IRBB90’S 1



Chapter 1

“Is Weiwei awake yet? I say, Yumei what happened last night? The child was fine, why did she fall into the river?”

“Guiha, it’s reasonable to say that this family’s ugliness should not publicized but last night she fell into to the river and the whole village followed to watch the show! This has been spread all over the village now so I won’t hide it from you, alas! Since her husband is gone she can’t sit still and often look at this and that we won’t even know when she’ll met a man in the next village and eloped . Tell me, is this what a mother should do? Packing her things and eloped with an unknown man! Such immoral woman! This mother-in-law’s face has been lost by her!”

Zhang Guiha glanced at the woman on the bed, both of them were rural people. They work in the fields every day, her skin was dark and rough but Su Weiwei’s face was still pink and tender, at first glance she looked like a woman from a city with a pampered life. Such delicate daughter-in-law was young but her husband died and there was no other means for livelihood in the family. She was a young woman who lives with her child, it was not easy to be a woman who has to feed her husband’s six young siblings and child.

Apart from other things, she saw Su Weiwei going to the field every morning at four o’clock to plant. There were more than ten acres of land at home were waiting to be planted but if she couldn’t beat this hardship how could Su Weiwei who was still young?

She sighed when she saw Su Weiwei’s eyelids move, she hurriedly went.

“Weiwei you’re awake? Is there any discomfort?”

Su Weiwei looked the woman’s unfamiliar face and subconsciously frowned.

“You are?”

“Weiwei, I am aunt Guihua. You child did you fall into the water and damage your head? How come you don’t even recognized people anymore?”

Zhang Guihua wiped her tears.

“Su Weiwei what are you pretending for? Are you trying to fake amnesia to get past this? I’m telling you the Liang family can’t tolerate a daughter-in-law like you! If you don’t want to live this life anymore I’m going to ask your parents to give a statement!”

The old woman in front of her was very thin but her eyes were fierce, she obviously has ill intentions. Listening to her tone this old woman was Su Weiwei’s mother-in-law? But the problem was that although her name was Su Weiwei she lives in a big city. Last night because of moving into a new home she and her friends celebrate with few glasses of red wine and got drunk but no matter how drunk she was she wouldn’t have this kind of hallucinations.

A damage house, a fierce mother-in-law and a difficult situation of running away with someone—none of it was hers.

Su Weiwie closed her eyes to let it all pass but when she opened her eyes again everything in front of her was still there, she was not dreaming.

“Aunt Guihua?”

Su Weiwei called out softly.

Zhang Guihua sighed.

“Do you remember? You child, if you really want to elope there is no need to jump into the river ah, what will Cheng Cheng do if you die too?”

Cheng Cheng? Was it her child? Why does this name sound familiar?

Su Weiwei closed her eyes.

“Aunt Guihua things are not what you think.”

“What do you mean?”

Liu Yumei stepped forward and poured all her words like a machine gun.

“Do not think I don’t know, your man has only been dead for how long? You woman could not stand loneliness, you just went outside to hook up? I have seen the letter, the letter called you to elope last night, you say, your wild man is from the next village Qi Yuanxin? I’ve see you guys several times.”

Qi Yuanxin? Why does this name sound so familiar? Together with Cheng Cheng just now…

“Liu Yumei?”

“What’s the point of shouting my name? Your mother-in-laws name is not something you can shout!”

Liu Yumei gave a fierce glare.

Cheng Cheng, Qi Yuanxin, Su Weiwei, Liu Yumei…Su Weiwei narrowed her eyes and covered up the stormy waves in her eyes. She never thought that when she wake up she would cross over in a novel and became the villain of the same name in this era.

Last night when Su Weiwei finished drinking wine and taking a bath, she opened jinjiang1 to read novel. She casually opened a story called “Happy Life in 90’s. The slag female lead and the male lead met under the arrangement of the female slag lead’s father, the female lead was the typical fair-skin, rich and beautiful lady in short miss perfect who was also arrogant and simply do not see eye to eye with the male lead at all. The male lead was not sure if he was ever in love or if he was married because he has lost his memory so he didn’t agree to marry someone until the male lead found clues related to his life before amnesia and learned that his wife in the countryside had eloped with someone. They got married after knowing the truth at the request of the female lead’s father, after the marriage the male lead brought his son Cheng Cheng to the city but the female lead do not want to be a step-mother. The female lead treated Cheng Cheng badly and often sneers, she doesn’t even treat the male lead’s siblings when they visited the city well. In her opinion those people were money sucking people so naturally she doesn’t have a good face as a sister-in-law.

The female lead has another lover, she cheated again and again after the marriage. The male lead on the other hand has been patient but the female lead was stubborn, she didn’t wake up until she was abandoned by her cheating lover after the divorce.

Only when the female lead dies that she knew about her husband, the man that she always despised was one of the best in China. That’s not all, his son Cheng Cheng turned into an international painter, even the money sucking siblings were also one of the best figures in the industry. In the end, she was the most miserable person who had always regarded herself highly.

