Chapter 37

After waiting for ten minutes, she swing her little waist and approached the trio who were looking at the cookbook.

They silently lowered their heads to look when watery eyes suddenly swirled.

“Oh? Spicy grilled fish with shrimp sauce and cabbage….en, it sounds good. Thank you for the suggestion.”

As soon as she stretched out her hand, she took away the cookbook leaving the trio with a dainty back.

The trio looked up: “!!!”

They were so giddy that they hadn’t finished reading and choosing yet.

As they just flipped through a few random pages.

Shit, shit, shit!

And ten minutes later it was actually three or five groups of people pouring into the store.

At a glance, all male ranging from twenty to thirty or forty most have bald status.

“Ah, there really is a boss lady!”

“So cute….er, I mean we want a dried fish.”

“Hiss, it’s true! Packed porridge? It’s okay.”

The young Mediterranean man from the first trio was instantly flattened by the person next to him.

“Idiot, you commented first and you messed it up!”

“As promised, she was so moe!”

[Task1: Earn 500 yuan for cub’s life (823/500)].

[Mission Complete]

[Reward Cub Value:1]

At 4pm Ye Susu finally counted her earning for the day.

She duly completed the task.

The net income excluding the cost of the vegetables and chicken plus rice also basically made a small profit of 200 yuan.

For the first time Ye Susu was satisfied with making money with her own hands.

Seeing the time she closed the store.

“I haven’t seen the cub for a day and I’m not used to it, and is a little flustered.”

Ye Susu muttered and walked towards the kindergarten.

Kindergarten dismisses at 4:30 pm.

Meow Meow Private Kitchen was too close to the kindergarten but when she arrived there were already quite few parents in front of the kindergarten in group waiting.

Those who could come to pick up their children were mostly grandparents except for full time mothers.

Ye Susu as far as eye could see were looking at her strangely.

Usually the original body does not talk much with other parents, she was a single mother on one hand and there was no need to ask that.

On the other hand she doesn’t want people to recognize her voice since she was a “well-known” streamer.

Of course the absence of wealthy single man in the parent group worthy of the original body’s attention was one of the key points.

So when Ye Susu arrived at the school gate today others only casted some glances but all stood far away without the intention of talking to her first.

Compared to other parents who were together in twos and threes while discussing how to prepare their children for elementary school exams, extracurricular art classes and other study related topics.

She on the side was especially lonely as she had been ostracized.

A different person may feel embarrassed but Ye Susu was very comfortable. She instead feels that she occupies a large area alone and had all the fresh air for herself.

“Susu, you’re really here, where have you moved to in the past two days?”

A warm but anxious voice suddenly broke her peaceful surrounding.

Before Ye Susu could turn around her right arm was vigorously pinched!

“I heard from Ye Wan that you are living with a man? Is it true?! Why do you want to degrade yourself like this….”

The voice was angry and anxious.

But before he could finished his sentence the small bag in Ye Susu’s hand was transformed into a heavenly horse hammer and flung off with a thud and knocked him in the face!


The man cried out in pain, shocked and angry.

But he didn’t let go.

The pain coming from her arm made Ye Susu’s scalp explode!

She just thought about the cub and let her guard down not expecting to have a mortal get close.

In all her 99 life, even when she was wandering the only mortal who touched her hair were only if she was in a good mood.

And yet this unknowingly crude and insulting mortal have the nerve!

She raised her foot and kicked him hard in the calf!

She took the bag in her left hand and just snap and whack it down.

“You dare to bully me like this in a broad daylight! See if I can’t kill you!”

The man looked like he hadn’t expected to be treated like this at all and finally let go with a cry of pain and took a few steps back.

“Susu calm down, I’m your brother Jingwen!”

Ye Susu exploded and her water eyes glared angrily at the visitor.

He put on some airs. He was wearing a gray coat and wool black scarf, his face was warm and gentle—he didn’t look like a bad man at all.

