Chapter 40

Sheng Qiao’s brain had a moment of downtime.

What is her idol doing? Touching her head? Why are you touching her head? Is her head comfortable to touch?



She was killed by her idol just by touching her head.

Ahhh the corners of my mouth went up in a crazy darned way and I wanted to scream!!!

After gently touching her head, Huo Xi withdrew his hand and whisper.

“Your phone keeps ringing.”

Seng Qiao: “Leave it alone!”


He stifled a laugh.

“Answer the phone first.”

Sheng Qiao reluctantly picked up the phone and when she picked it up Bei Mingfan’s voice echoed through the receiver with a growl.

“Sheng Qiao, what do you mean? How dare you hang up on me!”

“Just took the elevator, no signal”

“…you come to the company early tomorrow morning immediately, come and I will clean you up!”

“Okay, take it easy and get a good night’s sleep so you have the energy to clean up after me tomorrow, good night!”

Bei Mingfan hung up on her.

She quickly stuffed the phone back into her pocket and looked up at Huo Xi with a silly smile. It’s been a long, long time since she’s seen him and she really misses him like crazy.

Huo Xi let her look, the brim of the hat at the bridge of the nose cast a shallow shadow making the whole face looks cold and handsome.

Sheng Qiao’s inner fan girl has totally been bewitched, after looking for a while she asked softly.

“Huo Xi, are you cold?”

A car came in, bringing in a gust of wind although it was spring the air was still icy. She was blown byt the gust of the wind and shivered so finally her brain had some reaction.

Huo Xi said: “Cold.”

Sheng Qiao immediately calmed down.

“Then you go back to the car! Next time you go out wear more and don’t catch a cold!”

Huo Xi looked at her quietly.

She still looked anxious as she looked left and right and took two steps to the left to block the wind and asked again.

“Now what? Is it better?”

Huo Xi said.

“A little thirsty, want to drink a hot water.”

Sheng Qiao’s mind whirled quickly, when she went out this morning did she clean up her room? Did she take out the trash? There shouldn’t be any of her socks on the sofa?

After confirming it once, only then did she cautiously and tentatively asked.

“So, want to go to my house to rest and drink some hot water?”

Huo Xi finally smiled lightly.


The two was on the elevator.

Sheng Qiao took out the mask and the hat from her bag and put it on, then told him.

“Don’t look up ha.”

Huo Xi nasaled a “hmmm” and was really looking down at their toes. Soon to the fifth floor, she first ghostly look around to make sure the hallway was empty before waving to him. She then take the key and quickly open the door, and let Huo Xi in the house. Once she locked the door she finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Huo Xi stood in the foyer and faintly surveyed the surrounding.

Feeling somewhat cramped, the fingers behind her back subconsciously rubbed and only after a paused she said.

“Feel free to sit down, I’ll go boil hot water for you.”

Huo Xi sat down on the sofa. On the coffee table was a small notebook full notes she took down, he picked it up and casually flipped through it but put it down afterwards and leaned back as his fingers were pinching the bridge of his nose.

He had been busy for the past few days and hadn’t rested much, he had actually been very tired from the long flight back home at night. But seeing the video sent by Xiao Dan and seeing the girl in the video who defended him against all odds he still wanted to come and see her.

When the person fuming in the video stood in front of him, even her eyes were too soft for words.

Sheng Qiao quickly brought hot water over, seeing him leaning on the sofa with his eyes closed unable to hide his fatigue she suddenly feel distressed, she softly asked.

“Huo Xi, are you very tired ah? Do you want to rest for a while, I’ll call Xiao Dan to pick you up.”

He opened his eyes, took the glass of water and shook his head,

“No, I’m fine.”

The water was just right temperature, he took a few more sips then looked up and asked.

“Are you used to living here?”

“Mmm, very used to it, it’s nice here.”

He smiled lightly.

“That’s good.”

“How do you know I live here?”

“Zhong Shen told me about it.”

He paused and pulled out a silver-gray cloth bag from his pants pocket and handed it to her.

“A new home present.”

Sheng Qiao’s eye widened.

Idol gave her a gift!!

Seeing her froze, Huo Xi shifted.

“Don’t want it?”

“Want it!”

She grabbed it, and carefully open. The cloth bag has a jade gourd only the size of a fingernail, the body was crystal clear and exquisite. The color of the jade was very good, under the light it emit luminous light.

Oooooo what a divine gift this is, and too cute!

Huo Xi said.

“It looked good so I bought it randomly.”

“I love it! I’ll take good care of it! Huo Xi, thank you!”

He acted as if it was nothing and said.

“It’s good to like it.”

She was so happy that she ran back to her small study to put the jade gourd away and came out with a photo and golden signing pen in her hand.

“Huo Xi, sign your name again.”

Huo Xi looked at his picture.

“What about the one before?”

Sheng Qiao whispered.

“Gave it away.”

Huo Xi glanced at her, he did not replied nor speak. She explained anxiously.

“To a Xiguang! She picked up my coin purse and your picture is also in there. She is very nice so I gave it to her.”

She made a mistake of bowing her head and miss the chance to see the flash of smile at the corner of Huo Xi’s lips. He took the photo and pen, leaned over and signed his name without her reminding him, he even took the initiative to draw a heart.

It made Sheng Qiao so happy.

She also earned a heart!

She was still looking at her new autographed photo when she suddenly heard Huo Xi say.

“Don’t be so impulsive in the public in the future.”

She reacted to the fact that he was talking about the live broadcast and her body stiffened for a moment before she whispered.

