GTKWF 39.1


Chapter 39(1)

The next day when she woke up, Sheng Qiao wrote down the ingredients she needed to buy and send them to Fang Bai asking him to buy them and bring them over. Now that her popularity was gradually increasing she doesn’t dare to go out as recklessly as before.

She decided to ignore, Meng Xingshen’s probing and meaningful gaze and just treat him with respect as a senior. No matter what hint he would say she couldn’t understand them anyway.

In the afternoon, Meng Xingshen arrived on time.

Sheng Qiao respectfully welcomed him into the house, looking at him with a gaze that made Meng Xingshen have the illusion that he was a grandfather generation.

Today’s lesson was about the most basic subtle expressions.

Sheng Qiao listened very carefully, what he was saying was not only professional performance knowledge but also combine with his own skills and experience over the years. As Sheng Qiao learned she was also gradually pushing open the door to the field that she had never been involved in.

The afternoon passed quickly.

Meng Xingshen seems to be tired sitting for a long time, he inclined his head and pounded his neck.

“Let’s end it here today, if I say too much you might not be able to grasp it.”

“Okay, thank you senior Meng for your hard work.”

Meng Xingshen looked at her.

“So did you prepare dinner today?”

“….Yes, I’ll do it right away. What do senior like to eat?”

He smiled faintly.

“Last time you invited me to have zhajiangmian but didn’t eat it so I’ll make up for it today.”

“Yes, please wait for a moment.”

She put away her notebook and turned to the kitchen.

Meng Xingshen got up and took a walk, he was not getting any younger and the old injures left by the previous shooting also began to have an impact on his body. Sitting all afternoon hurts his neck and so was his waist.

He moved his muscles, and walked around the living room and went to the kitchen door, he asked Sheng Qiao.

“Do you mind if I take a look around?”

“Don’t mind, make yourself at home.”

Meng Xingshen smiled and first went to the balcony to look at the flower, they were well taken care of. It was already spring, the delicate branches were scrambling to send out new buds it should not be long before they bloom.

He walked back to the living room again and studied the furnishing in the closet and the hanging pictures on the wall for a while.

On the door of Sheng Qiao’s bedroom hung a small lace sign that read “Qiao Qiao’s Castle”, Ding Jiang made it for her. Since Sheng Qiao asked for a small study, Ding Jian thought that she has a little princess heart, if not for Sheng Qiao stopping her she may also install pink lace bedroom.

Meng Xingshen did not enter the bedroom, and just look at the wooden castle sign for a while. He then visited the other two empty guest rooms, the last one was near the balcony the door was closed so he guessed it was probably the study. He planned to go in and visit it to see what books she usually like to read.

But as he twisted the door handle, he found out that it could not be open and the door was locked.

All other bedrooms was not locked, but this room was lock?

Meng Xingshen faintly smiled and turned around to go back and sit in the living room.

In a few moments, Sheng Qiao came out with two bowl of zhajiangmian. She also set the table and cut two slices of lemon to make lemonade, right after she then respectfully called him.

“Senior Meng the noodles are ready, I hope it suits your taste.”

Meng Xingshen approached, and looked at her a few times before pulling out the chair and sat down.

“Xiao Qiao, let’s discuss something about you.”

“You tell me.”

“Can you stop using calling me formally? You’re making me feel like I’m really old.”


Sheng Qiao smiled pretentiously.

“You are my senior and teacher, it is proper to address you formally.”

Meng Xingshen said.

“I am your senior and your teacher but you won’t listen to what your senior and teacher say?”

Sheng Qiao: “…….”

She smiled and said.

“Got it.”

Only did Meng Xingshen pick up his chopsticks.

She had made zhajiagmian many times before so the taste was naturally not bad, after Meng Xingshen tasted it a few times he nodded his head and said

“You can open a restaurant.”

“Senior is overpraising me.”

Her respectful and detached attitude was not something Meng Xingshen could not feel.

She had changed so much, not just the kind of change he saw in the news or variety shows. Her attitude towards him, the way she looks at him, everything she does when she’s with him—it was all different from before.

