Chapter 24

Several people in the supermarket looked at each other and the situation they were in…

“Are we going in?”

Qin Zhang asked as he came over.

Among the awakened ability of the people on their side they have not been able to see someone open the warehouse door like this. Even Jiang Zhu couldn’t do it. Now in this situation she don’t know if there was anyone in the warehouse, if the people in the warehouse have more powerful abilities than those on their side. It maybe not good to go in.

But if they don’t go in, they have no food stocks on them and there was nothing to consume either.

Jiang Zhu looked at the hole, and also frowned.

If a person’s ability could cut open this kind of door—then if its hits a person’s body there was no possibilities of saving that person….

He tightened the hand he was holding.

Tang Tang also has the same concern.

She was stunned by the suddenly tightness in her hand, she looked up at Jiang Zhu and saw him frowning. She thought for a moment and could probably guess that he was worried about her.

“Eh, eh..”

Tang Tang poked Jiang Zhu’s shoulder, signaling that she had something to say to him.

Jiang Zhu bent down and said.


“Let’s not go in there yet.”

Tang Tang came closer to his ear and whispered as her finger gently pointed in the direction of Zheng Xue.

“Be careful Zheng Xue will backstab, his ability that thin thread cannot be cut I already tried.”

Jiang Zhu nodded and when he looked towards Zheng Xue his gaze was suddenly cold.

Jiang Chi didn’t think too much about it, as soon as he saw the door opened in advance he saved his energy.

When he was just about to raise his feet, he turned around and saw that the people on Jiang Zhu’s side were standing at the door. Neither going in nor going out, although he didn’t know why he was already hungry and not interested. Since these people didn’t go in then let him go in.

With this thinking he lifted his feet and walked towards the hole.

The girl whose ability were related to seeing things took a look at him moving and followed behind but didn’t stop him and just said.

“I’ll see what’s going inside first.”

After saying that, the girl looked inside.

The warehouse has several doors and after the outermost door was opened you need to step through a small bend to touch the second door, so the reason why the people stand outside was to consider the possibilities of course besides being afraid, this was also one of the reason.

But she didn’t think that the girl could see the situation inside just by standing outside the first door? How? Was is possible to see through….vision?

Tang Tang looked at the girl and saw that there was no difference between the girl and the usual person. After about a minute the girl suddenly began to sweat and her face turned pale.

Hmm? What’s going on here?

“Can’t go in!”

The girl sharply inclined her head as she closed her eyes and blurted out.


Jiang Chi asked.

“I don’t know.”

She shook her head.

“There should be someone inside, my ability can’t probe in.”

“What’s the matter with you? You’re sweating.”

The girl frowned, her expression was grave.

“The pressure inside is very high, once I put my ability in I can’t bear it.”

The supermarket fell into silence once again for a while.

Just then, Jiang Zhu spoke up.

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

Saying that, he holds Tang Tang’s hand and turned around to walk towards the entrance of the supermarket.

Qin Zhang and Qi Mu naturally had no opinion on the decision and went out with him. The boy who played with the knife was a little angry but he watched the other two go out with him so he had no choice but to keep up.

In his opinion although the warehouse may be dangerous inside but if that woman was not dragging their feet they should be able to break in. What would they do now? Starve to death!

While thinking of these the boy stared at the back of Tang Tang as he was gnashing his teeth.

Noticing this, Jiang Zhu looked back at him with deep thought flashing in his eyes.

Eventually they passed through the heavy fog and returned to the gymnasium. The refuge site they negotiated in Jiang’s room when the end times first came.

The gymnasium was in much better condition compared to the supermarket. There were not even a few roaming zombies inside not to mention people.

The few zombies noticed someone’s scent and moved their stiff steps to turn towards them but before they could get close they were rolled up Jiang Zhu’s ability and thrown out altogether.

Qin Zhang and Qi Mu hurriedly closed the gymnasium door, and moved aside two large tables to put them together.

Instantly there was a feeling that the gymnasium was the world for a few of them.

But this was obviously not enough, because even with though it was quiet enough for a resting place their stomach were still hungry.

Tang Tang was led by Jiang Zhu in a chair in the gym to sit down, while the rest of the people also accordingly found a seat. They should be hungry as they unconsciously put their hands on their stomach, each one was listless.

She looked towards Jiang Zhu again.

Jiang Zhu sat on the chair next to her but did not put his hand over his stomach but because of the close proximity she could just hear from him a few slight grumbling sounds.

Noticing Tang Tang’s line of sight Jiang Zhu turned his head sideways.

“What’s wrong?”

Tang Tang shook his head.


Tang Tang turned back and put her hand on her cheek, thinking about things.

In occurred to her that she still had a hidden space.

Jiang Zhu, Qin Zhang and Qi Mu as well as Yang Zhen who was awakening his abilities were four people she has come into contact with. If it were just these four people she could tell them about the hidden space right now and the food together.

Tang Tang raised her eyes to look at the other three people sitting on the other side , but these three….