She died alone, the man who cheated on her refused to see her off but the ex-husband who she neglected was the one who took care of her funeral.

The female lead was remorseful, hating herself for loving the wrong person and also hating herself for being cold and violent towards the male lead’s son Cheng Cheng and that she had no eyes and didn’t see that her ex-husband was a big man.

The female lead’s life was really a failure, but she was the female lead! All the above first chapters on the story was meant to be rewritten. The female lead was reborn after her death, when she woke up she went back to the early 1990’s and after a million of words it was then told how the female lead kicked off her boyfriend and pursue her ex-husband. In this life she grasped the opportunity, she vowed that she would not be as stupid as in her previous life. More importantly she would kick the scum man and live a good life with her ex-husband.

The female lead went back to the past and got rid of her scum boyfriend and attitude to pursue her honest rich husband and embarked on the peak of life—all of these was reasonable to say that it has nothing to do with Su Weiwei. But Su Weiwei now was the ex-wife, the woman who eloped with other man that was briefly mentioned on the previous chapters. To be exact “the ex-wife who eloped with other shortly after her husband died” was the description of her and never knew that her husband just lost his memory and was still living in the corner of the world making a lot of money!

The life of the spouse was similar to the female lead, it was nothing more than bad decision making. She stepped in and regretted eloping, after many years later when she learned that her husband was not dead the unwillingness and discontent in her heart magnified.

Unfortunately villains were villain, they don’t have the same opportunity of rebirth like the female lead so the villain could only watch the female lead and male lead live happily together while she die miserably..

To why Su Weiwei crossed over, she think it’s because she commented on the story when she first read it.

Netizen Su Weiwei comments: Happy Life in the 90’s score from 0 to 9, scores -2

[Sorry author the novel was very well written but the man’s ex-wife and I have the same name, I know it’s just a story but bye, if fate allows let’s see each other again!

[1F] netizen: Wei Mo Posted: X month, X day, 201X

[Poster, warning you may crossed over the novel!]

[2F] netizen: Dei Lan Posted: X month, X day, 201X

[Crossing over, warning!]

[3F] netizens: 365032434443 Posted: X month, X day, 201X

[Sister be cautious, you might cross over!]

[If you really cross over, remember to come back and say it!]

[4F] netizen: Genki Girl Posted: X month, X day, 201X

[If you want to cross over, you need to cross over as the female lead or the villain ex wife but you must be careful.]

[5F] Author’s reply.

[Guide to novel, those who give negative score must cross over as the villain!]

The great god in the book testifies! Su Weiwei only got the wrong score because she was trembling after taking a bath, but because of this reason she was cursed by the author to cross over and she really did. Wasn’t it to wonderful? These days the author could milk whoever crosses over if they wanted to?

Su Weiwei shivered, before she crossed over she just bought the fifth house in her life. Once she crossed over she returned to the time before liberation and crossed over as the scum wife, Su Weiwei the widow? Sister-in-law? Although her now future son and siblings-in-law were big men it would still take time to hold their thighs, that life was from her. It she could she would rather continue being a single rich woman so that if she was in a bad mood she could just go to Turkey to ride a hot air balloon or go to South Pole to see penguins, or Madrid to soak her feet, London to feed pigeons and or to Iceland to see aurora borealis.

Instead she became a young widow of the nineties!


Well she need to face the current predicament now, after Su Weiwei eloped she accidentally fell into the water. According to the plot, Liu Yumei would beat and scold Su Weiwei and made her unable to lift her head in the village.

Qi Yuanxin was not a good partner, in fact the elopement was in the first place impossible. In addition when Su Weiwei was reading this novel, she especially didn’t like the author’s settings. She had read a lot of novels of slag heroine, she liked them very much and could accept their character setting but she really didn’t like the female lead’s description of the male lead, emphasizing that her ex-husband was honest, virtuous, good character, low-key and rich because he came from the countryside. He cherishes his past and never fooled around outside, even after the divorce he didn’t find another woman. So the female lead thought that the male lead still loved her and made up her mind to catch up with her [honest] ex-husband. Su Weiwei didn’t like the word “honest”, this kind of irony that describes the male lead was he really deserving as the female lead’s male lead?

But whether she liked it or not, it was not easy for the author to write the novel so she didn’t force her idea but since perhaps because she has the same name as the villain she always felt that it was not fair. Although Su Weiwei eloped with another man, she still felt sad after receiving the news that her husband died so to say the least her situation was a little better than the female lead so why was the female lead given a chance to be reborn while the ex-wife suppressed by the female lead. Now that Su Weiwei has really crossed over, would she allow the son, the brothers and sisters of her now husband to be easily snatched away?

As a reader the one thing she wanted to do was to stay in this position and not leave, that was not to elope! Nor divorce! After all it should be fair this way!

If her husband insist on staying with the female lead then she would take her son with her.

If she wants to continue to stay in the village her reputation must be retained, thinking about this Su Weiwei lowered her head as she wiped her unnecessary tears and howled.

“Aunt Guihua, my heart is hurts…..”





jinjiang1– website, (it’s a legit website by the way)


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