Chapter 24(2­)

The original owner slit her own wrist and killed herself that time, Zuo Xingping wanted to changed her fate but there was no changes.

The other three dads had nothing to do with him but because there was Jiang Mian in the middle the four people had a seemingly unrelated connection so it was difficult to calculate.

Zuo Xingping nodded seriously, in order to complete the task given to him by his baby daughter but also to clear Jiang Mian’s “suspicion” he said seriously.

“I calculate that you will have bad luck if you travel far and since you don’t believe me I told Mian Mian. Mian Mian is just afraid that something will happen to you and since she can’t come back yet she asked me to stop you.”

Qin Jingrun nodded and got up to go upstairs, Zuo Xingping did not know whether he believed him or not anyway he already made up his mind that he must complete the task given to him by his baby daughter.

Qing Jingrun went upstairs to his room and thought for a few minutes before he called Chen Xu.

“Contact the American side, let’s postpone the filming of Death Plan 3.”

He did not believe `100% in Zuo Xingping’s words but since his baby daughter did not want him to go to United States and even let Zuo Xingping personally stop him, how could he as the father refused his baby daughter’s kindness.

Thinking of Jiang Mian, Qing Jingrun’s heart warm up, his baby daughter was really daddy’s sweet little cotton coat~

Jiang Mian did not know that she and her Taoist father underground party has been known by his film emperor father—Zuo Xingping was embarrassed to tell her and look stupid as a father.

After two days, she learned that her film emperor father was sure not to go to United States and completely put her mind at ease. With this one things resolved Jiang Mian finally able to shoot with peace of mind.

A month later, the scene of “Green Onion Love Language” in the mountain were all shot and the rest of the scenes were to be shot in the city at the film and television base, site built by the crew.

The crew returned to the capital city and gave the actors two days off.

Jiang Mian first went to school, the one month vacation was over but the filming was not yet over so she need to ask for another leave.

The semester was coming to an end, and she figured she would spend the rest of the vacation on filming. When she asked for leave the only requirement given to her by the counselor was that she must be present at the end of the term and must not fail.

Guan Xin also came back for leave and from a distance Jiang Mian saw her and Gu Qiuwen walking together.

Rubbing the goose bumps on her hands she prepared to leave the school and go home with a new leave slip. Only after walking a few steps she run into professor Jiang who teach animal simulation, head-on.

Jiang Mian: “…..”

When filming, Professor Jiang once sent her a WeChat and asked her to hand in her homework. Jiang Mian looked confused and didn’t respond at all but he send a few questions marks over.

Jiang Xunian was silent for a few seconds.

“You didn’t look at the flash drive you were given?”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

She completely forgot that before she left school this professor Jiang had given her a flash drive and searched for half a day without finding it.

So Jiang Xunian sent her a copy online by computer, then he asked her to do an assignment every three days and sent it to him. At that time she would be given the usual score as long as the final exam works normally she won’t fail.

Other teacher were so serious and responsible, if Jiang Mian was not doing good and if she has been perfunctory she has to hand in her homework regularly.

Jiang Xunian was stunned when he saw her.

“When did you come back?”

Seeing the leave slip in her hand again, it became clear.

Jiang Mian wanted to slip away, but Jiang Xunian naturally saw it and said faintly.

“Since your back there’s a simulation class later, so you can leave after the class. Class points will also be calculated into the final grade.”

“Okay, teacher Jiang.”

The words of refusal were swallowed back by Jiang Mian as she sighed. She was still a student in school and as a student she had to be disciplined by her teacher.

Jiang Xunian raised his hand and looked at the time.

“Let’s go together.”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

Was he afraid that since she already have the leave slip she would turn around and slip away?

Jiang Mian had no choice but to follow Jiang Xunian to the classroom.

Once inside the classroom’s lively atmosphere slowly quietened down and many eyes fell on Jiang Mian.

As classmates they naturally know that Jiang Mian did not attend the class this month because she was shooting a film or to be precise Zhang Zhixing’s film. Generally, the freshman in the first grade of the academy under the teacher request were not allowed to shot.

At this time the new students have just entered school to study and has not settled down to take up drama filming. They were impetuous and they didn’t have a solid acting foundation and their future wouldn’t go too far.

If once really wanted to be take a film it must be a big production, but how could a freshman without background and strength enter the crew of big production?

Many freshmen had to restrain themselves even though they wanted to shoot and were itching to do so.

The drama of great director like Zhang Zhixin was an opportunity that was hard to find and if given a chance to shoot of course they would seize it.

So the process of Jiang Mian’s leave was a little more complicated but it went smoothly—the school was very humane in this regard.

