ECM 43


Chapter 43

The front road was closed, and there was a big detour to go around the back.

But it just so happens to be Xu Zhaixing’s intention so that she could satisfy her own little selfishness and stays with her idol for a few more minutes.

Xu Zhaixing used the saying: ‘In any kind of environment or person when you feel the pain of parting for the first time you must fall in love with him.’

Every time she saw Cen Fang, she feel like this.

They have just met but they were already parting to soon making her feel sad.

She always hope that the time of parting could be farther and farther, always hope that the time together could be a little slower and then a little more slower for this remaining extra few minutes. So she was surprise when Cen Feng was still there waiting and waving at her after the performance.

She was a little excited, she wanted to say something to him but she didn’t know what to say so she could only follow him obediently and kept the distance of her conscious sense and propriety to enjoy the solitude of one second they have.

I‘m really really so really happy.

Cen Feng suddenly called out her name.

“Xu Zhaixing.”

For the first time Xu Zhaixing who was in dazed was stunned by how her idol called out her name making her heart trembled.


He smiled at her silly expression.

“Do you want ice cream?”

There was a convenient store in front of them, which was one of the few store on the street where trainees usually come to buy their daily necessities, snacks and drinks.

Xu Zhaixing was so happy that she was about to turn into smoke.

Idol said he would treat me to ice cream! Idol is buying me ice cream! Xu Zhaixing hold on! You hold on! You can do it!

She tensed her lips and nodded a little seriously.

As they get nearer the convenience store the smell of mixed food was stronger, Cen Feng pushed open the freezer and asked her.

“Which one do you want to eat?”

Of course I want the same flavor as you idol!

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly said.

“The same as you!”

Cen Feng actually does not particularly like to eat these, after thinking about what taste little girls would like he chose two vanilla. When he was paying, several trainees came in at the door and was stunned when they saw Cen Feng.

With just one afternoon, the entire trainee division already knows that he went to see a prestigious show. There were a lot of people so it’s inevitable that malicious rumors would come out, saying that Cen Feng was a kept man by a rich woman.

These trainees were not in the queue for the afternoon so of course they haven’t seen Xu Zhaixing. Seeing her choosing and picking drinks by the beverage rack they thought she was a passer-by shopping.

Cen Feng has been alone for the past two years, and with his cold nature not the mention he doesn’t give face to anyone and has strong ability he was regarded as a thorn in the eyes by many people who want to compete for a position to debut.

The trainees who came in were all strong and likely to debut, they usually always stick within their group. When they saw Cen Feng alone and since they already have a ready-made gossip of course they would not let go of the opportunity to mock him.

One of them harbored evil intentions and smiled unkindly.

“Cen Feng why are you alone? Where is your golden thigh?”

The other slowly walked up to him and saw that he was paying. He stretched out two fingers and picked up a condom on the clip net to the cashier and threw it to his hand.

“Don’t forget to buy it, pay attention to safety and health.”

Cen Feng’s eyes were cold, but before he could have time to speak he could hear a clatter sound behind him.

The next second, a coke was sprayed out on the head of the boys who was talking.

The action happened too suddenly and no one expected the little girl standing next to the drink stand would suddenly pick up a bottle of coke and shake it hard then sprayed it at them.

Coke was everywhere, the two boys who were directly sprayed were like drowned chicken and for a moment they screamed and cursed, it was full of chaos.

While Cen Feng froze.

After Xu Zhaixing sprayed all the contents of the coke, she smashed the bottle hard and grabbed the two ice cream in Cen Feng’s hand and pasted it on the two boys’ face.

This time the other party finally reacted, they were able to avoided her and was about to curse angrily but lollipops, chocolate, chewing gums including the condoms he just used to insult Cen Feng—in fact all the things placed on the side of cash register were all thrown at them.

Xu Zhaixing was like a little leopard that had lost its mind with murderous look on her face, wanting to fight with them.

This group of people dodge the things thrown at them while cursing.

“Who the fuck is this! You fucking stop, if you hit me again this laozi will not be polite with you!”

Xu Zhaixing was furious.

“Come on! Come and fight! Bunch of stinky bastards! Rotten flies! Stinky cockroaches and horse shit! Who’s afraid? Come on! Let’s see who gets killed first!”

The trainees who was smashed turned with anger, he rolled his sleeves and rushed towards her.

“You fucking…”

Before he could finish his sentence the young girl who wanted to fight with them was pulled behind Cen Feng. He shielded her with his arm and looked at the cursing boys with an icy expression, asking him.

“Want to fight?”

After Yin Chang left, word spread that Cen Feng almost threw him from a twelve story-building.

At this moment, being stamped by the sharp eyes without any warmth at all the boy woke up in an instant.

This man in front of them, when he fights he would surely be killed.

The next person to him pulled him, after all they were the first one to insult him though the one who started throwing things was the little girl they were still the ones who made a big fuss and were unreasonable. They all advised.

“Forget it, I’ll settle accounts with him later.”

The boy’s teeth clenched and his fingers fiercely pointed at Xu Zhaixing behind him, letting out a threatening message.

“I’ll remember you.”

Xu Zhaixing viciously replied.