But who would have thought that such human face had a beast hearted.

Ye Susu recalled the original body’s relatives and her clean white small face suddenly sank down.

“Nonsense, I only have a younger brother.”

Zhou Jingwen who pulled away had a moment of bewilderment and embarrassment on his face.

But seeing Ye Susu’s delicate little face full of caution against him he couldn’t help but frown and feel an inexplicable ache in his heart.

“I know you are still angry with me, after so many years you still have not forgiven me but.. even today I still hope Susu can get happiness just like me and….in short I hope you find a person who will really like you and be together not because of a momentary interest and throw your arms.”

Ye Susu was impatient listening to the man blabber.

However just as she was ready to move her neck stiffened coldly.

She remembered who he was.

Zhou Jingwen was the original body’s first love in her senior high school.

The year she turned eighteen she decided to dedicate herself to him and the two of them secretly went to a bar to get drunk and bravely plan to go to a hotel that night.

However who thought after she was drunk Zhou Jingwen was called away by a phone call from home.

When she woke up the next day she was in bed in the hotel and was found by Zhou Jingwen and Ye Wan. And only then did she realized that she had spent the night with whoever was in the hotel.

The topic here was not Zhou Jingwen.

After that day, Zhou Jingwen was remorseful and obedient to her but after two months of knowing about her accidental pregnancy he proposed to break up.

He said that because of this incident he recognized that it was not love for the original body but love for his sister. He was even willing to maintain the integrity of her life but in the capacity of a brother.

Since then, the original body completely foiled by love and began to climb the rich and popular man because she knows that true love could not be relied.


Ye Susu snickered.

“So it’s you.”

This man not only caused the original body accidentally get pregnant but every time he appeared in front of the original body he even continued to look like ‘he was willing to give the original body care of great mercy’.

“Susu let’s start with your current problem okay? What happened before is all in the past, can’t you see all the years of compensation and self-blame I’ve made? You have to know that I’m in pain too.”

Zhou Jingwen’s still-handsome face hidden in pain.

Ye Susu rolled her eyes at him.

He still has the nerve to look like a victim and suffer?

Pungent meow eyes!

She remembered that according to the plot of the novel later, he also got together the original body’s black-bellied cousin Ye Wan.

They both know the causes and consequences of what happened back then.

This Zhou Jingwen feels that Ye Wan understands his suffering and his debt to Ye Susu, and feels that Ye Wan who has been comforting him, standing by side and giving him strength was very kind.

After the original body sent Ye Xun to the countryside in the novel, he felt that Ye Susu finally got rid of the nightmare of having a child unmarried and he no longer had to blame himself.

So he officially announced that he was with Ye Wan and soon because of the Zhou’s family’s background in the entertainment industry Ye Wan became a super first-tier agent.

“Susu, you’re short on money then I’ll give it to you. move out of that man’s villa.”

Zhou Jingwen had a painful expression.

“How did you become the way you are now?”

In front of the kindergarten, there were already parents and grandparents gathered.

All of a suddenl Ye Susu and him became a dog-and-pony show at eight o’clock making everyone cast their eyes on as they gossip and sweep over Ye Susu’s pretty face every now and then together with her curvaceous figure.

Zhou Jingwen obviously did not think that much, he only knew that Ye Xun was in this kindergarten.

Ye Susu must have appeared here before he came looking for it.

But now noticing the strange sight he knew something was bad.

“Susu come with me to the car first, my car is nearby.”

However Ye Susu raised her delicate little face and raised her hands in a elegant manner.

“Do you know how creatures like you are treated in the wild circle that exist?”

Zhou Jingwen was stunned but soon put up a handsome face.

“Let’s go the car to talk it’s not good to talk here.”

“I’m talking about you, big head!”

Ye Susu retreated to the side of the flower bed and took the broom from Uncle janitor’s hand and said, “Borrow” and slashed towards Zhou Jingwen.