As a fellow classmates who was also a freshman, Jiang Mian who have grab such opportunity made people really feel envious and jealousy. Usually they should not feel this much as they don’t see her that much but when she suddenly appear in the classroom those feeling resurface together with curiosity.

Jiang Mian casually found an empty seat to sit down and just as she sat down she heard a cautious voice next to her.

“Jiang Mian how does it feel to shoot a scene ah?”

Jiang Mian looked over and spoke to a round faced girl, looking at the timid girl under her gaze.

“It’s okay, it’s fulfilling.”

Jiang Mian didn’t quite understand why she was looking at her like she could stand up and slap her any time.

What she forgot was that every time the original owner had an animal simulation class in the classroom she would always fight with Jiang Xunian in class like a cannonball ready to explode. And not just the round face girl who remembered this, most people were afraid to talk to her–afraid of angering her.

But probably because her tone was mild and there was no sign of anger the round face girl relaxed a lot and asked a few more questions in which Jiang Mian answered them one by one.

People around her all heard what she said so some people could not help asking questions too, whenever anyone asked questions Jiang Mian would answer them making the atmosphere much more harmonious.

Inevitably some people wonder in their hearts how Jiang Mian’s temper has changed for the better, was it because of the shooting?

Before the bell rang, Jiang Xunian was preparing lesson on the podium. He glanced in the direction of Jiang Mian then withdrew his eyes.

Jiang Mian whose temperament has been restrained was indeed more likeable than before.

Jiang Mian who finished the course went home and although the house was unoccupied for a month Liu Ma came over every day to clean and air out the house so there was no change from before she left.

Arriving she immediately took a shower and changed into a comfortable pajamas and just as she was out of the bedroom the doorbell rang. When she came closer Qi Yanshu appeared on the electronic screen.

Uh…thinking about his hands, Jiang Mian inexplicably had the illusion of a debtor at the door. She opened the door.

“Uncle Qi.”

Qi Yanshu still had a white cloth over his eyes, he said.

“I heard a sound and came to see.”

“I just came back a while ago.”

Sensing that the atmosphere was a bit awkward Jiang Mian’s gaze fell to his wrist.

“Let me see your hand.”

Previously through Liu Ma, Jiang Mian learned that Qi Yanshu’s hand had been removed from the cast and was recovering well with no problems.

Originally she wanted to call Qi Yanshu to ask about the situation only to find that she did not have Qi Yanshu’s number. The latter’s assistant Luo Jiale’s number she had also forgotten to save.

“It’s already fine.”

Qi Yanshu moved his right hand and moved it freely, he hesitated for a few seconds before he said.

“Finished filming the scene?”

“No, the mountain part is finished and the next one has to be shot for more than a month.”

She found Qi Yanshu carrying a bag in his hand and took a look, it was actually takeout.

Isn’t he too pitiable?

Jiang Mian: “….”

“Uncle Qi, you eat takeout?”

Qi Yanshu gave a shallow hmm, Jiang Mian looked Qi Yanshu up and down. The latter seemed to know what Jiang Mian was thinking, he pursed his lips and said lighty.

“Xiao Luo is on a business trip.”

Although he could hear and distinguish things and has no problem taking care of himself he has not yet gone against the grain to the point of being able to cook.

He did not like Luo Jiale to come running to cook food for him so the latter contact a star restaurant only to served Qi Yanshu. It was regular delivery every day so it was too much to say it’s takeout.

These he did not explain to Jiang Mian, so she naturally do not know that this takeout was not the other takeout. She did not see this was okay, since she was in the mountain for a month and was not able to take care of his hands—now seeing him, she was embarrassed to let Qi Yanshu eat takeout.

“Wait for me.”

Jiang Mian ran to the kitchen, pulled open the refrigerator then frowned—it was empty.

Liu Ma knows that she goes to work outside and was not home, he only needs to clean every day and there was no need to cook. The refrigerator would go bad if the ingredients were placed in it for a long time.

Jiang Mian thought if there were ingredients in the fridge, she would make something to eat and after thinking about it she went back to the door.

“Uncle Qi, takeout is not healthy let me invite you to eat out.”

This should be considered a reparations for her indifference to people’s injured hand for this month.

With Qi Yanshu’s hearing, he heard the sound of Jiang Mian pulling open the refrigerator and understood her thought almost instantly.

After a paused, he said.

“Xiao Luo brought some ingredients two day ago and put them in the refrigerator….”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jiang Mian said in surprise.

“Ya, just in time there is no food in my fridge so let’s cook it ourselves.”

She was lazy to go out again and cooking it herself was more sincere. The other party’s hands were almost as good as new but this just eliminates the cause and effect of her hurting his hands.


The corner of Qi Yanshu’s mouth slowly rose.


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