Chapter 23

The end was over, Tang Tang thought that probably her life could never be cleaned white!

Just after he “scolded” him should she “design” to faint on him this time?

She didn’t dare to delay, her eyes didn’t even have to make eye contact with Jiang Zhu as she suddenly staggered up in front of him.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry I just suddenly feel dizzy and couldn’t stand stably. I really didn’t mean to crash into you.”

Although she knew that no one would believe her apology at this time, she still wanted to show that she was really innocent this time. It was really caused of dizziness not because of any tricks!

But the credibility of this statement from her past “character” she was afraid the chances were low. No, not high at all!

“Jiang Zhu don’t believe her! Don’t forget what she said about you at the beginning and just now? Hump! She must have seen that you have awakened a very powerful ability so she wants to be close to you in the last days! You must not be used by her again!”

The boy who played with the knife really did not hold back, although Qin Zhang told what happened to them in the dormitory all good will and trust disappeared when he saw the woman.

He just doesn’t believe that this woman, Tang Tang would be a good person!

Tang Tang pursed her lips.

Although in the past those things happens were forced by nature, she already scolded what she should be scolded and brought the harm that should be brought to Jiang Zhu. Also she didn’t want to argue for herself.

But the dizziness things she was really wrong ah!

Tang Tang held back for a while, but still want to fight for herself.

“…..this is true.”

The boy who was playing with the knife obviously wanted to say more but Qin Zhang beside him caught up this time and hurriedly covered his mouth and smiled apologetically at Tang Tang.

“Tang Tang don’t listen to him ah, this smelly boy is just like Yan Zhen. He couldn’t say anything good with his mouth!”

It was indeed awkward when they first walked in and it was also the first time he heard Tang Tang talked to someone with that tone, full of condescension and pickiness. If it wasn’t for the exact same voice he couldn’t believe it was Tang Tang at all.

But he trust his own eyes more, and also trust Yan Zhen who fought for the last tract of consciousness. The people who have to wait for them to wake up and let them hurry up to save were certainly not annoying people with such few words.

Tang Tang almost moved to tears, how could this silly child speak for her!

“Go, go to the supermarket.”

Jiang Zhu spoke and the others couldn’t say anything, Qin Zhang was afraid that the knife playing boy would say more so he hurriedly walked in first and pressed his shoulder.

Jiang Chi couldn’t understand what these people were doing, as soon as he saw that Qin Zhang was going to the supermarket he quickly took people in. Zheng Xue looked back at Tang Tang and Jiang Zhu who were still standing outside and pulled a strange smile from the corner of his mouth.

Tang Tang and Jiang Zhu were far behind, when everyone enters the supermarket they were still standing on the ground outside on the field.

At the moment there was a drizzle in the sky, falling on the body with fine drops. Except for the fog looking very odd it seemed no different from the usual.

“That, I let you scold back, can you let me go?”

Tang Tang struggled for a long time but she still asked what she wanted to say inwardly.

As much as she hates Zheng Xue and doesn’t want to stay on the team with him she’s also afraid of Jiang Zhu ah! She also doesn’t really want to just get into the male lead’s group like this.

Jiang Zhu didn’t take the topic and started another topic.

“Still dizzy?”

He asked, looking down at her.


Tang Tang was stumped for a moment, and didn’t understand why he suddenly cared about her.

“Not dizzy, not dizzy. I don’t know what just happened, just for a moment after that it was fine.”

Once Tang Tang mentioned this, she was embarrassed. Tang Tang raised her hands to touch her head but what she touched was the big helmet on her head.

“Zheng Xue is dangerous, stay away from him.”

Jiang Zhu said again.

Tang Tang nodded repeatedly, very much agreeing with this point. Once she agreed, she said a little.

“His power is that kind of thin line but it can release fire I wonder if he has awakened two powers. Moreover I think he just let you hit him on purpose because I found that he seems to have been hiding his strength!”

“How did you meet them?”

Jiang Zhu asked.

“Unlucky encounter.”

Tang Tang sighed unhappily.

“I don’t know if Yan Zhen has told you guys but I was blown away by the wind, you know that kind of wind ability? It is too big! It blew me away directly. It’s Jiang Chi’s ability and the one who told him to do that is Zheng Xue! You tell me if it’s not unlucky!”


Jiang Zhu looked at her gradually returning to her usual demeanor and his expression eased down.

With no one else around, Tang Tang’s previous embarrassment faded away.

As soon as the embarrassment disappeared, Tang Tang slotted out all the bad luck of the day and night.

It feels good to say it all, and she’s even relieved for no reason. It’s just too hard to hold it in!

But soon she wondered to herself if she had said too much.

They’ve broken up so how come they’re suddenly chatting so smoothly again???

Jiang Zhu stared at her and suddenly raised his hand and patted on the top of her smooth helmet.

“Go into the supermarket, if you are a little late there will be nothing left inside.”