“Scum, get your round ass out of here!”

Across the kindergarten gate parked in a convoy of cars, soon a Cadillac silently turn around from the side of the path and turned away.

The glass window, closed by the man with the coldest face in the back seat of the car.

“Liu Zhen, Ye Xun’s new kindergarten will be in place in three months.”

“Investigate all parents, teachers, anyone with ties to this side and arrange for them to be transferred.”

He spoke out the words with a cold chill.

Liu Zhen smiled bitterly and wrote down.


The boss was really furious this time.

Miss Ye was also unrestrained, she cheated 30000 seconds ago and now in front of the child’s school she was pulling and pushing so of course the teachers and parents would soon noticed them and if they let Ye Xun hear this gossips how could he live with himself in the future.

Alas Miss Ye’s private life is really more chaotic than the investigation report.

Liu Zhen touched his nose.

“Boss, so should we go home now?”

“Hmm. In ten minutes have Dr. Dong give a call.”

Dr. Dong was veteran child specialist.


And that Cadillac just drove away, Ye Susu at the gate of the kindergarten pulled Zhou Jingwen who looked at her with affection and pain on the roadside!

“Get lost! If you dare to come to my territory again and make trouble I’ll smack you once I see you!”

Her fierceness shocked all the passerby parents in the vicinity.

Even Zhou Jingwen clutched his head into the car looked at her painfully.

“Susu I heard from Ye Wan that you resigned and did not accept her good advice. I still do not believe it but I did not think you would be so disobedient….how pure and sensible were you back then?”

Before the words were finished, the broom’s head was on already on his face.

Zhou Jingwen’s face expression changed continuously and finally moved the car window and dropped the sentence.

“You think about it.”

Then he stepped on the accelerator and drive away with a look of hatred.

Ye Susu put her hand on her waist and valiantly returned the broom to the janitor uncle and said thank you.

She sweep her gaze and immediately spotted little Ye Xun who was standing blankly at the kindergarten gate.

He seemed to be a little taken aback and looked her dumbfounded.



Ye Susu trotted over in a second.

If the cub’s mood value drops she’ll go get that slag chow back and whip him again!

It’s easy for the mood to drop but it’s hard to rise it. The task appears again, she definitely has to turn into a kitten who lost her dream.

But Ye Xun who was carrying a small a school bag shook his head.

He just came out happily because today he finally found the WiFi password of the kindergarten in the teacher’s office. He secretly live streamed for his uncle and aunts for a while and make more money to hand it over to mommy in the future.

But now, his shoulders were shrugged down.

As soon as he walked out, he saw Ye Susu beating people up and the closet group of parents who were chattering in whispers had reached his ears.

“Hiss, that child is really a single parent. No father ah….”

“This woman actually sold herself for money in order to live in a villa….can imagine how the child came to be.”

“I told you I never met the baby’s father, oh dear!”

“She herself is also throwing the child away, not much care at all. It’s good if she can pick him up one day in a week! Sure enough she didn’t care at all!”

“Heavens! I didn’t know there were such people in this school, don’t lead her child to ruin ours ah.”

Ye Xun clenched his small fist and the corner of his mouth lightly pursed into a slit.

A cold light flooded the grape-black eyes.

If looked closely this temperament was really like a certain cold man.

However Ye Susu was not interested, a bold letter and a voice sounded in her head.

[Alert: Your cub, showing primary signs of blackening.]

The next second she saw Ye Xun grimacing as if a small beast defending his territory, rushing out the kindergarten gate like a cannonball.

“No talking!”

“You, you…. are not allowed to say anything!”

[Alert: Your cub, the signs of blackening deepen. If no action taken it will turn to intermediate blackening in 5 minutes and will cause some damage to the surrounding environment.]

[Countdown:4 minutes and 59 seconds….4 minutes and 44 seconds…]

Ye Susu: “!!!”



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