GTKWF 39.2


Chapter 39(2)

Netizen’s attention was not on the contestants at all, if it weren’t a live broadcast they would like to fast forward and directly stop on Sheng Qiao comments.

Every time a contestant appears that all three mentors have given a pass, Sheng Qiao would blow wave of rainbow farts. Even in the face of eliminated contestants, she would also say sentence like, “I see unlimited future possibilities in you and other motivational words.

Not once did she used her otherwise rightful vote as a star remover.

It’s just a constant green light over and over again!

In the middle of the program, Sheng Qiao’s new rainbow fart quotes has been spread all over the network and were popular. They have attracted a large number of people to watch the live broadcast and the number of viewers continues to rise.

The director’s team was simply overjoyed and kept encouraging Sheng Qiao in the headset.

“Say more, keep on talking and if you run out of words we’ll send someone to hand you a cheat sheet!”

The rating went all the way up and the atmosphere continued to be hot, when it was the next contestant’s turn to go on stage it was another contestant who had been marked with an asterisk and signed by Music Arts.

He was holding a guitar when he was on stage, his face was very handsome. Sheng Qiao remembered Ye Tong said that he seems to be the son of a director and was considered a second generation star. He was good looking and talented, with the support of his family after his debut his future should be bright.

He sang an original song with good singing skills and his tone also sounds good, after singing Wei Tong took the lead in commenting probably to increase his footage. He asked him.

“Why did you come this show? The competition is so fierce, you don’t really have to work so hard.”

The second-generation star said modestly.

“I have loved singing since I was a child, and I hope that the audience knows me through my singing voice. In fact my personal strength is very small, I can do nothing except sing but only singing can inject light into the singing world and prevent good music from drowning in the illusion of relying on popularity.”

Many viewers immediately understood the meaning of his words.

He was mocking those idols in the current industry, because of popularity no matter if there was good or bad the traffic it have was just an illusion.

The audience was applauding him for these words and several mentors praised him, they promoted him one after another. When it was Sheng Qiao’s turn, everyone was looking forward to what surprise she would bring them this time!

The camera panned over, but found that Sheng Qiao who had been smiling all the time was cold at the moment.

She didn’t say a word, her face was expressionless as she pressed the red light in front of her.

Star remover use her one negative vote.

The whole room was in an uproar.

Before the mentors spoke the second generation star couldn’t sit still, it seemed that he had never been denied. He picked up the microphone and asked.

“Can I asked Ms. Sheng Qiao to give me a reasonable explanation? I can’t accept a person who doesn’t understand music theory deny my creation!”

Sheng Qiao sneered at him.

“I don’t know music theory by I can hear whether your song is original or plagiarized. You say you don’t want good music to drown in the illusion of popularity but then you have plagiarized the song of a traffic singer. What qualifications do you have to flaunt his song and stand on this stage?”

The second generation star looked stiff, his face turned red and he said furiously.

“I didn’t plagiarized! You don’t know anything about creative writing!”

The audience and mentors froze.

Plagiarized? What was plagiarized? How come they didn’t notice it?

Sheng Qiao was so angry by his shamelessness that she stood up.

“This song of yours was copied from…..”

The microphone was suddenly turned off!

She tapped the microphone, and immediately realized that the director has turned off the audio. The said director said through the headset.

“Host came to the stage to save the scene. Ye Tong, Wei Heidong you deny the plagiarism.”

Then he gritted his teeth and said.

“Sheng Qiao this is a live broadcast! The person on the stage is a contracted player, don’t do anything nonsense! Apologize immediately and say you heard wrong!”

Sheng Qiao almost gave a laugh.

She took the headset off, snapped it to the ground and rushed on the stage with her little dress.

Today she was clearly a sweet princess but at the moment she was fierce and angry, she grabbed the microphone in the hands second generation who didn’t respond. She spoke really fast and said.

“What he copied is the first original single of “Wind and Cold” of Huo Xi’s first year debut, although it is not included in the album but…”

The microphone was once again turned off.

Sheng Qiao was simply furious.

Ding Jian and Fang Bai were also urged by the program team to come on stage and pull her down. Fang Bai was almost crying.

“Sister Qiao, this is a live broadcast! Please Stop!”

“He copied! He copied Huo Xi’s song! And he dares to look down on the flow singers! He’s a plagiarizing dog, what qualifications does he have to look down on Huo Xi!”

She didn’t have a microphone, so she shouted these words. No one heard them except a few people nearby as she was dragged down by Fang Bai and Ding Jian.

The live accident happened so suddenly that no one expect Sheng Qiao who was usually gentle and cordial, never loses her temper and says everything well to explode so violently.

The scene was chaotic but the viewers watching the live stream had their hands full as they were searching for the song she was talking about.

Huo Xi’s first single, “Wind and Cold”.

They all clicked on it and listen, the intro and chorus melody was really too similar.