He only wanted to help the girl who has some low self-esteem and who was represses, and since she was willing to fight he didn’t mind putting the icing on the cake and give her a push. Whether it’s agreeing guests in a variety show or recommending the company to sign her or not.

But now it seems that she doesn’t need his help at all.

He really couldn’t help but to find out what’s going on.

Meng Xingshen said.

“Xiao Qiao, you are very different from before.”

Sheng Qiao who was eating noodles froze and inevitably thought of Huo Xi.

Huo Xi had told her the same thing when she had just become Sheng Qiao.

What was her idol doing now? Did he eat on time? Did he stay up late for the show? She hasn’t seen him for a long time, she really misses him.

Sheng Qiao looked up and smiled at Meng Xingshen.

“People will always change.”

That smile was so calm and her gaze was unperturbed.

Meng Xingshen froze, and smiled after.


In the next two days, Meng Xingshen came to teach her as usual, and after teaching her the basic acting skills he has to leave the country to get busy with his own work but left her with homework.

A script of a long monologue. After she has practices she needs to take a picture of her performance on her phone and send it to him for evaluation.

Sheng Qiao took every emotion one by one and memorize every line and began to practice in front of the mirror.

Soon it was time for another day of recording for “Starlight Junior”.

Because it was live broadcast, the contestants began to rehearse in the afternoon of the first day. After the mentors arrived the next day, the site’s choreography, lighting and sound have been adjusted to perfection.

The rating for the first issue soared, and almost all the viewers who watched the program were watching the live broadcast of the second phase.

They were too eager to see how Sheng Qiao farted rainbows live.

The live broadcast would soon start and their anticipation would soon be satiate.

This time in the elimination round half of the contestant who made it through the first phase would be eliminated, and even if they perform well but did not sign any music art or have resources behind them, they would be eliminated this time.

This circle of competition was cruel, it would really be difficult to stand out with only strength and no background.

Sheng Qiao’s makeup artist Zhou Kan gave her a sweet and lovely look today with soft air bang scattered down in front of her forehead paired with her peach color eye makeup, lastly she also wore a small dress that gives off innocence and cuteness enhancing a girlishness feelings.

As soon as they appeared on the stage, all fans responded frantically because of the broadcast on the first phase all players also had fans. At the moment there were all kinds of lights and names with different colors which made the atmosphere very lively.

After the warm-up the elimination rounds officially began.

Today’s number was randomly selected by the star mover in the box, the first on the stage was more or less under pressure. The players were praying not to draw their name, they all looked at Sheng Qiao took out a ball and holding the microphone she read.

“No.9, I have an impression of this player. He sings to well, let’s see what he got this time and cheer for him.”

Contestant number 9 took a deep breath and walked on the stage.

Although the player did not sign a contract with Leyi, there was no doubt that the newcomer was signed by another big company who came to scout on the show.

He sang an original song of his own, the route was on the rock side with his very own style and characteristics. There was some shyness and tension under the stage but the real performance was full of energy which soon drove the atmosphere.

The performance ended, and the three mentors have commented, the pop up audience were also brushing.

[Come on, come on, rainbow fart!]

[I wonder what kind of rainbow farts I’ll hear tonight… I’m looking forward to it!]

[Rainbow farts, rainbow farts, rainbow farts.]




Finally it was Sheng Qiao’s turn, not only the netizens watching live broadcast but also the audience held their breath and waited for her to talk.

Sheng Qiao smilingly looked at the teenager on the stage who was panting slightly and did not hide the admiration in her tone.

“I think when god made you it must have taken six days, the first day was just to create your bones, the second day was to create your flesh and blood, the third day was to create your skin, the fourth day was create your character, the fifth say to create your tale and the last day he kissed your voice.”

Mentors: “??”

Audience: “??”

Netizens: “???”

Damn, what the heck was this rainbow fart?!

Thousands of people knelt down and begged Sheng Qiao to write rainbow farts for their idols!!



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