Although she knew that none of those who could enter the male lead’s group would betray Jiang Zhu, but her identity was now embarrassing. Judging from their expressions they also have great opinions about her, especially the boy who could play with a knife who was staring at her with frightening expression.

Because she had no abilities she was still a bit scared.

She thought about it, then thought about it again and after thinking left and right she decided to take a gamble.

“That… I..”

She only just opened her mouth when a familiar dizziness came up, Tang Tang once again black out followed by a headache. The pain was indescribable, she just felt something exploding and opening inside. This time even her ears began to lose hearing.

Jiang Zhu noticed her strange appearance and hurriedly stretched his arms to hold her.

“What’s wrong?”

This time the dizziness lasted a little longer, a full thirty seconds.

Tang Tang slowed down for a while before she came to her senses.

It’s just that her head still feel the after-effect, a vague pain.

“Nothing, just dizzy again.”

She raised her hand and rubbed her face, trying to clear her head a little more.

What’s going on? How can she suddenly have headache and dizziness in this condition…

Tang Tang couldn’t understand what was happening to her when she noticed that Jiang Zhu was still supporting him. She pushed her arm and signaling that he could lie on the back of the chair and have a rest.

Jiang Zhu also followed and just whispered and told her to rest as well before he stood up.

Tang Tang’s condition was not only noticed by Jiang Zhu but so were the rest of the five people, they were aware of her frequent dizziness.

Qin Zhang and Qi Mu looked at each other, they were worried about the situation Tang Tang was in. This dizziness came too strange and it look like the time has been longer.

The boy who was playing with the knife however was disdainful and looked Tang Tang with nasty gaze.

At this time, he felt that his line of sight looking at Tang Tang was blocked. The boy looked up and saw that it was Jiang Zhu.

“I need to talk to you guys, come here for a second.”

Jiang Zhu looked at him, and also looked at the other two boys with little expression on his face. After saying that he took the lead and walked towards the open space inside the gymnasium.

There was a little distance from the resting place to the few people on the side, if they talked the other side would certainly not hear them.

The three men looked at each other, stood up and followed.

“Jiang Zhu what’s the matter?”

One of the three men asked.

Jiang Zhu nodded.

“I want to talk to you about something very important.”

The three looked at each other again and saw that Jiang Zhu had a grave expression so they all listened carefully.

They listened well as Jiang Zhu said.

“Tang Tang is on the same team with us, I hope that you can believe me and regard her as you teammates.”

The atmosphere was silent for a moment and they the boy who was playing with a knife didn’t hold back.

“Jiang Zhu, you just heard she…”

He said in a hurry, he really didn’t want to see Jiang Zhu used by this villainous and vicious woman again.

But Jiang Zhu interrupted him.

“I did hear what she said, but that’s a relationship problem between her and me. And we will solve it independently.”

“Jiang Zhu…”

The other two saw that Jiang Zhu was deeply blinded and wanted to dissuade him.

“I mean it when I say this, this is really between us and I hope you will stay out of it.”

The expression of Jiang Zhu was serious, without a trace of joke.

The three people opened their mouths, wanting to say something but looking at Jiang Zhu they all helplessly sigh.

They really don’t know why the sensible Jiang Zhu would be charmed by that kind of vain and ugly woman, that he even lose his mind.

This made them really angry!

But Jiang Zhu was right, this was indeed between the two of them. Even if they were relatively familiar brother it’s not good to intervene.

The three men nodded their heads in agreement.

Jiang Zhu was satisfied, when he turned and was about to return back to the resting place he suddenly stopped again.

He didn’t turned around and just said.

“You just met her through my business, you can try to get in touch with her if you want. She….”

She, unlike what you think is different from what I think.

Jiang Zhu paused, he did not say this sentence in full.

After all, that’s what he convinced himself to say.

Let him try and see if he could solve the riddle.

The four of them returned to the resting place when they saw Tang Tang left her chair and was standing in front of Qin Zhang and Qi Mu holding several packets of noodles and two bottles of water.

Qin Zhang and Qi Mu’s expression just look funny, their mouths were wide open full of disbelief.

It was only after a long time that they dumfoundedly accepted what Tang Tang held over to them and looked at each other again only to see a shocked face.

Hidden space?

And it’s full of stuff?

They seem to realize something and their hearts were suddenly moved.

They’re afraid that these food was saved up by her before and in a place of testing people’s hear at the end of the world, she trusted them so much and showed them the truth.

Jiang Zhu and the other three walked over, Tang Tang didn’t know what they just had talked about but she just felt that the people behind him looked at her with much calmer eyes.

She pursed her lips, since she had already made up her mind to say it. It was natural that she would no longer conceal it.

So she quickly conjured up another handful of noodles from thin air and then once again conjured up water bottles.

The four people who just came back including Jiang Zhu were surprised by this series of actions.

What was this situation?

How was this possible?

Tang Tang handed out the things held in her hands.

“This is what I hoarded, fill in the hunger first?”



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