Chapter 5

The people in the restaurant were mingling and whispering making a buzzing sound.

The attention was focused on Mo Lanqing who was eager to prove his innocence and Tian Wanwan who appeared behind him as the suspected snogging woman.

Tian Wanwan on the other hand was trying to digest the news she just heard but basically she doesn’t believe what the white faced boy had said. The reason was that she and Mo Lanqing’s secret relationship did not start a day or two, if Mo Lanqing was gay she could have not noticed it at all.

“Women now look pretty well but why are they so casual on their relationship?”

“Why don’t you want a free meal ticket if you have one?”

“It’s not the wife, is it?”

“Homosexuality is disgusting and it makes you lose your appetite.”

“Hey you can’t say that whether same or opposite sex, people shouldn’t be denigrated who they love but it’s a different story when it comes to illegal morals.”

The voices in the restaurant were not deliberately light and some of the female customers deliberately said to the parties concerned. Tian Wanwan felt ashamed of herself for a while and couldn’t help but pull down the brim of her hat on her head and pluck her long hair to cover half of her face. At that same time reason had forced her to quickly calm down and could not let Mo Lanqing detect a trace of her hesitation otherwise she would likely lose this high branch.

The little white face boy covered his face as if felt a great betrayal, he picked up a bucket of ice for the pre dinner wine on the table and “clattered” a whole bucket of broken ice on Mo Lanqing’s head.

Mo Lanqing rushed to protect Tian Wanwan’s head and shouted.

“Where is the manager? Restaurant manager! Security!”

As soon as the little white boy finished pouring in the whole restaurant into a messy atmosphere, he covered his face and as if the sole of his feet was smeared with oil he completely disappeared but not forgetting the look of sadness as he helplessly looked into this pair of man and woman.

Yun Xiuyao couldn’t help but clap her hands and sigh quietly.

“Knowing how to advance and retreat to be able to get out, so convincing indeed.”

The restaurant manager who came late apologized while bending down and wiping the water stains for Mo Lanqing. Mo Lanqing wanted to avoid it again and restaurant manager waned to fully demonstrate his apology and between pushing and shoving he accidentally knocked Mo Lanqing’s hat off.

The air froze for a moment.

Yun Xiuyao hid behind the crowd and shouted loudly.

“Hey? Isn’t this Mo Lanqing, the Mo family’s soon-to-be betrothed? Then next to him should be his fiancée, Miss Tang.”

The crowed began to roar again, no longer whispering as they chattered before.

This restaurant was not the common restaurant that anyone could dine in, there was no shortage of wealthy people coming in to dine.

Some of those who have some little friendship with the Mo family helped to excused.

“So it is the Mo family’s son, then just now must be a mistake.”

“Yeah, yeah with the hat and glasses, he probably got the wrong person.”

Some people were acquainted with Tang Xinyu at this time and seeing Tian Wanwan standing beside Mo Lanqing, the tone became playful.

“The one next to him doesn’t look like Miss Tang. Miss Tang is prettier.”

“No? I thought it was his girlfriend, judging from how he hurriedly explain just now I thought it was his girlfriend.”

“Then this is…”

The surrounding finger were pointing at Tian Wanwan made her stand on her back, although she was not a lady in a rich family she was also still a jade in a small family. How could she suffer this kind of humiliation? It made her wish she never had stepped into this restaurant today.

Tian Wanwan pulled her hat and lowered her head, she then tugged Mo Lanqing’s sleeve.

“Lanqing let’s go there’s still work to be done.”

Yun Xiuyao pressed her Bluetooth.

“Xinyu where are you? It’s your turn to go on, right?”

Tang Xinyu had already walked to the door of the restaurant.

“Here it is.”

With that, she took off her Bluetooth and put it back into her bag, pushing open the translucent glass door.

Tian Wanwan pulled Mo Lanqing’s sleeve and hurried through the crowd towards the door of the restaurant and directly met with Tang Xinyu who has just entered.

Tian Wanwan’s face was pale as she let go of Mo Lanqing like an electric shock, stammering.

“Xinxin why are you here?”

As soon as the melon eaters who were about to disperse hear the nickname “Xinxin”, they immediately released their gossip radar to capture and refocused their attention to the door of the restaurant and almost sat in a row with a small bench. After all this was a rare rollover scene, how could they miss it? Who make the lives of the wealthy madam so boring?

The rumored Miss Tang of the Tang family was smiling naturally without losing the style of a lady of the house.

Tang Xinyu: “I’ve asked someone to come here for dinner. Lanqing? What a coincidence? Uh, what’s wrong with you guys?”

Tang Xinyu pointed her finger at the two people’s wet hair and lapel, showing just the right amount of surprise and confusion. Yun Xiuyao still hidden in the crowed was laughing, compared to the little white face boy’s acting skills Tang Xinyu could be called as the queen of film.

Mo Lanqing daintily stoked the tips of his hair on his forehead and explained.

“Alas, I wanted to give you a surprised but now you’ve found out.”

The crowd: Oh? You mean a surprise? Not a scare?

Tian Wanwan was worthy of having been dating Mo Lanqing secretly for a long time as she immediately reacted and said with apologetic smile.

“Tiantian, Lanqin today wanted to choose your engagement ring so he ask me out to consult your preference. I just met a madman in the restaurant who recognized the wrong person and had a little accident. We are going back.”

The crowd: Huh? There is this kind of scenario?

