Chapter 55

The gate keeper said loudly with innocent face.

“Young Master Chu, you visited us today without informing us in advance. Our madam is not here, the young miss and young master have their own business to attend to, I a concierge can’t force the young miss and young master so if you don’t want to wait you can go back. There is no need to be angry with me.”

Chu Qing gritted his teeth.

The Jiang family has suddenly become difficult to deal with and even a gate keeper was not easy to make trouble to.

He don’t know if it was by chance or deliberate timing but when the gate keeper was talking a few noblewomen happened to be passing by at that moment.

His voice was loud not to mention that he also implies that Chu Qing was being unreasonable in every word he spoke.

When he shouted so loudly, the noblewomen looked over and found that it was Chu Qing who was shriveled in the Jiang family’s gate and were all surprised.

Chu Qing’s flustered face was hard to conceal.

He coughed sarcastically.

“All right, what’s there to shout. Since the lady has something to do I’ll just wait.”

He really did not expect that Jiang Liangchan who was devoted to him could propose to withdraw from the marriage.

After that shocked the other day he secretly inquired about the news of Jiang family withdrawing from the marriage in the capital but there was no such thing.

He sighed with relief again.

Although Jiang Liangchan was so strange and determined on that day, but when he came back and thought from left to right he felt that things were not so bad.

Jiang Liangchan should have seen him and Song Xinrui together that day and a moment of jealously ate her big so she was stimulated to say those kinds of words.

Later after he inquired that there was no gossip outside about the withdrawal he became more certain.

However, after waiting at home for a few days he began to panic a little before Jiang Liangchan came to his doorsteps.

Plus when his father found about it, he was furious and forced him to go to Jiang’s manor and coaxed Jiang Liangchan into a good mood.

Chu Qing then inquired that today Madam Jiang would go to the Marquis party and took advantage of the occasion to come to Jiang’s manor to see Jiang Liangchan.

He had to pacify Jiang Liangchan before the matter got too big for the Jiang parents to notice.

With Jiang Liangchan he could still explain that quarrel between unmarried couples was still a small matter.

If Jiang Liangchan’s parents come forwards the matter could be could explode into something he could not control.

Chu Qing did not expect that he had been waiting for all afternoon to the point that his body was blown through by the cold wind and the soles of his feet were cold and almost numb that if he move a little it was too painful.

It was getting dark, and was already smelling the dishes floating in the street. He don’t know whose dishes were so fragrant and couldn’t help himself.

He asked the gate keeper again if whether the young miss was already awake with her nap.

No young miss was so lazy and sleeps in all afternoon. He also know that this was a deduction but he could only pretend and believe it.

This time the gate keeper did not evade the question this time, after a while he came back to say.

“Young Master Chu, although our young miss is already up but the young miss said that it was not appropriate to see a foreign man at this time. Young Master Chu please go back.”

Chu Qing was so bitter and grinded his teeth hard.

But with the lesson he just learned he couldn’t say anything and just turned around and went back.

The next day, the circle of noblewomen in the capital began to spread gossip saying that Chu Qing did not know what he had done that annoyed Jiang Liangchan as he looked defeated waiting outside their manor looking pathetic.

Chu Qing still did not know the news, the next day he came back.

After waiting all afternoon yesterday and going back, Chu father called him to his study and was furious after learning that he hadn’t even entered the gate.

So today he prepare a generous gift and come back to Jiang Family’s gate to ask for an audience.

Today, the Jiang Family’s madam went to the Famen Temple to pray accompanied by the young Miss Jiang while the young master of the Jiang family has something to do outside, in short Chu Qing again waited for the whole morning but there was no one.

Chu Qing came to their gate continuously and on the fourth day finally after waiting for an hour and a half, he barely got permission to enter.

He took a long breath, straightened his clothes and took the things in his hands as he followed the gate keeper in the gate.

The gate keeper took him into the lobby.

In the past when he came to see Jiang Liangchan he always went to straight into the flower hall.

When he went it, he saw Jiang Liangchan sitting inside. She was holding a tea cup and slowly taking a sip of the Chunxin’s Qianming Longjing without looking at him.

Jiang Yunting sat across from her talking about tea and ignoring him.

Although Jiang Liangchan was arrogant she was actually sensitive and afraid to make him feel uncomfortable.

She never deliberately takes out the difference between the two identities of their families.

At this time, she just sat quietly and upright without smiling. Her posture was alienated but Chu Qing suddenly felt that the lady in front of him was high above him and she stood in front of him just as if he were lower than her.

The most crucial thing was that, Chen Fang was also in.

Chen Fang did not wear the gorgeous purple clothes that day but in front of the Jiang family siblings his posture was leisurely as if he was also a master.

What’s more Jiang Yunting who usually has no good face when he sees him even had a very friendly attitude towards Chen Fang.

Chen Fang did not avoid staring at him.

The look on Chen Fang’s eyes suddenly reminded him of that day when he desperately thought of Chen Feng as some unattainable opponent only to learn in the end that his opponent was actually Chen Fang, the man with only pretty face.

He was so angry and felt humiliated on purpose.

Chu Qing’s hand squeezed into a fist under his sleeve, taking a deep breath before maintaining the appearance of a nobleman. The corners of his mouth smiled a practice standard arc.

“Chan’er I found a good thing in recent days, I think it suits you as soon as I see it. Although it’s hard to buy it but I still bought it as long as it suits you, would you like to try it?”

He never mentioned the matter of withdrawing the marriage, his tone and smile were calm as if he were more in love with Jiang Liangchan as his love was more solid than gold.

He opened the beautiful sandalwood box and put it in front of Jiang Liangchan.

There was a set of jewelry, a hairpin, a set of earrings, beautifully crafted and looking closely they looked like they have been carefully selected at a glanced.

Chu Qing was also very satisfied with the set of jewelry, wasn’t Jiang Liangchan most concerned about was his feelings for her?

This set could express the intention of love, meaning and subtle and durable.

Both could express his heart and coax Jiang Liangchan back but also show that he was not desperate and embrass himself.

And extraordinarily exquisite, it’s the product of the jewelry store that famous women in the capital were eager to order.

Chu Qing was a little smug in his heart.

Jiang Liangchan stretched out her head to look, her sight and Chen Fang’s met together.


This set, wasn’t it the same set of red and white jade jewelry that she wanted to buy as a token of affection for Chen Fang for Hua Shan that day?

When Chen Fang did not go that day so she didn’t send it out and returned it that day also.

But it turned out that it was bought and given to her by Chu Qing?



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