“I’m sorry I won’t do it again.”

Huo Xi frowned and called her name.

“Sheng Qiao.”

Sheng Qiao’s body shook.

Ohhh, idol is angry, idol is looking for her to settle the score.

Huo Xi sighed helplessly.

“I’m not blaming you, I just want to tell you that in the future don’t hurt yourself for others think more about yourself okay?”

She looked up with a hesitant smile and retorted sharply.

“How are you someone else?! He copied you and mocked you, who is he to mock you. He doesn’t deserve it!”

Huo Xi quietly looked at her.

“He’s not the only one for so many years, and I haven’t lost a piece of meat. These things can be solved privately, making trouble on that live broadcasting platform will do great harm to you. It’s not worth it to lose both.”

Her eyes were red like she was having a temper tantrum and she said obstinately.

“I just can’t calm down when you’re involved anyway!”

She suffered so much injustice but never a word of complained, she could also smile at those who hurt her. She always handled things calmly and thoughtfully.

Only him could make her squared away.

She loved him more and more.

After a long time, Huo Xi whispered.

“Forget it.”

Sheng Qiao pursed the corner of her lips looking like she was about to cry.

He smiled.

“I’ll take care of this, its okay. Don’t worry I’ll contact your agent tomorrow, he won’t scold you.”

Sheng Qiao blinked, she was touched and happy at the same time.

“Huo Xi, you are so kind.”

He got up and put on his hat.

“Get some rest early, I’m leaving.”

Looking at her as if she was going to send him down, he added.

“Don’t come out, it’s cold outside.”

Sheng Qiao thought about it, she was also worried about meeting people in the elevator and nodded.

After recording the program, her mood fluctuated greatly and she was too tired. She didn’t take her phone to see how much noise she made on the internet. After washing she went to her bed directly.

Early the next morning, Fang Bai came to pick her up to the office.

While she was slowly nibbling on her breakfast he reported to her the battle on the internet.

“Xiguang is really awesome, in just one night he made a comparison of the structure and melody of the two songs. The coincidence rate of the two was as high as 90%, he also picked out several songs sent by the second generation star in weibo and copied a Japanese minority singer. He not only copied but also had a bad reputation in his private life, there are all nightclubs and was even suspected of marijuana and cheated in college!”

Finally she lamented.

“He really shouldn’t have mess with someone he shouldn’t mess like Xiguang, even your kindergarten black history will come to light.”

Sheng Qiao after she finished nibbling her breakfast open her phone and went directly to her back up account.

[Like the content copied by Qiao Qiao about disliking the plagiarism. Report and shield the content focused on Huo Xi, we only catch the points copied by Huo Xi and don’t have anything to do with Huo Xi.]

[Cha Cha: Right! Save his family from scolding Qiao Qiao for hyping up again!]

[Qio Mai: I strolled down Huo Xi’s super talk and his fans keep on talking about Qiao Qiao, they were all plagiarizing dogs and show crews. Damn they don’t know how to be grateful.]

[Cha Cha: Please don’t be thankful to them. Fan circle it is the best to not interfere with each other and sweeping each others the snow in front of the door. If the speculation the scandal which was a good thing become a bad thing, we will be torn.]

[Sheng Qiao: Pink circle is normal, it’s already good. Don’t involve with each other and work separately.]

When she arrived at the company she met several Zhongxia employees in the elevator and when they saw her they couldn’t control their ogling eyes, and one of the girls smiled and said.

“Xiao Qiao awesome!”

Sheng Qiao: “Acknowledge.”

Once in the office, Bei Mingfan looked at her with a look that could not wait to poke a hole in her body but in the end did not scold her but said instead.

“Sheng Qiao ah Sheng Qiao, I really did not see that you turned out to be a messenger of justice ah.”

Sheng Qiao said.

“It’s unreasonable to plagiarize.”

Bei Mingfan looked at her for a while and suddenly asked.

“Do you know Huo Xi well?”

Sheng Qiao eyelids twitched but her expression did not change.

“Not familiar.”

“But he called me early in the morning to work with us on PR?”

“Probably because of copying his songs.”

“And he told me not to scold you.”

“Maybe it’s because he’s kind.”

Bei Mingfan: “…”

He took his eyes to ask Fang Bai, but Fang Bai looked like he don’t know anything and was in fact bewildered. Bei Mingfan didn’t expect that Sheng Qiao would be a fan of Huo Xi, but he just couldn’t bare to hate her genuine temperament of hating plagiarism.

He sighed and laughed again.

“Xiao Qiao ah, I really don’t know whether to scold you or praise you. Although you made such a mess and the show’s side also asked us to be responsible but both your popularity and the show’s popularity have gone up a lot because of this incident. Internet opinion is also all praising you, it seems that everyone is disgusted with plagiarism.”

He added.

“I heard that Huo Xi’s fans scolded you quite a fiercely before? I searched and this time none of them scolded you. Take advantage of this incident to further improve the perception of passers-by to you or the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. But you offended Director Liu, you have to dig a way to dredge it in the future.”

He concluded.

“Also take this opportunity to ease your relationship with Huo Xi, his fan base is too big and always staring at you will eventually have an impact on your future development.”

Sheng Qiao expressionlessly said.

“No need, just keep the status quo.”

Just don’t do anything else, it may cause scandal and affect her baby.

Bei Mingfan wondered.

“You seem to be resistant to having contact with Huo Xi? Do you hate him a lot?”

Sheng Qiao: “En, I hate him a lot.”

Fang Bai: “….”

Doesn’t you have any conscience hurt when you say that?



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