Chapter 48

Jian Ruixi didn’t tell President Fu why she treating Even differently because she was sleepy and since Fu Shiyuan was not a like resentful husband, nor he has an unforgiving character and too ungentlemanly.

Fu Shiyuan elegantly and calmly said goodbye to his wife.

“Good night, good dreams.”

“Good night to you too.”

The heartless Jian Ruixi hung up the phone and fell back to sleep, she didn’t worry about it at all. Afterwards she couldn’t remember to explain to President Fu.

Therefore the smooth sailing life of the 30 years old Fu Shiyuan experience his first pain.

On Saturday Jian Ruixi dressed up to support Mr. Even, she not only wore a beautiful dress she also dressed Jayce up.

A tailored made shirt vest and tuxedo, the collar tied with champagne bow tie while his mommy was champagne colored dress—wearing the same color making him look more elegant and little gentleman.

Unfortunately the little gentleman was too short with her mommy wearing high heels, he more looked like a small flower girl.

Jian Ruixi reluctantly changed from holding his arm to holding his little hand and said nonchalantly.

“Your little short legs should walk faster, don’t let mommy wait for you halfway with her dress.”

Jayce who was trampled, protested seriously.

“Mommy, you can’t keep calling me short!”

Perhaps because of excitement the delicate jade-like little face was also tinged with red.

Jian Ruixi laughed at the little look of his stomping feet, she then squatted down and fixed up his suit.

“What’s the matter with being little? Concentration is the essence, our Jayce is handsome and is love by everyone.”

Jayce did not make any sound as his grape-like eyes stared at his mommy, Jian Ruixi patted his shoulder and without any pressured stood up again as she said.

“It won’t start any soon, let’s go to the backstage and see Teacher Even.”

The teacher’s performance was more important so Jayce temporarily put aside his resentment and took the initiative to hold his mommy’s hand.

Long before, Madam Fu and the young master arrived at the venue the busy Even had already arranged for a staff to meet them outside.

At this moment the elite-looking lady slightly bowed and said.

“Backstage is through this door, please follow me.”

Even was being interviewed in the backstage surrounded by his invited friends in the music industry, there were all masters but they couldn’t be compared with Madam Fu’s presence.

As soon Jian Ruixi and Jayce enter, not only the host interrupted the interview to meet them but also his friends came to say hello and had Even introduced them one by one.

Jian Ruixi was equally exited, Even know so many musician friends. It would be better for her to meet them for her plans and shook hands one by one.

“Miss Wu, Miss Zhang, Miss Chen… I heard a lot about you.”

Behind them were the reporters with glowing eyes and face that was not in vain. They waited patiently for this opportunity.

Even did not forget the purpose of the interview, after a little greeting they turned to the reporters.

“Sorry for waiting so long, let’s continue.”

The reporters periodically invited Madam Fu to join them, they also understood the rules and stressed.

“We will only interview you and I promise not to shoot the young master.”

Jian Ruixi was originally worried that she would steal the limelight from the teacher and would make him feel embarrassed but she didn’t expect that Even to be quite happy to ask her.

“How about taking two group photos, the interview is not necessary.”

Thinking about it, she doesn’t compete for their jobs as musician so what kind of resentment Even could have?

On the contrary Madam Fu’s identity could add light to him, making him appear taller in the his social circle.

It happened that Jian Ruixi was also willing to sell Even a face so she nodded and said.

“Take picture.”

The Hong Kong Media used to openly mocked Madam Fu and thought that since there was no good feeling built up she was not happy to let them interview her.

Then several of the “visiting” friends consciously lined up, even Jayce hid behind his mommy and took several photos.

After the picture, Even continued the interview and after the concert the mother and son went back to the backstage.

This time they took another group photo with the host alone while Jayce was sitting on the sofa. Jayce turned his back to the camera and the whole person was buried in his arms and could not see his facial features but his small formal black was still a little cute.

Jian Ruixi shook her phone.

“This one I’m going to post.”

Even smiled.

“Fortunately with our relationship we don’t have to pay for advertising.”

Jian Ruixi has a mysterious smile on her face which translates “advertising fees still has to be paid, just different form.”

On the way home, she then message to Even the inform him of her request.

The reason for not talking in person and having to talk to phone was because the request has something to do with Jayce—Jian Ruixi invited Even to collaborate with her to create a birthday song tailored for the child’s birthday.

The was the big move that Jian Ruixi wanted to do at Jayce’s birthday party, in order to completely rip off the kid and since she was rich noblewoman as well this gift should be a good surprise for her son.

When everything was place accordingly she would just kept it for her family to enjoy, so she doesn’t have to worry about opposition of the rich mother-in-law.

Jian Ruixi thought she was definitely touched by good mother fairy in Hong Kong, she was so creative and so heartfelt not afraid that Jayce a young master of the rich family used to big storms was not moved.

But after all, she has never written a song so she must ask a professional and a really talented musicians guidance to do it.

When necessary, they must also help her cheat. Anyway as long as she participated in the whole process, who could tell how much role she has played?

Jian Ruixi fixed her eyes on Even but she also know he was busy with touring recently so after making the request she kindly added.

“If you don’t have time please introduce me to someone suitable. The song style is slightly more lively, young people are the best after all it is written for Jayce.”

She didn’t have the heart to say that it should be as talented and handsome as him, so that she could work with more enthusiasm.

Even quickly replied, indicating that the invitation was of interest to him and decide to follow her.

The plan was successful.

Jian Ruixi made an appointment with Even with a smile, she couldn’t help but hug her son and kiss him excitedly.

With a crisp smack, Jayce who was looking at the scenery outside the window turned around and looked her with a confused expression on her little face.




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