Chapter 24(1)

Xie Siyuan shot the video a distance away from where Shen Shiqing was tangled with the snake, Qin Jingrun didn’t know him well and didn’t recognize him either.

Jiang Mian typed: “A silly man, share it with dad for fun.”

The film emperor father send a bragging expression: “My baby daughter is so good.jpg.”

Jiang Mian lost her smile and didn’t know how her Taoist father was progressing now, she asked tentatively.

“Dad, have you set a date to go to America?”

Speaking of this Qin Jingrun was angry, he had just finished his work and returned to the nanny car when Zuo Xingping sat opposite to him–dressed in a yellow robe. His hair rolled into a bun and his fake beard covered half of his face, at first glance he looked like a scarecrow with excess hair.

The key was that this “divine stick” was tied up like a piece of cowhide wrapped up and couldn’t be shake off.

Qin Jingrun regretted it a million times, he shouldn’t have listened to this man about his baby daughter and let him stay at home.

As a result after they arrived at his house he immediately jumped around the house and then said he would stay for one night.

Qin Jingrun then understood Zuo Xingping wanting to come over to discuss matters related to Jiang Mian was an excuse because he has no place to stay so he came to him.

Although several dads didn’t deal with each other but the other three dads know that Zuo Xingping couldn’t save money and was poor but he never used to seek their help because he couldn’t find a place to live so Qing Jingrun has doubts.

Three dads have provided Zuo Xingping because of his (their) daughter, otherwise with Zuo Xingping’s poor life how could he afford if his daughter stayed with him for three months every year. How could they starve their baby daughter?

But that was all useless—even if Zuo Xingping has doubled wealth it was bound to go bankrupt.

After understanding Zuo Xingping’s constitution of losing money the three father would no longer help him, as long he didn’t starve to death.

In the end, Qin Jingrun did not tear down Zuo Xingping and agreed to his temporary stay for one night.

He thought that Zuo Xingping would leave the next day and never thought that the other party actually followed him to work and could not be driven away. He never knew that Zuo Xingping was so thick skinned before.

Zuo Xingping was dressed in his signature clothes “Divine Stick” and with him, if he attends to his activities he was sure that he would dominate the headline every day.

In desperation Qin Jingrun had to stuff him in the nanny car.

Zuo Xingping was also obedient and followed him as he obediently hide in the car, not to interfere with his work.

Therefore no one knew that inside the famous Film Emperor Qin’s nanny car there also seated the “Divine Stick.”

Taoist Father found that Qin Jingrun was looking at him with a murderous look again, he quickly hung his head with a guilty conscience and continue playing with the rubik’s cube he found in the car—he couldn’t find anything to pass time.

For the sake of his baby daughter he had to be a cheeky scoundrel at this time and resolutely implement the code of action ‘where Qing Jingrun goes he goes’.

If he couldn’t, he’ll use another method. As long as he could stop Qin Jingrun from going to America!

In fact, Qin Jingrun has a vague thought—Zuo Xingping was being obvious, he was here to stop him from going to United States.

Regarding Zuo Xingping’s occupation, the billionaire tyrant father, the criminal police father were the least convinced.

Qin Jingrun was in the entertainment industry but more or less heard some anecdotes such as some stars would go to Thailand and suddenly after returning their career woudl rise.

In the circle there was rumors that some celebrities were keeping a gumantong1.

But this was really not confirmed.

Qin Jingrun has been neutral in this regard, neither believe nor did not believe. For it was just a “story”. And now that Zuo Xingping telling him that traveling far away was a bad luck for him did not made him feel anything.

However, Zuo Xingping’s strange behavior forced him to chew this sentence word by word and had to ready it slowly.

He wasn’t worried about what would happen to him—he was worried about what his baby girl would do in case something happened.

Although the contract of “Death Plan 3” has been signed, he was going to United States not to film immediately but to examine the situation and discuss with the American side of the crew.

And if everything was already in place then that was the time he would shoot the film.

The advantage of making a series movie was that the movie itself would most likely be famous and has high audience appeal so there was no problem of getting box office hit after shooting and releasing it. The biggest disadvantage was that it would be compared with the first two films which was a silent pressure on the actors and directors.

So he must make sure that he was fully prepared in all aspects before he start shooting.

Jiang Mian on the other hand waited patiently for her film emperor father’s reply, after waiting for almost a minute he finally replied.

