Chapter 49

Jian Ruixi kept her word, she said she would to send a weibo post so while she was sending message to Even in the car she took the group photo of the three of them and posted it.

There was no text description, it was so simple and crude. Despite this, when she got home the comments broke thousand in a matter of minutes and the fans were very cooperative to start a hot discussion.

[Did the goddess went to Even’s recital? I heard the scene was very hot, I also had friends who went to see from Shanghai just was to watch it should I have known I will go with her.]

[Ahhhh I’m a pig brain why didn’t I think of you guys going to the recital to support the piano prince. What a great opportunity to have a chance meeting with the little boy god! By my own stupidity missed it, I hate this!!!!]

[The sister upstairs do not hate yourself too much, I just came out of the Cultural Center but also did not see Annie, such a large venue wanting to meet them by chance is not easy.]

[I’m sorry I came to pull the hatred value, grabbed the VIP tickets from my brother and I was in the back row of the young master’s back and then the whole time my mind was not on the music. I only remember the young master’s lovely back head, I can’t help it Even’s performance will have a chance to see later although the tickets are little more expensive but it was nothing when meeting the young master, once is really a once in a life time ╭(╯3╰)╭]

[Yes, finally I don’t have to bite my hand and envy other sister. I also met the goddess in person. The crown princess and the young master they are as beautiful as a picture~]

Jian Ruixi likes the feeling of being sought after, the rainbow farts the fans blows to her were praises to sky like how was more beautiful and fans praising her son’s handsome looks.

Praising her directly could make her heart blossom and even the latter would make her feel more accomplished after all the son inherited her beauty.

So this time Jian Ruixi once entered her house, single-mindedly holds her phone as she sits on the sofa and then did not tire of reading one message after another.

As for Jayce who was also accustomed to the occasional appearance of his mommy like this did not make a fuss. He followed him with his short legs and called out in a small voice.


Jian Ruixi held out her hand without raising her head and then Jayce crawled on his hand and knees then sat on her lap and found a comfortable position to sit down. This action was as skilled as if rehearsed countless times.

Mother and son then came together, head against head and while brushing her phone. Jian Ruixi smiled jokingly to her son.

“Look, sisters are praising you are handsome but also wait for you to grow up oh~”

At Jayce’s age he had vaguely understood what his sister meant by “when you grow up’, suddenly his face turned red with the unique shyness of a young boy.

Because his reaction was so interesting, Jian Ruixi who brought up the topic first.

“Wow you’re really something at a young age and you’re already thinking about Missy?”

“But what kind of lady you want to find, you have to go through mommy first. Mommy will tell you, mommy’s standards are very high.”

She said all the good and bad things, Jayce could only muddle his face: meow?

The mother and son thought about the future for a while and then came to the time when Fu Shiyuan video call them.

As they become more and more familiar, Jian Ruixi was more open in front of Fu Shiyuan. The child was sitting on her bed happily chatting while Jian Ruixi was in the shower, she put on a mask and came over.

“What are you talking about?”

A strange face and unrecognizable features just suddenly appeared in the screen.

Even if Fu Shiyuan always has the calm demeanor, the color of his face still changes and even if he was called the “smiling tiger” such appearance appears in his sight he was shocked when the “monster” was his wife.

Fu Shiyuan couldn’t quite looked directly at his wife’s green face.

“Change green today?”

In fact Fu Shiyuan recently had some knowledge of women’s beauty, he has more than once seen his wife with a black face or white face and even frightened a child to cry.

And sometime she painted herself with red yellow like a face mask with jam like texture, he should not be surprised, but men always had a hard to let go of a particular color.

Jian Ruixi however did not understand what was going to Fu Shiyuan’s head, she thought Fu Shiyuan was interested in talking to her about beauty regime.

She proudly brought her face closer and explained.

“This is a natural and organic mask, green is hydrating after the cleansing mask.”

Although Fu Shiyuan was not very interested but would not easily expressed it. He smiled and nodded.

“It’s not easy for you girls.”

Jian Ruixi wanted to say it wasn’t hard all and how lucky she was to be a girl and enjoy the process of becoming a beautiful in her life.

And would cry if was dressed as a rough man.

However before she could speak, President Fu had changed the topic seamlessly.

“How did you feel about Even’s recital? I heard it was very successful?”

“It’s indeed successful, but who did you hear that from?”

Jian Ruixi was really diverted by him, she joked.

“Did you secretly cheked my Weibo?”

“Do I need to check you weibo post to know about it?”

Recently President Fu who has been surfing the internet seems to have acquired the bicker skill.

But of course this still could only be used on one person and in specific emotions.

Jian Ruixi asked good-naturedly.

“And where did you know that?”

“Don’t you know you’ve been interviewed?”

“Wow did the news come out so quickly?”

Jian Ruixi was quite surprised, and decisively took out her phone and searched. Indeed she found a relevant report with simple straightforward title—“The Piano Prince’s World Tour’s first stop, Princess Consort Fu’s surprise appearance.”

Jian Ruixi was concerned about her image and pulled the news directly to the bottom and put their group photo on in.

The reporter’s photography level was good, against the background of several green leaves she appears to be the only woman with unparalleled beauty in Hong Kong.

Jian Ruixi was in a good mood and commented.

[Although the Hong Kong City Media likes to talk nonsense and have no education but the photos are not bad, there is always some redeeming features.]



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