Chapter 165

The most regrettable thing in her life was that she promised Qin Zhao to let Tang Wanwan into the Qin family, originally she though that she was a golden phoenix who knew it turned out to be a black sparrow.

Not hearing the response from Tang Wanwan in the room, Madam Qin has stomach full of anger.

How could Qin Zhao fallen for such a woman? He didn’t inherit his father’s gene at all!

Madam Qin left the house in anger, and went out to her girlfriends for a game of cards and tea as she complain to them about Tang Wanwan.

After Madam Qin left, Tang Wanwan took of the headphones on her ears.

She was still hostile towards Fu Zhen for some reasons and she couldn’t understand why but despite that feeling since the chance has come of course she won’t let it go.

After a little consideration, Tang Wanwan broke the news to the paparazzi about “Fu Zhen being the third party between Jiang Hengshu and his wife.

The paparazzi’s first reaction to this was “impossible”, because with Jiang Hengshu’s love towards Madam Jiang was obviously true love.

And even if he may cheat in the future, it shouldn’t be with Fu Zhen because he was not gay.

Everyone acquiesced that Jiang Hengshu’s lover should be a woman.

But one of the paparazzi at this time put forward another view, he said.

“Do you remember what position Jiang Henghsu has when he open the door for FuZhen yesterday?”

He carefully recalled that when Jiang Hengshu saw Fu Zhen coming out of the company he opened the door, he bent slightly and put one hand behind him.

He even made an invitation gesture with the other hand, like a western gentleman inviting a lady to dance.

“The two of them may really have an affair.”

He said to his companion, they were both surprise by the assumption and sucked a breath of cold air. He said to his companion.

“This is a big news, if we really capture it hahahah. This could make us the number in the entertainment industry!”

But his companion was a little worried.

“Jiang Hengshu’s family is very powerful, he won’t retaliate against us, right?”

“So many people are watching, if anything happens to the two of us it must be the Jiang family who did it and people like them are afraid of getting into trouble.”

“This work is done!”

“Should we really do this?”

The companion was still a bit flustered.

“Fuck it!”


Since it was known that Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu have involvement with each other, he received more attention than before.

There were even reporters calling him, and asking for an interview but recently Fu Zhen was busy with the selection of actors and cast selection and really don’t have the time so he politely declined the invitation of the reporters.

It was really convenient to have the studio under Hexi Entertainment, as all of these was possible with the company’s protection.

After determining several new actors, Fu Zhen also chose a veteran star from Aojiang. The other party’s pay was a little higher than that of ordinary newcomers but it was not too high either, it was completely within acceptable range for Fu Zhen.

By this point, in addition to the male lead other actors have been set.

Fu Zhen entrusted someone to inquire about Chen Meng’s school while he personally went to meet Chen Meng’s parents.

And after learning that all what Chen Meng said was the truth, the female lead of the <<White Castle>> was also set.

With Jiang Hengshu watching his working day would not be too long.

And since he needs to set the filming time according to Chen Meng’s time plan every day plus her parents hired a tutor for her so she really won’t delay her study.

The actor’s schedule contract has been completed, and the crew’s props and costumes have arrived.

It took Fu Zhen two days to get familiar with the machines used for shooting.

And finally the <<White Castle>> which was not expected by the netizens could officially start.

The opening day of the film was scheduled for October 16, the actors need to enter the group two days in advance since they had to shoot set photos, eat out as a celebration and then wait for the sixteenth and then start working.

Fu Zhen didn’t give much publicity on <<White Castle>>, he didn’t even reveal the list of actors but was still snapped by paparazzi on the opening day. They even saw Gao Tian appeared in the set.

As soon as the news was released, the topic <<White Castle>> on weibo instantly drifted up as well as its crew.

But the topic was not as hot as Gao Tian alone, since the heat Gao Tian brought was not something good.

Netizens only saw Gao Tian appear in the crew, and couldn’t see other actors as they clearly do not recognize the other artist who came.

In this case, they already deduced that Gao Tian must be the main actress. Knowing this the netizens immediately said that <<White Castle>> was already scheduled as bad film and even guaranteed that if it’s not bad they would eat live.

There were no shortage of people who were stirring up the water as they released their water army and their main point was Gao Tian’s poor acting skills that has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

None of her TV dramas and films have scored more than five point in Douban, but Fu Zhen still chooses such person as the protagonist.

Wasn’t he scolding himself?

Gao Tian felt very embarrassed when she saw what was posted online, and specially ran to Fu Zhen to apologize.

Fu Zhen smiled and comforted her, he said.

“It’s okay, it’s free publicity.”

This was the first time their crew has been on the hot search, although they only have the tail and there were curses on it at least it would let more people know that there was such a film, wouldn’t they?

“Shoot with peace of mind.”

Gao Tian assured Fu Zhen.

“Director, don’t worry I will work hard this time. By the way the Shazou Chronicle, can you not kill two people less ah?”

Fu Zhen waved his head and refused to answer Gao Tian’s question. He urged her instead.

“You and Meng Meng needs to hurry up and learn from Mr. He and Mr. Zhou. Mr. He has been playing for many years and Mr. Zhou has just won the doctorate from Southern Electric.”

“Is Mr. Zhou that good?”



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