RB80’s: VMRHCD 9


Chapter 9- Rich

Jiang Ran returned to her room and walked to the table by the window and sat down.

A red plastic mirror was placed on the table and picture of Hong Kong-style actress was pasted on the back.

Jiang Ran looked at the back for a while then turned the mirror upside down, wanting to see how she looks now.

The mirror was bought by the original owner but the original owner didn’t take much care of it.

Jiang Ran got the original owner’s memory but still don’t quite know what she looks like now.

Pei Jing that little guy was so good looking, certainly because of good genetics she as a mother would certainly not look bad right?

With this thought Jiang Ran tensely looked at herself in the mirror.

A fat and oily face that was full of pimples.

Because there was so much flesh on her face that her facial features have been squeezed into a ball.

The eyes were thin and long, the nose was small that she couldn’t even see the bridge of her nose.

The mouth was not so big, and there was not much blood in it.

Suddenly seeing this face in the mirror, Jiang Ran’s first reaction was: This is not me! This is definitely not me!

But no matter how reluctant Jiang Ran to admit, the person in the mirror was indeed her.

Jiang Ran sighed several time before picking up the mirror again and seriously looking at her current face.

Because she was too fat, her face was also so oily.

As for the pimple, since she was too fat it was inevitable and there was also endocrine as one of the reasons.

After Jiang Ran took her pulse, she discovered that although the original owner looked fat her body was actually very weak.

Especially since she was too fat, the load on the bones and internal organs was great.

If this continues, it would not only affect her health but also her life span.

Jiang Ran already died once, and now she just want to live well so she need to lose weight and seasoning should be carried out at the same time.

It was said that a skillful woman couldn’t make bricks without rice, so no matter how good Jiang Ran’s medical skill were it was useless without medicine.

Their village was not far from the county, it would take one hour by walking.

It’s just that, what about the money for medicine?

She would ask Pei father and mother?

Regardless if they would give it or not, Jiang Ran couldn’t open her mouth in the first place.

Although Jiang Ran was now using the original owner’s body she doesn’t have the original body’s character.

Thinking about it, Jiang Ran smiled.

The original owner was rich ah!

After carefully thinking back, Jiang Ran then remembered where the original owner put the money.

She took off the red rope hanging on her neck with a key on it.

This key opens to a small drawer above this very table.

The drawer opens, and there was only one box inside.

And the box, contained the original owner’s money.

To be exact, it was the money that the male lead has sent to her over the past four years

Two months after the male lead left, he sent money to his family.

Since then, he has sent money back every month for four years.

As the time passed by, the amount of money sent back increased.

And this money was all in the hand of the original owner.

The original was so happy that she bought some food, cloth to make clothes and shoes.

There was also the mirror sitting on the table which the original owner bought back.

Even after buying it, the original owner used it only once and left it on the table for the dust to accumulate and not letting the rest of the family touch it.

Thinking about this, Jiang Ran really does not know what to say.

The male lead was the son of the Pei family, he was promising, capable and sends money to his family hoping that the family could live a little more comfortable.

But the original thought otherwise, as all the money was firmly in her hands and doesn’t even give half of it to the family.

Jiang Ran did not continue to think about it, and just took out the money and counted it carefully.

(End of Chapter)


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