with her noble aspirations.

After the Chan Juan show, Zhao Jinjin’s fame and position in the heart of netizens and her fans made a qualitative leap. And from what Xu Yan said the next drama she’s going to take on has changed from the previous idol drama to main drama, though it was just from a small production but one day time would come she would soon get projects from big productions.

Xu Zhaixing returned to S City, after taking the final exams she only had half month vacation then officially enter the senior year after. Father Xu and Mother Xu including the school teacher advised her not to take any more school leave to prepare for the college entrance exam in peace.

Fortunately she has finished drawing the design draft of the four season series before and the works displayed on Chan Juan show were enough to cope with the empty window in the store for the next year. The organizer also understands and promised to run Chan Juan for her this year.

Xu Zhaixing was a person who has already experience college entrance examination, although she has long forgotten the questions on each subject she still has good grades and a stable state of mind in this life. And compared to the people around her, she was the most relaxed one.

In addition to studying, there was still time to care about the events happening in the entertainment industry.

For example, Weibo was official launched.

In fact there have been artist who have contacted Chen Xing for a long time to make a joint promotion, stars enter the weibo to drive fans and influence passersby.

Xu Zhaixing greeted Xu Yan early on.

“Go! Hurry up and go! You must go! Register early and take root early! We will then be the hot search of the future!”

Xu Yan: “…”

So the artist of Chen Xing were the first group of celebrities to sign up for Weibo.

On that same day also, Chen Xing Entertainment launched their official Weibo, the official blog of each artist’s support club and of course there were also fans’ spontaneous support organization though all of these support group were still in Tianya forum but Xu Zhaixing knows that they would move to weibo soon.

It’s too early to talk about anti-fans support team so she didn’t mention it for the time being. She just reminded Xu Yan to register everything that should be registered and verified every account.

Of course she was not idle herself, after her username ID ‘picking up the stars from the sky for you’ was exposed she registered another account that could no longer be found out by her idol and was called if you turn into the wind.2

No matter how ordinary the user ID was it should be at least related to her idol since this was the principal of star chasers like herself.

With a large number of celebrities stationed on Weibo more and more people were paying attention to this new online media platform. Students around Xu Zhaixing have abandoned their blogs and have switched to weibo one after another.

This time Xu Zhaixing didn’t hide her username ID and generously handed her ID, Cheng You became the first person who followed her in weibo and since Xu Zhaixing was famous in their school after her ID spread she gained more than 500 followers overnight.

Cheng You looked at her poor forty-six followers and looked at Xu Zhaixing enviously.

“Zhaixing, you have a lot of followers ah.”

Xu Zhaixing: “It’s okay, Zha lang2 will send you zombie followers4 in the future and you will never be able to clear them. Cherish the moment, what you have right now are real followers.”

Cheng You: “…”

How do you know so much?

Xu Zhaixing ignored her and took her phone and secretly hide the trumpet on the top of her account. In fact she did not hold hope for Cen Feng to register on Weibo after all he has not yet debuted and according to the character of her idol it was unlikely for him to register.

But she still searched his name and did not expect to actually have results.

The ID username was Cen Feng and the avatar was the previous avatar on his blog and the verification was “Zhongtian Trainee.”

Looking at this familiar ID plus the avatar with V on it, Xu Zhaixing eyes were hot. Instantly like being pulled back to the past of daily messages, making it as if her diary and of course looking forward to his next post.

There were more than two thousand followers following him but it should be fans bought by Zhongtian, after checking Xu Zhaixing quickly focused on the trumpet and then poked it into the front page of her idol’s weibo.

He hasn’t posted yet.

With his thousand followers he only just follow two individuals.

Xu Zhaixing curiously tapped into his follow list.

The first was Zhongtian Entertainment.

The next one….


Picking up the stars from the sky for you?

Isn’t this me?


Tianya Club1– Tianya Club is one of the most popular Internet forums in China. As of 2015, it is ranked by Alexa as the 11th most visited site in the People’s Republic of China and 60th overall.

‘picking up the stars from the sky for you’ and if you turn into the wind.2– Zhaixing name mean is picking star so basically it was Cen Feng’s clue, and for the second one it was the meaning of Cen Feng’s name

Zha lang3- Zhalang [zhā làng] is the title of Sina video by the netizens of station A and B. The reason is that the uploader used the external link and the submission has been reviewed by Sina many times but has been deleted for no reason, making the UP host crazy, and there will be " The definition of "Zhan Zhalang" is also described as an irresponsible performance by Sina
zombie followers4- generally refer to fake fans on Weibo, Baidu Tieba, and WeChat


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