“What’s the point of remembering your father? I don’t have any unworthy sons like you!”

Cen Feng: “…”

His temple pulsed.

The boy who was pissed by her was about to leave but then turned back.

”You fucking swear again?”

Xu Zhaixing looked like ‘you think I don’t dare?’ and said.

“You chicken! Your father will plant loquat tree tonight! Your grandfather will be pointed at when he plays chess! Your mother will not be able to lead the square dance! Your grandmother will meet the super double when she goes grocery shopping! You will become retarded and can’t take care of yourself for the rest of your life!”

Cen Feng: “?”

Several trainees: “???”

The boy only felt pain in his chest and a mouthful of blood was about to spurt out.

Cen Feng almost unable to suppress his smile, he stretched out his hand and pressed the coner of his eyes and turned back to call her out.

“Xu Zhaixing.”

The fierce little girl’s expression tone down and became tight all at once, looking at him a little nervously.

Cen Fen said softly.

“There you go.”

She pursed her lips for a moment but sure enough she stopped talking.

Several trainees were afraid that if they stay any longer they would really be killed, they don’t care whether they were offended or not by the little girl and hurriedly drag their companion away. The convenience store was a mess, and from the beginning to the end the one owner who was afraid to speak finally had the courage and tremblingly said.


Cen Feng took out all the money in his pocket and put in on the cash register.

“Is that enough?”

The boss hurriedly nodded.

“Enough, it’s enough.”

He smiled apologetically at the boss, then turned around and walked towards the freezer and took two more ice creams out of it and took Xu Zhaixing’s little arm then walked out of the convenience store.

The sun of was soft in the evening with a light orange tint.

Xu Zhaixing felt that the qi and blood surging in her body has not subsided yet and kept her head muffled. Cen Feng tore open the outer packaging of the ice cream, slightly squatting down like coaxing a child as he handed the ice cream.

The sweet scent of vanilla ran into her nostrils.

She sniffled and slowly raised her eyes to look at the teenager in front of her. She was sad and somewhat incoherent she said.

“Brother, I’m sorry, I’m not that mean I’m not usually like that….”

Since he was squatting down, she stood just a little taller than him. He had to tilt his head slight and with a gently smile on his pretty eyes he said.

“En, I know.”

As she spoke her eyes turned red.

“They bullied you…”

She didn’t know where these bad people coming from and kept on bullying him.

She could solve one, two, three or even more but they were like constant stream, like cockroaches they keep on popping up with malicious intent.

They don’t know what kind of harm words could do to others.

They don’t understand that judging others freely was already an evil act.

She tried her best to protect him, but she still failed to do so.

She feels so sad.

Cen Feng curved his lips and smiled, at that moment it was as if she was back in the past. Standing on the stage, fighting to pad her feet looking in the direction of the stage and his smile appeared on the big screen.

So gentle, so tender like a gathering of all the beauty of this world.

He whispered to coax her.

“They don’t dare to bully me, no one can bully me.”

She strained the corner of her mouth to keep the tears from flowing.

Cen Feng shook the ice cream in his hand.

“If you don’t eat it, it will melt.”

Xu Zhaixing took one over and put it on her mouth and took a big bite. He smiled, stood up and ripped open the packaging of the other one and took a bite himself.

No one spoke again, each ate their own ice cream and walked outside of the assembly building. Entering the exiting required access control, Cen Feng looked down and explained to her.

“Wait for me here.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded seriously.

Cen Feng turned to the security guard in the gatehouse again and said.

“Please look after the little girl for me, I’ll be out soon.”

He said it was quick and it was. In less than five minutes Xu Zhaixing saw her idol running all the way over.

When he ran, the wind blew his hair and clothes up like a teenager returning against time, his whole body was shining.

The notebook was originally black with no extra decorations, it has a very simple style but it became precious because it was full of his mood.

The bell rang in the training room asking all the trainees to gather in the studio. Cen Feng looked back and before he could say anything Xu Zhaixing immediately said.

“Brother you should go back quickly, you will be scolded if you are late!”

She took two steps back with the book in her arms, pursed her lips and smiled meekly as she waved to him.

“Bye brother.”

Cen Feng eyelashes trembled, a few seconds later he suddenly took out his phone and handed it over. Before Xu Zhaixing understood what he meant, she heard him say.

“Save your phone number.”

She almost jumped up and down.

Trembling she took the phone and entered her phone number. She then gave it back to him a little nervously.

Cen Feng took a look and pressed a few words with his slender fingers. It should have saved her name.

Xu Zhaixing was so excited and was about to speak when she heard Cen Feng said.

“What you want to say in the future send me a message, do not message me on the blog. I rarely open it.”

Xu Zhaixing: “???”

What blog? It’s not me!!! I deny it!!!

Cen Feng finished saving her phone number and put his phone back in his pocket, he looked up and saw her frightened little eyes. Smiling lightly he said.

“Go back.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

She spat and swallowed back her saliva as she tried to be sophomoric.

“Brother what are you talking about ah? What blog? I don’t understand.”

Cen Feng tilted his head to survey her a few time, his eyes was indifferent.

“Really can’t understand?”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

I get it, I get it, can’t I?


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