Chapter 166

Gao Tian didn’t have much impression of Zhou Wenlian before, she only knew that he once played one of the leading role in Chun Huashan.

Fu Zhen may have invited him to play the second male because of his former friendship, but she did not expect for him to be a doctor.

Heaven knows how difficult it was get PhD in Southern Electric.

Fu Zhen gave sound and urged Gao Tian.

“Go quickly.”

Gao Tian’s character was very good, one of her biggest problem was that she couldn’t let go when filming as she always hope that she would always be beautiful in from of the camera.

Therefore no matter what emotion she shows it would always be just staring and pouting, which look like she was selling cuteness.

Fu Zhen sat in front of the monitor with a walkie talkie, for more than three years he finally came to this position again.

Although he had read the past professional books again during his pregnancy and was familiar with the operation of these machines he was still very excited at this time.

“It’s about to start, all departments get ready.”

His voice was transmitted to every corner of the crew through the intercom.

“All actors in position!”

“Cameras in position!”

“Eleven scenes, and take one. Action!”


The shooting of <<White Castle>> began in full swing, and there were often paparazzi  in the vicinity of the production.

Fu Zhen thought they were going to secretly photographed Gao Tian, so he reminded Gao Tian and the latter to be careful.

And did not know that they were actually preparing to catch him as evidence of Jiang Hengshu’s male mistress.

On the other hand, Tang Wanwan’s system finally woke up today. After learning about Tang Wanwan’s situation during this period, the system looked at the empty achievement bar and gave a cold sigh.

It said to Tang Wanwan.

“You can only borrow achievement value from outside now, are you willing?”

Tang Wanwan didn’t even think and left to answer.

“I do!”

So today Qin Zhao came back with a good news for her.

“Hollywood invited you to participate in the filming of “The Lady”, do you want to go?”

Tang Wanwan knew her life was to going back to its peak again so she was lying lazily on the bed brushing gossips. Hearing Qin Zhao’s words she suddenly raised her head and looked Qin Zhao.

“Is it true?”


Qin Zhao nodded to Tang Wanwan.

Tang Wanwan got up from bed with a start and hugged Qin Zhao as she grinned.

“Great, great, thank you dear.”

The opportunity to turn over herself had really come.

“Wanwan, I…..”

Qin Zhao wanted to talk to Tang Wanwan, if the latter really wanted to go to Hollywood to participate in the shooting “The Lady” then that means they wouldn’t be seeing each other for a long time.

Qin Zhao wanted to ask Tang Wanawan whether she could not go but he knows that Tang Wanwan would refused him.

This sentence would only hurt the feeling between the two people, so Qin Zhao finally choked this sentence in his stomach.

Madam Qin found that today’s Tang Wanwan seemed to be pleasing to her eyes, she was even happy for her when she learned that she was going to Hollywood to make a film.

But in Tang Wanwan’s eyes, she felt that Madam Qin was too snobbish.

After confirming that she really received the invitation from Hollywood, Tang Wanwan immediately found various media to release the news and soon ranked first in the weibo hot search list.

The majority of the netizens wanted to scold Hollywood for being blind, that was what on their mind before clicking the hot search.

However after clicking into the hot search, they suddenly felt that Tang Wanan was not as disgusting as in the previous period and looked a little better the longer they looked at her.

It was a happy thing that her acting skills could be recognized by Hollywood, so their fingers uncontrollably sent blessing on the weibo.

Tang Wanwan’s situation turned around like this, and this was like a confirmation that she had really returned to the situation where everything goes her way.

No one would refused her anything in anything she wanted, when Tang Wanwan realized this she immediately drove to the Fu’s house and asked to see Fu Jianchen.

She stood in front of Fu Jianchen and asked him softly.

“Dad, you still love me don’t you?”

Fu Jianchen stared at Tang Wanwan’s eyes for a while, his heart gave birth to infinite desire to bring Tang Wanwan back to the Fu family and give all his wealth to Tang Wanwan.

But he immediately thought of his poor child, he had been driven out of the house in the snow and wind, in this cold world alone and has walked alone for so long but finally gained some little warmth.

He didn’t want to cause him any harm anymore.

In order to restrain this inexplicable impulse, Fu Jianchen’s hand gripped the armrest of the chair tightly making the bruise on the back of his hand bulged.

Making sure to keep himself from agreeing with Tang Wanwan as soon as she spoke. Fu Jianchen picked up the pen on the table and stabbed his arm slowly, the pain made him a little sober.

He raised his head again and looked Tang Wanwan, then he said to the servant on side, word by word.

“Who asked you to let Miss Tang in, send her away.”

The servant did not move, but also wanted to say something for Tang Wanwan.

“Sir, it’s not easy for Mis Tang to come, you….”

“Don’t you want to continue working in the Fu family?”

Fu Jianchen interrupted.

The desire for money finally defeated the sympathy for Tang Wanwan who was soon taken by the maids out of the Fu family.

After Tang Wanwan left the Fu’s mansion, Fu Jianchen did not relaxed. He realized that if he could have found these determination and firmness back then these things would have not happened.

The butler came over and looked at Fu Jianchen’s still bleeding arm and asked him.

“Sir do you want to hand bandaged?”



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