Chapter 22 (5)


Looking at the current situation, his whole body was tied with a rope and even his head. Was he… also in the middle of awakening his ability?

Oooh, what’s with this sudden awfulness?

They agreed to be ordinary people without ability, but it turned out that Yan Zhen was quietly developing his ability.

Tang Tang was sadly dying inside, it really hurts her heart. In a small area where she was standing now, except for her there were seven people lead by the male lead and six lead by Jiang Chi. All of them were ability users, there was really only her who was an ordinary person.

Well, though she was not exactly ordinary since she still has a hidden space, it’s just that she does not dare to say it now.

With this thinking Tang Tang comforted herself but she soon thought of another thing.

Because she was blown away by the wind, they of course didn’t see her when they woke up and with Yan Zhen entered in his hibernation to awaken his ability there was no doubt that he wasn’t able to explain to Jiang Zhu that she didn’t run away but flew away.

If that’s the case then in the eyes of Jiang Zhu and the others, she was the bad teammate who left them behind and ran away.

And if not, did Jiang Zhu bring her to their team to thank her for her unfailing support these days?

Tang Tang does know which of these was the case, but of course if it was the latter she would be very happy.

But looking at the indifferent and cold Jiang Zhu—

So the impulse to ask a direct question was put off seeing his side profile nil with emotion.

Forget it, he was not in a bad mood so there was no need to talk first.

While Tang Tang’s mind was wandering elsewhere she has completely entered the male lead’s team. But obviously except Qin Zhang and Qi Mu the other three didn’t have a good expression seeing her.

The person who was playing with his knives, she didn’t know whether he had heard Qin Zhang’s words but the excitement on his face decreases a lot. Seeing that she was pulled over by Jiang Zhu, he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but when he looked Jiang Zhu and was pulled by Qin Zhang again he finally didn’t say anything and put it aside.

Tang Tang basically know that she should be safe now from Qin Zhang and Qi Mu’s expression.

This means that Yan Zhen should have started to awaken his ability only after he had told them about her being blown away. But this does not affect Tang Tang’s embarrassment at this point, because of the bad things she had said about Jiang Zhu. Even if that was deliberately designed by Zheng Xue, she did still said it herself.

Moreover this six people including Jiang Zhu should have heard it as well.

Alas, in fact, they should thank her for guarding them for so many days. Even if they don’t want her in their team, she could actually really hide out alone.

Then maybe one day, in the end of the night she would suddenly awaken her abilities.

Tang Tang was lost in her dreams again.

But suddenly her mind shook for a moment and dizziness ensued. With a flick, her feet stumbled and her body fell over to the side.

At that moment, a hand tugged her pulling her back followed by a pair of strong arms holding her.

She could even feel the eyes of the people around her who were looking at her for this sudden situation.

But awkwardly super awkwardly that one woobly dizzy feeling—that only short three seconds. Once that three second had passed her brain suddenly cleared up again.

And now she was lying in someone’s arms….



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  2. Thank you so much for the chapters!!! I can’t express how excited i am for the coming for the future chapters-esp the next arc but fufufu (tho I guess it’s be farther away here lol). I didn’t like QZ and QM back when I mtled and still don’t like them now 😀

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    1. why…? i like them though… spoilers???… ahahahah i love spoilers. i usually don’t read in advance so i read as i translate, now you make me wonder…wahhhh


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  4. First sign of OP ability awakening! 🎉

    I really want to see FL & ML battle together in a massive death match but I doubt this will ever happen.

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    1. is the name intended for me? ٩| ര ‿ ര |╯ hehe


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