Chapter 164

The first thing Fu Zhen did when he came home was to wash his hands then he went to the baby room next door and took Xiao Jiang Fu from the nanny. After the nanny gave the child to Fu Zhen she went to the bathroom—she had been holding it for a long time.

Jiang Fu just woke up, it was at this time that she was conscious of her surroundings. She was staring at Fu Zhen with her big round eyes.

Fu Zhen turned her head in his arms upside down.

“Cocoa, did you miss daddy ah?”

Little Jiang Fu doesn’t recognized people yet but when she sees Fu Zhen she giggles and laughs. Fu Zhen carries her around the baby room and asked her.

“Were you obedient at home today?”

Cocoa could not understand what Fu Shen said, only babbling and grabbing the bell hanging down in his hand to Fu Zhen’s face.

Fu Zhen took it and said with a smile.

“This is for dad oh, thank you.”

As soon as he finished saying this, Cocoa burst into tears. Fu Zhen was dumbfounded, he hurriedly put the bell back into Cocoa’s hand, but she was still crying.

Fu Zhen hurriedly kissed and held her high. However Cocoa cried louder. Her nanny was still in the bathroom, probably because her stomach was not comfortable.

Jiang Hengshu ran over from the kitchen, took a look and said.

“She seems to be peeing.”

He moved skillfully to hold Cocoa from Fu Zhen’s arms and change her diaper. Cocoa’s crying finally stopped and she giggled again.

Fu Zhen squatted on one side, stretched out his finger in Cocoa’s face and gently poked it. Cocoa grabbed Fu Zhen’s finger and put it in her mouth.

Jiang Hengshu picked Cocoa up and coaxed her in his arms.

Fu Zhen inclined his head to look at Jiang Hengshu, who smiled and asked him.

“What’s wrong? Does the big baby want a hug too?”

Fu Zhen shook his head, sucked his nose and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“I seem to smell paste?”

He stood up from the floor and ran to the kitchen in his slippers, Jiang Hengshu shouted after him.

“Slow down! Slow down!”

Cocoa didn’t know as she was still giggling while laughing and flapping her two hands, Jiang Hengshu helplessly smiled holding Cocoa and walked to the kitchen.

Jiang Hengshu just made a stir fried beans but looking that it look blunt so he decided to put in some water, making it into a boiled beans this time but fortunately Jiang Hengshu came in time and put Cocoa who was in his arms to Fu Zhen’s hands.

Then continued cooking, he fried some mincemeat, thicken it with water starch and pour it on the beans. It tasted good.

After eating, Fu Zhen played with his child for a while and then took advantage of Jiang Hengshu taking a shower. He quickly took out his computer and work secretly.

In addition to sending notification email to the successful actors, Fu Zhen also sent a comforting email to the unsuccessful actors, thanking them for participating in the audition and for the opportunity to work together in the future.

After taking a bath, Jiang Hengshu came over and look at Fu Zhen’s eyes staring at the computer. His fingers kept tapping his shoulder while his other hand was wiping his wet hair, he let out a sigh and tapped lightly on his computer and said to him.

“Okay, it’s time to sleep, what did you promise before?”

Fu Zhen clicked the next button to send, and immediately closed the computer then tilted his head to Jiang Hengshu and said.

“I’m done.”

Looking like he wanted to praised.

Jiang Hengshu gave him a light tap on the head.

“Just this once.”

Fu Zhen straightened his chest and gave Jiang Hengshu a salute.

“Roger, Jiang Sir!”


The paparazzi didn’t immediately release the photos they take today after they went back, they racked their brains to come up with a catchy line but did not dare to offend Jiang Hengshu.

And as result they thought about it all night but did not come up with a good one so they just released the picture directly and brought a topic about Jiang Hengshu.

Compared to Madam Jiang, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu seeing together was obviously less hot. Netizens came in high spirits but when they opened it they found that Jiang Hengshu was with a man their interest disappeared.

The comments sections were more depressed than before.

[I want to see Madam Jiang, want to eat dog food, want to see the fairy, not the two men.]

[Fu Zhen did not go back to the Fu family ah? Is he working a Hexi entertainment now?]

[Jiang Hengshu is a good gentleman ah, even help a man open the door, compared to my dog boyfriend]

[The sister upstairs you found the wow point.]

[There is nothing to disclose about this kind of thing. I came in excitedly and return disappointedly, this should be taken as a precedent.]

Among so many netizens, only Tang Wanwan was enlightened when she brushed the news. She finally thought of who Jiang Hengshu was, he was the man who was with Fu Zhen.

She didn’t expect– didn’t expect it all. She thought Fu Zhen was so noble but it turned out he was a mistress, it was really laughable.

But then Tang Wanwan’s expression changed, she suddenly remembered when she first met Jiang Hengshu alone.

She had used money to tempt him to leave Fu Zhen, at that time Jiang Hengshu contemptuously gave her a cheque back but she did not accept it now it seems that the cheque was most likely true.

Tang Wanwan was not concern about the money, she just regrets that because of this matter Jiang Hengshu would certainly not have a good impression of her.

But now Fu Zhen was caught by her, she would used him to look good again.

“You’re at home all day, and as soon as you go out you cause trouble. How did my son marry a woman like you.”

Old Madam Qin’s scolding voice penetrated to her ears again, Tang Wanwan put on her headphone and pretended she didn’t hear anything.



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