Tang Xinyu looked at Mo Lanqing with a serious expression.

“Lanqing, we are getting married and you still can’t figure out my preferences, you should be punished.”

Mo Lanqing’s throat that was tightly choked suddenly relaxed and was playful as he pull Tang Xinyu’s hand.

“Is the punishment for us is to go back then I will let madam do as she pleases?”

Tang Xinyu’s face was slowly approached Mo Lanqing forcing the latter to feel a little guilty and could not help but tilt back slightly. Tang Xinyu’s sight fell on the corner of Mo Lanqing’s mouth, her gaze condensed.

“Are you stealing food behind my back?”

The melon eating crowd: Ah! It’s going to tear!

Mo Lanqing’s brain was blank, the first reaction was not shame but what about the Mo family’s property?

Tang Xinyu suddenly smiled and took out a wet tissue and wiped the corner of Mo Lanqing’s mouth showing him the traces of cream on the wet tissue.

Tang Xinyu pouted.

“You stole my favorite cherry cake behind my back and didn’t wipe your mouth clean, aren’t you just waiting for me to catch you?”

Mo Laqing stiffly lifted his finger to wipe his mouth.

“Oh, I purposely came over to bring you one back but I didn’t expect an accident in the middle.”

Tang Xinyu said with concern.

“It’s okay, I’m here anyway if you guys are wet go back first, the spring chill is still cold don’t catch a cold. Send Wanwan back first, she is a girl, you have to be a gentleman.”

Mo Lanqing: “Xinxin you have to trust me.”

Tang Xinyu smiled lightly.

“You are my fiancé, I naturally trust you.”

The melon eating crowd: Ha! The pants are off and the show is this!

The restaurant resumed its normal order and Tang Xinyu and Yun Xiuyao sat on the corner and started to order their food.

Yun Xiuyao looked at the video recorded on her phone.

“You just let them go?”

Tang Xinyu seriously flipped through the pages of the menu and responded carelessly.

“Did you get a picture of them making out with each other? Or did you catch them getting intertwined?”

Yun Xiuyao was speechless.

Tang Xinyu: “If the most direct evidence is not captured, how can we ensure that we hit them fatally and heavily without the power to fight back?”

Tang Xinyu looked fixedly at Yun Xiuyao: “If I strike, I must nail them to death on the rack of shame and never to be able to turn back.”

Tang Xinyu’s gaze made Yun Xiyuao’s heart shivered for a second, but the next second she was smiling and gesturing for the waiter to order. This friend of her doesn’t seem to be quite the same, Yun Xiuyao concluded.

Yun Xiuyao: “So we did it for nothing today?”

Tang Xinyu lost her smile.

“How can you do it for nothing? You are in the media industry, you should know better than outsiders the power of three people talking makes a tiger1. There are so many wealthy madam present today, there will certainly be a whole lot of gossip coming out when they get back and the Mo family will give me even more secret compensation. Besides, don’t you think it would be interesting to watch the two of them spend their days in fear and trepidation with the grass on their backs2?”

Yun Xiuyao applauded.

“Dare you treat them as caged prey for mental torture? Ha! The nastier they are the more innocent and flawless you appear, so you are the white lotus flower!”

Tang Xinyue smiled lightly.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Yun Xiuyao hesitated before she said.

“What are you going to do about the conditions that Mo Shao just proposed to you?”

Seeing Tang Xinyu fall into contemplation, Yun Xiuyao couldn’t help but say more.

“Mo Shao is indeed very capable, but it’s impossible for the Mo family to let crippled person be the one in charge. Can you guarantee that the conditions offered to you by Mo Shao will be honored?”

Tang Xinyu: “There is no shortage of variable in everything in the law of the jungle.”

Yun Xiuyao: “You wouldn’t be fooled by that face of Mo Shao, although he was awarded the first place of the most “I wanted to sleep with” in the city but that was before the car accident.”

Tang Xinyu laugh out loud.

“There is actually such ranking?”

Yun Xiuyao shrugged.

“Food and sex.”

The farce in the restaurant this day inevitably reached the ears of Mo Yifan.

When Li Vincent was reporting he kept an eye and paid more attention to Miss Tang’s affairs. Seeing Mo Yifan’s interesting appearance, he immediately felt that he was right.

Li Vincent took advantage of Mo Yifan’s good mood and said.

“Mo Shao, I search for these gossips like a long-winded woman.”

Mo Yifan didn’t even raised his head and threw out a concise sentence.


Li Vincent decided at this moment to be more attentive to Miss Tang in the future, for the sake of red bills.

Mo Yifan: “What’s the movement on Mo Lanqing’s side?”

Li Vincent: “Recently he has been hiding at home like a quail after being disciplined by third Madam but I heard that Mo Lanqing ordered someone to check the surveillance video of the mall that day.”

Li Vincent: “It’s to find out the person who caused the trouble that day, right?”

Li Vincent: “Mo Shao, we…”

Mo Yifan sigh faintly swept over the green orchid on the windowsill.

“It’s unreasonable not “help” relatives.”

Li Vincent understood.

“Okay, I’ll get it done.”

Li Vincent of course clearly knows that Mo Yifan’s help was that, he would make Mo Lanqing unable to find the trace of the troublemaker.


This would also allow Miss Tang to owe a favor to Mo Shao.

Two birds with one stone.


three people talking makes a tiger1– repeated rumor becomes fact

grass on their backs2– to panic and treat everyone as an enemy to feel beleaguered


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