[If you don’t want dad to go to United States, then dad will think about it again.]

Jiang Mian’s eyes lit up, since the film emperor father said so then he would certainly consider it. She would quietly give her Taoist father more information and let him work harder then this matter could be solved perfectly.

Jiang Mian chatted with her film emperor father for a while, the father and daughter finished the topic, Jiang Mian then sent a message to her Taoist father. After sending it, she check the messages she send to her two dads and thought that she was filming a spy movie~

In the nanny car, the two dads didn’t talk to each other and both has no plan to talk. Lin Xi gave Qin Jingrun a report on tomorrow’s work—for the sudden appearance of Zuo Xingping Lin Xi didn’t ask anything.

Professional assistants like them have professional ethics and know what should and should not be asked. Since Qin Jingrun didn’t say anything then he won’t ask.

But not asking doesn’t mean he was not curious, when his boss meet this man and judging from the atmosphere between them, they obviously did not know each other within a day or two.

It was not like they were enemy but it’s not likely they were friends also.

Did his boss suddenly have whim and wanted to know his fortunes or something like that?

Zuo Xingping felt his phone vibrating, so he put down the rubik’s cube that he hadn’t solve after fiddling for a long time and took out his phone in his robe.

Lin Xin has been googling at him, and when he saw that the phone he pulled out was the oldest keypad phone he was shocked for a few seconds and then saw that this Taoist reveal a similar look—a silly smile of a father.

Lin Xi: “….”

He made a point of looking at his boss whose eyes were narrowed.

Lin Xin has been with Qin Jingrun for so long that he could understand some of Qing Jingrun’s changes in demeanor.

The boss expression was clearly an expression after he perceived a certain clue, his intuition was telling him that something would happen so he silently retreated away from them.

Sure enough—

Zuo Xingping was still slowly typing with his keypad phone to reply to his baby daughter when he felt something wrong—the lightning suddenly darkened and his phone was quickly snatched from his hands.

Zuo Xingping: “….”

Qin Jingrun looked down at the palm sized screen and saw the name:  Mian Mian.

Message content: “Dad Qin just said to me that he will consider the matter of going to United States again, Dad is fantastic stopping Dad Qin just around the corner!”

Qin Jingrun: “…..”

The film emperor father’s heart went sour, his baby daughter actually colluded with this divine stick and when did they have such good relationship? Didn’t she dislike him as a father?!

“You give the phone back to me!”

Zuo Xingping didn’t expect Qin Jingrun to grab his phone.

Qin Jingrun sneered as Zuo Xingping covered the panic expression in his eyes under his beard. And just as he was about to speak Zuo Xingping hurriedly raised his hand and pasted a yellow talisman in between Qin Jingrun’s eyebrows.

Qin Jingrun: “???”

While Qing Jingrun was unable to move, Zuo Xingping immediately snatched the phone back and then put back the talisman.

Qin Jingrun: “….”

He moved his suddenly immovable shoulders and looked at Zuo Xingping with a convinced looked—this divine stick really seemed to have some skills.

Facing Qin Jingrun’s bewildered and shocked gaze Zuo Xingping said.

“I told you that I am a celestial master but you yourselves do not believe me.”

Even the baby girl doesn’t believe in it, but now it’s good. His baby girl believed him now.

Qin Jingrun: “….”

All the way to Qin Jingrun’s home the car was enveloped with silence, as soon as they entered Qin Jingrun asked.

“What you said to me, that something would happen if I travel far, is true?”

Whether it’s true or not, Zuo Xingping doesn’t know but he made it up anyway—the only way to stop Qin Jingrun from going to the U.S was to use this argument to be effective.

Zuo Xingping fortune telling was not good especially those involve with him, which was more difficult to calculate.

From time to time he would calculate Jiang Mian’s fortune and nine out of ten he couldn’t get the content and occasionally he was prone to some small problems.



gumantong1–  (Thai: กุมาร ทอง) is an infant spirit of faith in Thailand, it has spread the Greater China region. ” Goodman boy” original meaning in Thai means “golden boy”, set out in the beginning, “Chang Kun Kun (English: Khun Chang Khun Phaen)” a book. Goodman Tong’s traditional production method is to die young baby or fetus corpses baked into dry, and then with a variety of materials.

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