Chapter 36

Soon it was close to lunch time rush.

In the vicinity of Yili road there were not only high-end residential areas but several SOHO office buildings and shopping complexes.

The Meow Meow Private Kitchen which occupies the most prominent position at the crossroads was also in the right place at the right time.

In a short time, there were a lot of crowd flocking.

“Huh, when did a new store open?”

“It was opened before by newlywed husband and wife but later when I pass going home the store was already close. It seems that the boss has changed, let me see—what do you have to eat now?”

Usually at noon, office workers like to choose the affordable set menu.

But many people were stunned when they saw the menu written on the small blackboard at the door.

[1.Fish porridge (stay up late meow in)]

[2.Shrimp egg soup (cat’s shave in)]

[3.Dried Fish (on a diet but meow is greedy in)]

Behind the prices on the board, there was a cute cat paw print.

Fish porridge and shrimp egg soup had 10 claws while the dried small fish has 12 claws.

“It’s a bit special and doesn’t seem expensive, let’s try it?”

“Ha ha, Brother Chen, you just said earlier about your hair loss. Now there is help!”

“Get lost!….then this one.”

Office workers were basically numb to the choice of what to eat every day.

As long they work for a month, they could eat all the restaurant in the neighborhood and just in case they go back to the a certain restaurant it was nothing more than coincidental.

After all if they like a restaurant it was easy to get bored of eating it all the time.

It would not taste delicious all the time, at best it just included in the list of ‘never in contact with’1.

However when the trio walked into the store and soon found that the store was extremely deserted.

At the noon rush hour, not only were all the table empty but they don’t even see one waiter.

There was only a girl who was half-paralyzed by the balcony under the glass window and was holding a bottle of mineral water.

Because it was against the light, it was little difficult to see the features clearly.

“Boss? Are you open?”

The boy who had just laughed at Chen’s bald head touched has Mediterranean looked.

Just as they pondered whether to leave a slender finger lifted up and lazily pointed to the cashier by the door.

The trio looked over in the direction.

All the machines and equipment on the cashier’s desk were fully equipped and the QR code sign for collection was neatly arranged.

There was a sterilized cupboard next to it also.

Next to the cabinet was a large barrel and then next to it was a packet of rolled up—suspected dried small fish.

Then there was a small table at the back which says ‘if you want shrimp egg soup call me again and get the rest yourself.’

The three of them were all suspicious.

“It’s probably a new store that hasn’t had time to recruit.”

“Surprisingly it has the feel of roadside stall…..wait, there are no other dishes?”

They searched and lowered their voices.

A delicate voice however soon rang out from the balcony.

“Nothing else, just the menu at the door.”

The bald man among the three was suddenly surprised.

Just now he spoke with a very small quiet voice, the owner should be at least seven or eight meters away but she could hear him clearly?

That’s a little scary hearing.

But before he could make a sound, a cry of alarm rang out around him faster than his reaction.

“Oh, crap the boss’s voice is so cute! It’s softer than Baby Lori…”

The expression of the bald man was stunned.

The third person next to him, the pimpled-face man was also stunned at the sound of the voice.

They as programmers were destined to be single dogs, and they like to get together and watch some bloggers on the internet during their lunch break.

Hearing this voice, they could not help but to compare with their favorite bloggers.

“Baby Lori is cute looking baby, and has a charming voice.”

“Do you want to eat or change to another restaurant? Hurry up, don’t you want to make 56 kinds of instant noodles to eat and broadcast later?”

“Hey, then how about the next door beef noodles? Wait until the chef is here, there are no vegetables or meat here.”

After the three of them decided, there were about to step out of the store.

But the lazy, delicate voice behind them once again rang out.

“No vegetables, but there is vegetables juice do you want it?”

As soon as the voice fell, a slender hand handed them a bottle of green vegetable juice.

And it seems that in a blink of an eye–

They don’t know how she came from seven or eight meters away, as she suddenly walked behind them.

And….these fingers were slim and slender with creamy white skin and nail caps that were translucent with pink crystals which was really exquisite.

The three of them turned around and opened their mouths at the same time then pushed the framed glasses on the bridged of their noses with difficulty at the same time.

“What the…”

They don’t know who made the sound but their face suddenly turned red.

They just saw the pretty face of the girl in front of them, it seems that the sunlight reflected a flawless like jade, no pores and still glowing face.

Black eyes like cats, slightly raised corners of the eyes revealing a little sexiness not to mention the upturned small nose, pink lips and fluffy dress.

Moe girl!

In living person!

The trio’s inner blood tank was half empty.

There was still half of the blood but after the cute looking boss owner was five centimeters closer it was completely empty!

“It’s five yuan a bottle, I bought it in the supermarket next door. There’s no price increase, do you want it?”

“Take a vitamin B supplement as well as fiber.”

Ye Susu opened up the bottle cap and read the ad text without any emotion.


“Have one of those.”


The three geeks whose blood tanks were all empty subconsciously took out their phones and tried to scan the QR code.

In less than ten minutes, they had a bowl of porridge, shrimp egg soup, a packet of dried fish and a vegetable juice with a large chicken leg brought from the supermarket next door with their eyes frozen.

While Ye Susu looked at the mission panel and sighed with relief.

[Task 2:Make 500 yuan 230/500)]

She was really so resourceful.

Even if she bought something from next door and sell it here the income still counts.

This assignment does not require a net income amount.