Because of Sheng Qiao’s presence almost no one in Xiguang came to watch the program. Huo Xi’s song was released too early and was not included in the album, there were too many new songs in the recent years and he has never sang the song again since the popularity was low. Almost no one has heard it except his diehard fans.

If not for Sheng Qiao’s on-the-spot tantrum, they wonder how long it would have taken before anyone would have known that the song was plagiarized.

And at that time, the second generation star has long been promoted to debut.

One side looks down on the top flow singers, but copies their songs. This kind of shameless people still have the courage flaunt!

The pop-ups exploded at once, cursing the second generation star and cursing the crew. Most of them saying Sheng Qiao was bullied.

She made such a big live accident and the program team still doesn’t know how to end the show, they were afraid that the program team might kill her.

And then Xiguang found that Sheng Qiao was on top hot search again!

[What the hell is this blind dog doing? I thought that after signing a new company she would have been reformed, why is her method of getting attention is still the same?]

[Click and see the video of Sheng Qiao‘s rage, I heard her say loudly “he copied Huo Xi’s song”. I saw her being pulled off the stage by the program team again and again.]

[After listening to the so-called originality of the second generation star, it was really “wind and cold”.]

[How dare that grass mud horse taunt us when they copy us?]

Xiguang angrily tore up the second generation star and the program group of starlight junior. The network exploded and the situation at the scene was no better.

Sheng Qiao was scolded by the director who rushed over the backstage and said sternly after the scolding.

“You are fully responsible for this!”

Sheng Qiao face was expressionless.

“Not gonna say about plagiarism?”

“Say it again! He is a contracted artist of Music Arts and his father is director Lu Pingzhong!”

“A signed artist can plagiarize? He can plagiarize just because his dad is a director?”

Director’s Team: “….”

I really want to beat her to death!

Sheng Qiao sneered.

“I suggest you now announce that he plagiarized and eliminate him immediately, then I will go back to continue recording the show and give the audience an apology. This is the best solution.”

Such a farce, the network spread like crazy. They couldn’t cover up something that couldn’t be covered.

The directing team resigned themselves to the arrangement.

Sheng Qiao soon reentered the scene, the host first announced that the song was plagiarized and eliminated him immediately. Sheng Qiao also apologized to the audience inside and outside the studio which affected their viewing experience.

The three mentors have agreed to save the scene, making the atmosphere harmonious and thus the recording continues.

But with this interlude who wants to watch the show?

The video of Sheng Qiaio disliking the plagiarism contestant which by turned off by the director’s team reached hundred of millions.

This must be how straightforward, how courageous to dare and directly plagiarized on air? Not only did she offend the program team she also offended the director, and to think she would be mixed in the film and television industry in the future!

When Bei Mingfan received the call from the program team, he really thought he had heard wrong.

That Sheng Qiao who was so kind and gentle to everyone, who laughs at every word would lose her temper in public? And grabbed the microphone?

Until he watched the video…

Shit, it’s a volcano!

The thing was what else they could do? They could only catch her angry against plagiarism and have commendable courage to improve her PR image.

The good thing was that the show had already reached the second half and it didn’t take long to end the live broadcast. The director’s team was no in a hurry to deal with the live incident and left in a hurry as soon as it was over without even saying hello.

Fang Bai and Ding Jiang look at Sheng Qioa’s eyes that was saying, ‘we are done, we are now done.’

Sheng Qiao spat her tongue at them as the Qiao fans gradually dispersed, not knowing who shouted.

“Qiao Qiao! We will always support you! Don’t be afraid!”

And right away there was a flurry of support.

She turned to look at the audience and smiled sweetly at them.

Fang Bai drove her home, seeing her as if nothing had happened he really wanted to scold her but didn’t know where to start and how to scold. Finally he could only sigh again and again.

The car drove all the way into the garage, Bei Mingfan finished his emergency PR and finally found the time to clean up for her.

Sheng Qiao waved at Fang Bai and picked up the phone while getting out of the car.

“Sheng Qiao! What the hell are you doing to me! Are you a newbie!? Don’t you know priorities!”

Sheng Qiao said sincerely while walking to the elevator.

“I’m sory I was impulsive and have you trouble!”

Apologizing so quickly, Bei Mingfan don’t know how to continue scolding her.

Arriving at the elevator, she looked up and saw the person standing in the shadow. When she stopped he saw the man came out, wearing a black baseball cap and when he looked up his eyes were like the sea.

Sheng Qiao snapped off the phone and took two steps forward with visibly joy in her expression.

“Huo Xi! Why are you here? When did you return to China?”

He looked at her with a deep gaze. Half a long time, a light voice said.

“The live broadcast accident is so big that I have to come back even if I don’t have to come back yet.”

Sheng Qiao’s shoulder shrunk as she whispered.

“I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you again.”

Just as she finished saying this the top of her head was suddenly covered with a touch of warmth.

His palm, with a swallow temperature gently touched her head and whispered.

“Silly, aren’t you?”



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