ECM 42


Chapter 42

All the trainee just now who were making fuss quieted down, standing in place as they watched in awe as Cen Feng followed the little girl into the Mercedes Bens business car and drove in through the VIP entrance.

Was that really his sister? It doesn’t look like it!

Cen Feng’s family background was known to them, he was never been visited by his family during the new year’s festival not to mention he eats and lives in the company on weekdays. He was alone and out of tune with the world, he has no relatives nor friends.

That little girl was rich or rich at a first glance, how could Cen Feng know such person?

Moreover the car goes through the VIP entrance, the star they saw just now enters from the normal entrance of the show. Those who could go through the VIP must have an extraordinary identity.

The group of people looked at each other, there were envious but also jealous. The trainee who just mocked Cen Feng looked extremely ugly, he was usually more high profile and was not popular. Someone immediately mocked him with an excuse.

“Hey didn’t someone say that he couldn’t get in just now, like a security guard? How did Cen Feng get in again?”

Many people snickered, the teacher clapped his hands and said loudly.

“Okay, okay stop looking! Hurry up and finish the rest of the run, you don’t want to train this afternoon, do you?”

Dozens of trainees began to run again one after another.

Inside the business car, Xu Zhaixing was sitting upright while out of the corner of her eyes she stole glances.

This was the first time she was in such intimate space with her idol, and made her heart beat out of her chest. In addition to the driver there was also a female assistant arranged by the organizer to assist her throughout the whole process named Xiao Shui, sitting in the co-pilot she looked back curiously and asked Zu Xhaixing.

“Is this your friend?”

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly nodded.

“Yes, yes, Sister Xiao Shui. Please help arrange a him in the VIP seat later.”

Xiao Shui smiled and said.


She followed Xu Zhaixing these two days and it was the first time she saw her so restrained. She was curious about the cold young man in the back, and wanted to ask something but felt a little embarrassed so she silently sat back.

Xu Zhaixing has been fiddling with her nails for a while when suddenly she thought of something and hurriedly turner her head, she said.

“Brother, you still don’t know my name right? My name is…”

“Xu Zhaixing.”

Cen Feng interrupted her and tilted his head to look over.

“I know.”

The little girl’s pupil were dilated, and only after a long time did she asked in a shocked whisper.

“How did you… know that?”

Cen Feng said.

“I watch the competition.”

Xu Zhaixing remembered the time she told him she won a championship and mentioned the Paris Fashion Design Competition. She did not expect him to check the competition video and watched it.

Ahhhhhhh this indescribable good shame ah!

Her ears were red and she couldn’t speak for a while, seeing Cen Feng looking out the window she secretly took out her phone and send a text message to Zhao Jinjin.

[When you saw me, pretend to be unfamiliar with me.]

After sending it, she didn’t care what Zhao Jinjjin replied as she put her phone away as if nothing happened.

The car quickly pared and when they got off she coincidentally met Zhao Jinjin walking with Yan Yan while talking. As soon as Xu Zhaixing saw her, her heart was almost out of her throat for fear that she didn’t receive her text message and would come running to her with mouthful of Miss.

However, Zhao Jinjin just raised her eyes to look at her and just smiled politely. She also politely greeted her.

“Designer Xu.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded her head in a high and cold manner.

Both of them sparred with each other’s acting skills and both gave a nod to each other inwardly.

When she saw Cen Feng, Zhao Jinjin raised her eyebrow in surprise then her eyes swept back and forth between him and Xu Zhaixing revealing a mysterious and unpredictable smile. She did not say anything and just speed up her pace as she walked away.

Zhao Jinjin was just an obscure newcomer before she walked the runway in Fei Tian. Fei Tien could be considered an achievement for both the designer and the model. And as long as their show was done, Xu Zhaixing was not worried that Cen Feng would doubt her relationship with Zhao Jinijin.

She silently breathed a sigh of relief and decided to add chicken legs to Zhao Jinjin’s lunch box at the end of the show today.

She inclined her head to look at Cen Feng, there was no superfluous look in his face as he was lightly surveying everything around him.

As he was about to speak, the teacher in charge of the show Mr. Yuan Si ran over with the documents and shouted from afar.

“Zhaixing, quick, quick look at this appearance arrangement. Why is it different from yesterday’s rehearsal? How come Yue Se was put on a red makeup?”

Xu Zhaixing replied,

“It was my temporarily adjustment I made last night, I stubble the next color,”

Halfway through her sentence she quickly turned back to looked at Cen Feng and said.

“Brother, I…”

Cen Feng smiled.

“Go about your business.”

Xu Zhaixing pursed her lips and with a sincere voice.

“Brother I’ll come to you when I’m finished, tell sister Xiao Shui what you need.”

He nodded his head.

Xu Zhaixing threw a few more please looks at Xiao Shui before she took one step then step back to look back and finally walked away.

Xiao Shui has already brainstormed a hundred scenes of childhood sweet drama, and after waiting for Xu Zhaixing to leave she smilingly said.

“Little handsome, come with me I’ll take you to the show.”

The teenager looked indifferent and nodded nonchalantly.

Xiao Shui originally wanted to continue to gossip, but his temperament was cold and made the rest of her words frozen.

The show started soon.

