RB80’s: VMRHCD 7


Chapter 7- Holding Back

But what about today?

She ate the noodles strip by strip and was chewing slowly.

Everyone in the Pei family did not think that Jiang Ran has change her eating habits but instead thought that she has something to say to them.

As expected, Jiang Ran couldn’t hold back after eating half of the noodles.

Everyone in the Pei family stopped eating at the same time and looked at Jiang Ran with a wary face.

While Jiang Ran was staring at the basin in front of her when she suddenly felt that there were fiery eyes staring at her for some time now.

When Jiang Ran raised her head, she was confronted with the wary expression of Pei family members.

Jiang Ran blinked, seeing that everyone was still staring at her motionless she had no choice but to open her mouth and said.

“What are you all looking at? Eat!”

After saying that, Jiang Ran had already picked up her chopsticks and continue eating big bite after big bite.

Jiang Ran decides that not to go against the body’s instinct, for now.

Weight loss and other things, could just wait until she has eaten enough!

Everyone in the Pei family were waiting for Jiang Ran to demand something from them again but did not expect Jiang Ran to say just this and then lowered her head to eat the noodles.

The Pei family looked at each other and did not understand what was wrong with Jiang Ran though they were no longer stunned. They quickly ate all the noodles in the bowl and stood up one after another.

After everyone in the Pei finished eating, Jiang Ran also put down her chopsticks on the table.

And the original porcelain pot that was filled with noodles at this time has only a small amount of soup left.

After eating this bowl of noodles, Jiang Ran’s stomach was full and her brain was finally function.

Sure enough people who don’t eat could think right.

The original owner has been in the Pei family over the years now but she was a person who doesn’t support the oil bottle after it falls1.

So after Jiang Ran just finished eating, Pei Shanshan had already collected all the bowls and chopsticks before she could stood up.

Pei Shanshan went to the kitchen with the bowls and chopsticks while Pei Baoshan went back to their room with Wang Cuilan, presumably to rest for the afternoon.

Pei Yang also got up and left, not knowing what to do.

And there was only Jiang Ran and Pei Jing left at the table.

The two just sat facing each other, Jiang Ran stared at Pei Jing for a while and found that the boy was really good looking.

Although she already knew that Pei Jing was very good looking after getting the original owner’s memory.

But after all it was the memory of other people and it was far less than the shock of seeing it with her own eyes.

The child was really beautiful, his facial features were delicate and exquisite. His hair was a little long and slightly curly, if his skin were whiter he would almost look like a doll.

He was more beautiful than some child stars that Jiang Ran saw before she crossed over the book.

The more she looked at him the more she like him, Jiang Ran simply wave at Pei Jing and showed a smile.

“Little Jing, come here.”

Pei Jing complied and got down from the bench and walks to Jiang Ran step by step with his short legs.

Without waiting for Jiang Ran to speak, Pei Jing’s little hand reached into the pocket of his shirt.

When he took out his hands again there was a handful of small peanuts on his hand.

Pei Jing was just over three years old, and looked a little thin so on his little hand these handful of peanuts were in fact five to six pieces at most.

Seeing the peanuts, Jiang Ran froze for a moment.

Why was he giving her peanuts?

“That’s all I got, here you go.”

Pei Jing’s voice was small with a trifle of fear.

Hearing Pei Jing’s words, similar memories from the past resurface in Jiang Ran’s mind.

Thinking about those images, Jiang Ran then understood why Pei Jing have her peanuts.

The original owner was a real glutton but since the Pei family has limited food, except for three meals a day she rarely could have anything to eat.

If the original owner herself wanted to eat, she would have wandered around the house looking for food.

(End of Chapter)

doesn’t support the oil bottle after it falls1– doesn’t care after getting the benefits.


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