Tang Tang was just about to nod when she realized something was wrong.

“But I want to go by myself?”

“Will your wisdom ability keep you safe all the time?”

Jiang Zhu was still expressionless when he said the word “wisdom ability” as if the ability was very authentic but Tang Tang thought that no one in the world would believe her nonsense except the silly child Jiang Chi.

“Mmmm! Yes, yes, yes! You am I not still alive and well?”

Even if Tang Tang didn’t have confidence she couldn’t show it at this time.

She blinked to show she was telling the truth.

In fact, she thought more simply. Since the two of them have already broken up would it not be awkward to stay together again? Plus, now that Jiang Zhu has embarked the plot his character has also become indifferent in full scale. She had said many words but the expression on his face has not appeared to any changes at all.

She was not trying to pursue much, it’s much better to alive!

“So come help us out a little bit so we can live a little better too?”

Jiang Zhu suddenly said, it sounded like a joke but his expression was very serious. And he also added.

“If you stay I don’t blame you for scolding me behind my back.”

Tang Tang was a little excited to hear this sudden tempting condition.

But in reality…

“I scolded you in the open…”

Tang Tang said in a low voice.

“It’s good that you know.”

Jiang Zhu was angry but he didn’t know what he was angry about, it maybe because Tang Tang betrayed him at his most painful time or it may be that there were some misunderstandings between them but she always escapes from him so he couldn’t find the answer of the misunderstanding.

So, until the misunderstanding was solved she should not try to avoid him.

Tang Tang was finally pulled in, and Jiang Zhu directly yanked her arm and wrapped her up with his ability and brought her in.

It was then that she saw what his ability looked like.

Not the unusual ones like fire and water, his ability look like stars in the night especially in the night when there was no pollution—a black curtain dotted with stars.

Tang Tang looked a little surprised, this ability also look good to see.

It was hard to imagine that such good looking ability was actually very high damage power.

Tang Tang was envious as she stared at the one meter long star belt along the way and since she didn’t say anything Jiang Zhu who had been watching her thought she was angry.

“Yan Zhen hasn’t woken up yet.”

He started a topic.

“What have you guys been doing for the past few days?”

“Hmm? didn’t do anything ah, just stabbing zombies together.”

Tang Tang answered very conventional.

“What else?”

“And changed you guys to a different dorm room.”

The two asked and answered questions soon arrived inside the supermarket.

The supermarket was pitch-black due to the lack of electricity and if it weren’t for the fact that she was still wrapped in Jiang Zhu’s abuility which shone like a star she was afraid that she wouldn’t even be able to see where Jiang Zhu was.

“I won’t run, put me down?”

When Jiang Zhu’s ability wrapped around her she didn’t even need to walk, she was brought in with her feet directly off the ground. It was comfortable indeed, it was even more comfortable but her movement was not under her control and it was especially dark not to mention it was scary.

Tang Tang’s pleas was answered and her feet gradually landed to the ground and finally stood steadily in the ground.

Only the next second, a pair of hands reached over and took her hand.

“It’s dark here, be careful.”

“Oh okay.”

After naturally answering Tang Tang stiffened.

This scene was familiar, once when she was going through the plot. Two went out for a date but when they came back from the date the lights on both sides of the road suddenly went out.

At that time, Jiang Zhu subconsciously held Tang Tang’s hand and said the same thing

“It’s dark here, be careful.”

She wasn’t actually afraid of the dark but seeing how nervous he was she let him be and replied.

“Oh okay.”

She blanked out for a while and by the time she was done reminiscing the two had arrived near the male lead’s group.

Qin Zhang took a look at their arrival and rushed over.

“It’s too dark here, no ability on our side that is able to illuminate.”

Jiang Zhu nodded, he then slightly raised his hand and saw from his palm a lot of warm yellow dots suddenly emerged. Those dots originally scattered quickly but gradually all gathered together and finally formed a large sphere illuminating their surroundings.

Tang Tang was surprised again.

This light was different from the one that looked like star curtain just now, what was going on? Could it be that he has more than once ability?

So envious.

When all sides were lit up, Tang Tang gradually saw the scene inside.

The supermarket shelves that had been neatly placed were now empty, there were many zombies lying on the ground and even people who had lost their breath.

Sure enough this was the hardest hit in the area.

Tang Tang has gotten used to seeing this horrified things after these days of stabbing zombie and has long been able to hold back her vomit. Bu just looking at such scene she still couldn’t help but feel a little sad.

But now was not the time to think about this, Jiang Chi and others on the other side have gone in the direction of the warehouse. They could no longer waste their time here and also rushed towards that side.

But when they got there, they found the warehouse door which was originally thought to be very solid had been punched out of a large hole. The edges of the hole looked very rough and in some places even deformed, Tang Tang estimated that the person who made the whole has a drilling ability.

Unexpectedly the ability seems to be strong.

Even this kind of warehouse door could be sawed open.



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