The entire show was luxuriously designed and built with elements of Chinese style added, including the music. They also used in the national style palace tune. The cameras were clicking and shutters, and the people watching the show sometimes whispers and exchanging words of praise.

Cen Feng also watched the show in his last life together with his group, basically for the sake of conversation and appearances. After watching it, Yin Chang’s look would always be on the hot search while he who has the weak presences did not even appear.

But today, he don’t know what’s going on but white light kept on flashing in his direction.

He was used to the blinding white light and just sat in his seat with a calm face, he sat next to a couple. The middle aged man in a suit with big belly and look like a kind, successful business man, was also flashed with the white light and suddenly turned his head sideways and said excitedly.

“Look at this people, are they taking my pictures?”

His wife gave him a blank look.

“Do you look good for them to take your picture? People are shooting the little handsome guy next to us.”

The middle aged-man was strangely unhappy.

“How come they were not taking my picture? They maybe know that I am the designer’s father so they were taking my picture!”

Cen Feng’s unmoving body finally moved a little.

His wife said.

“Then why don’t you block your face? Just this look of yours on the entertainment news will put Zhaixing into shame.”

The middle aged man was furious.

“How can you say it like that? How can you? How will I shame Zhaixing? You are the shameful one! Wearing gold and silver, so vulgar!”

This time his wife got angry an raised her hand to pinched him on the waist.

“I call this giving my daughter a long face! What do you know!”

The middle aged man was pinched hard that he had to dodge to the side and accidentally bumped into Cen Feng’s shoulder. He hurriedly turned around and apologize.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry.”

Cen Feng looked at the middle-aged couple, they were no different from most parents in this world.  Rambling and noisy but kind and benevolent when talking about their daughter there was always full of pride.

He smiled and shook his head.

“It’s okay.”

With parents like that it’s no wonder they raised Xu Zhaixing with such active and enthusiastic personality.

When the show was almost over, Father Xu’s phone rang several times he turned his back in the direction of Cen Feng and covered his mouth then answered the call. He said.

“Didn’t I say I’ll be back in S tomorrow!”

He did not know what other side of the phone say but father Xu was very unhappy as he said.

“I only have one baby girl and I can’t come to her show? Okay, okay, okay I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Don’t worry I said hello to director Chen before I left, the land in Zhibo park won’t run away, instead of worrying about the Zhibo park you’d better go to Longchen I heard that old Liu said that there are several nail households who refuse to leave so start the price on the ground. If you can’t deal with it quickly, this kind of delays will affect the construction.”

Father Xu’s voice was not small and every word all fell in the ears of Cen Feng.

He was at first puzzled by Xu Zhaixing’s identity but now when he heard father Xu answer the call it became clear that he was a businessman in real estate.

It’s no wonder that with that affluence could support such lavish dreams of Xu Zhaixing.

As soon as the show was over, father and mother Xu were picked up. Cen Feng sat in the same area did not move so of course several media opposite to them did not go away and continue to took pictures of him fiercely.

The appearance and the temperament were so brilliant that they thought he was new in the circle, they asked each other again but no one know him. Forget it whether they know him or not they need to have his pictures.

Cen Feng couldn’t stand being photographed, he frowned got up and walked out.

As soon as he got to the exit, he saw Xu Zhaixing running towards him in a hurry. When he saw her, he stopped his tracks and the annoyed look in his eyes change into a smile.

“Brother I’m done.”

In fact there were still some work to do but she handed them over to Yuan Shi and Xiao Shui, worried about the nature of her idol that after watching the show he would silently go so after she said hi to her parents in the car and rushed to run over.

She didn’t expect him to be here waiting for her.

She felt sweet and soft in her heart, the kind of mood where she could not wait to give him all the goodness and tenderness.

When she walked down the backstage everyone were almost gone, after all Xu Zhaixing was still a student and doesn’t want to appear too much. Media interviews were handled by the models.

The early summer sun was just right, not cold nor hot and the brightness was not too harsh.

Xu Zhaixing actually had a guess in her heart when she saw the of trainees before but still asked him.

“Brother what are you doing here?”

Cen Feng pointed down to the building not far away.

“Training in that building.”

He paused and added.

“Trainees training.”

Xu Zhaixing duly showed her surprise but didn’t dare to act too surprise, but her excitement was true.

“Will you made a debut in the future? When you make a debut I will be your number one fan!”

Cen Feng smiled lightly and did not answer.

When he smiled it made her happy, she tilted her head a little expectantly and asked him.

“Brother the homework you help me write did you write it?”

The book that records his daily happiness.

He was always stuck in sadness so she tries to make him happy.

Xu Zhaixing had thought after such a long time, he should have long forgotten that strange-sounding request but to his surprise Cen Feng nodded his head and said.

“Written, should I give it to you?”

Stars appears in Xu Zhaixing’s eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“It’s in the dorm.”

He glance at the assembly building in front of him.

“I’ll go back and get it.”

Xu Zhaixing subconsciously said.

“I’ll go with you….”

She paused, then pursed her lips and asked carefully.

“Can I go with you?”

When facing him, she always seems to be asking for his opinion not wanting to do anything that would make it difficult or force him.

The thorny shell in Cen Feng’s heart unconsciously softened by half.

He said.



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