Apparently, this was only the third day of the 100th life. Her ancestor was still reasonable and didn’t give her a hell of a hard time as soon as she came up.

At present, this was the normal difficulty that a cat who was new to the mortal circle could accomplish.

Ye Susu wiped the sweat that nearly came out.

Just now when sent Manager Zhang away she was ready to do a big job and earn 500 yuan quickly but unfortunately she sat and waited for a long time but no customers came.

 But finally after she secretly pretended to sleep and used her mortal hearing to eavesdrop on the guests she discovered that the problem was “no vegetables”, “no meat dishes”, and was “deserted.”

Unfortunately without the pup raising value she could only go next door to procure some vegetable juice with a larger chicken leg.

Luckily she finally managed to keep the tree guests.

With this issue resolved, Ye Susu gave a relieved smile.

On the other side of the table the three programmer geeks stared at the things on the table and looked at each other. After a while they all blushed a little.

“Let’s go, there’s no food in this store.”

“The boss was just teasing us, let’s get out and go next door and eat pickled fish!”

“Huh, someone really eats at this restaurant?”

Waves of people who entered the store to look at the menu quickly leave after checking and before they left they swept the trio around with suspicious eyes and suspecting them to be the owner’s people.

The trio heated the attention and hide their faces under the table.

“Brother Chen, why did you say you wanted vegetable juice? It’s to humiliating, just now the service department girls are looking at me as if they are looking at a fool.”

“Damn, isn’t it you who said the boss lady sounded cute otherwise I would have walked out!”

“Shit, Brother Chen aren’t you embarrassed saying that to me? Dare you to stop peeking at the boss lady!”

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to appreciate beautiful woman so what’s wrong with that?”

The three quarreled a bit and finally couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh when Ye Susu lazily laid back once again and sunbath to the ‘best sunshine’.

No filter, it was a real beauty ah.

So sweet looking, cute eyes and soft voice.

“Originally I thought that moe girls only live in the virtual life.”

“There is also a cultural festival with show venues….”

“It’s close to the company, let’s buy pickled fish next door to eat here tomorrow?”

If the boss lady add her picture in front of them they could eat all three more bowls of rice!

And the melancholy of writing code could be forgotten all at once!

The trio pushed their glasses and pretended they weren’t peeking as they looked down and took a bite of the “restaurant’s food” in front of them.

All at once, their sight went straight.


The Mediterranean man wiped some of this hairline back and for a second as he felt the elasticity of the shrimp in his mouth caught in the soft, warm egg soup bursting with fresh shrimp juice that popped on his teeth.


Instantly his waist which had been sitting most of the morning and was somewhat sore and numb felt most of its vitality restored.

Even the fingers, which were a little sore from writing the code broke out with unprecedented speed and scooped up the bowl in front of them.

This was a live, conversational, interactive and cooking moe!

After the trio wolfed down their food they both looked at each other and the whole group’s wolf eye were shining bright and frighteningly.

“I suddenly remembered that it seems to be possible to work overtime in the evening, and if I have overtime then I could have another overtime meal….”

“Makes sense, I have a lot of bugs to fix today too.”

“I have an evening release, just in time to drink porridge and nourish the stomach if I stay late all night.”

And at 12:30 pm Meow Meow’s store was still deserted.

In addition to the trio, followed by a lot of people who looked at the menu and left even when Ye Susu took out vegetable juice it did not help at all.

“Hey the vegetable juice doesn’t taste good, is it okay to drink them?”

Ye Susu on the balcony took out the “100 Breakfast Recipes Questions” a headache.

She need to learn one more dish at least in the evening.

Good thing was Manger Zhang was reliable, and didn’t take long to send someone to install the bookshelves and send two boxes of cookbooks.

Ye Susu casually flipped over the “600 cases of popular and revolutionary recipes.”

This time she didn’t dare to act rashly.

The mortal’s choice of meal was not quite the same as she thought and she just realizes this now.

But since she was a noble cat, she would give shiguan some face.

After thinking about it, she took the book and reluctantly walked over the table of the three guests that she only have.

“Tomorrow, two meal plans will be updated and you can choose from them.”

The soft voice, paired with the gimmick of a suspected “custom cuisine” made the trio bleed out again from the little blood they had just recovered from eating.

Let them choose and listen to them?

This kind of interaction would also be available in the live streaming.

But this has always belonged to the most rewarded tycoons, when did it ever happened for a loser to speak?

Even if they give tons and tons of rewards the live streamer could not even see a hair of them!

“Ah…okay, okay.”

“Let me see…. I see…”

The trio who received the cookbook had their hands shaking a little.

While they choose, their hearts were also jumping from happiness.

The Mediterranean youth finally didn’t hold back and leaned.

He secretly clicked on the top of the WeChat [keyboard chivalrous hero group]

[Ou Qi: comrades, I found a cute moe, living in the coordinate meow meow private kitchen.]

[Ou Qi: come and eat dried fish, look at the cute soft lady boos!]

[Ou Qi: she let us customize tomorrow’s menu, customize ah, vip treatmen!]

Ye Susu certainly does not understand the psychological geeks.

However for mortal’s admiring gaze she as the noble and beautiful cat, already know and was not scared at all.


‘never in contact with’1– an idiom, pronunciation is lǎo sǐ bù xiāng wǎng lái, means that even if two people live in close proximity, close contacts to even cry Jigou are mixed together, but never no contact occurs.


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