Chapter 35

Zhang Chen breathed a sigh of relief after hearing Ye Susu’s comment.

“Then in the future, will you order the ingredients by yourself or through us? The ingredients of our Evergrande catering can be distributed uniformly and selected on the same day. Don’t worry about the quality.”

Ye Susu who was used to being fed, nodded without hesitation.

“I’ll leave it to you.”

Zhang Chen’s thought that his guessed was really right. This woman had something to do with his boss.

He doesn’t believed it if this girl was not the boss spoiled dainty girl!

Even the ingredients were personally selected not to mention they already opened a small store for her, if his guess was not right then he definitely does not recognize his mother.

But why was he not in charge of this business?

The boss allocated a million dollars to play with whatever this girls wants.

“Ah yes, your one million dollar dream fund, do you still have a balance? Can you help me add a bookshelf here?”

Ye Susu walked to the empty wall next to the glass window and paused.

Zhang Chen froze.

“Can, a while ago it was popular to put books and take the route of cultural flow net in popular shop…”

“Okay, then purchase another batch of cookbooks for me.”

“Ok, cook…en? Cookbook?”

Zhang Chen turned back with some difficulty.

Ye Susu was a little embarrassed and looked through her bag.

“I only have one book for 100 breakfast now, I can’t find a few recipes if I want to learn.”

Zhang Chen was stunned but after thinking about it, he immediately understood.

This lady is the boss woman after all, and this kind of woman don’t know how to cook—this kind of thing is normal.

“Then I have a list of resume here. The chef earns about five to fifteen thousand a montn and the waiter three to five thousand, you can choose a few employees and they will arrive shortly.”

Ye Susu took the document, then glance at it and furrowed her brows.

“Fifteen thousand?”

She only has 10,000 in her savings now.

“Are they paid by the dream fund?”

Zhang Chen smiled,


His boss dotes on her so naturally the dream fund would shoulder their salary.

Ye Susu nodded and patted her little heart that had just been scared.

“So in the end, the remaining money of the dream fund will not go directly to me?”

Zhang Chen thought about, and thinks that there should be no problem.

Anyway it was a golden house1, the money given to her was already a loss.

“Well, the remainder of 1 million yuan from dream fund could be given to you. Give me your account number and I can have the finance department transfer it.”

Liu Zhen said that the expenses would be reported directly to him and obviously this fund came directly from the boss’s private account.

Ye Susu’s eyes flashed.

“That’s fine, I don’t need any employees.”


“The chef is me, and the service crew and cashier is also me.”

Ye Susu daintily returned the staff list to Zhang Chen.

Zhang Chen had a question mark floating on his head.

A quarter an hour later, he looked at the newly-hand drawn ‘complete’ menu that made his jaw dropped.

1.Fish porridge, 2.Steamed egg with shrimp, 3.Dried small fish.

“Just this?”

Is this really all?

He’s never seen a menu like this before!

Is the woman the boss fell in love with really different?

“Well, for now.”

Ye Susu looked at the bank text message she had just received of 300,000 yuan and grinned.

This was all thanks to her wit!

What hire workers?!

In her 99th life, she spent half of her time wandering and had suffered enough to no food and bitter winter cold.

Later she regained her consciousness and since then as long as she had extra food she would hoard it.

Who knows what would happen tomorrow? Maybe a shiguan might disappear because of a human flu then suddenly left her alone in the room, she would then become so hungry that her limbs were to weak but it was useless to call him.

Three hundred thousand should be at least equal to three hundred thousand dried small fish!

It was reassuring for a cat to hide for winter and have baby.

Thinking of this, Ye Susu was in a good mood,

“I heard that when a money is put in the back there would be interest. Employees can’t give me money but I spend on them instead so I don’t need them.”

Zhang Chen: “!?”

On the top floor of the Evergrande Center, the light gray carpet separates the cold president’s office from the serious atmosphere of the circular meeting room.

Liu Zhen, standing in the front door took a deep breath before pushing the door in.

A whole floor-to-ceiling window only has a simple desk placed.

On both wall, there were various original bookshelves filled with books.

“Boss, Miss Ye has taken over the store and the first batch of ingredients she requested has been delivered to…. She starts her business today.”

Li Yun who has just loosened this tie and finished straightening his shirt cuffs was picking up the silver signature pen on his desk.

At the sound of his voice, he raised his eyes to look over.


There was clearly a hint of surprised in his cold countenance.

“Are the personnel on board?”

The woman’s importance on things was already proven several times.

Her brain was dry, was only self-motivated and lazy but she could try her best to curry favor with someone who has money.

But at least today she was diligent even with this motive.

Thinking about it, his eyebrows warmed up a bit.

But Liu Zhen had an odd expression and deliberated before saying,

“Well, Miss Ye decided not to hire staff and run the business on her own, here’s the menu.”

He handed over the phone.

Li Yun raised his eyes, and saw that there were only three handwritten things that could not be called dishes.

His dark eyes sank for a second.

“What is Zhang Chen doing?”

Zhang Chen the senior project manager of Evergrande Catering has personally revived hundreds of small catering stores.

He was experienced and could never make such logical mistakes.

Liu Zhen couldn’t help but sweat for the man.

“Mr. Zhang said that Miss Ye wanted to take the remaining 300,000 yuan to open a store fund and not to recruit a chef.”

After this sentence was said, Liu Zhen felt a cold grin gaze swept towards him.

He couldn’t help but stiffen up and continue.

“Zhang wanted to give more advised, but Miss Ye said that her daily business hours will not be too long, so they transfer the money directly to her, and told Zheng he doesn’t need to worry about.”

How shallow was Miss Ye’s eyelids when wants to take away 300,000 business funds at one breath.

In two months at most, her small store would enter the profit model under the guidance of the catering department so as to ensure that she has no worries about food and clothing in her life.

But now that she took the money… how long could she sustain to live with that money, three months? Or six months?

Liu Zhen also does not know what to say.


Li Yun’s expressionless face pulled out a thin smile tinged with thin anger.

“Let her be.”

“The profit and loss of this store need not be reported to me in the future either.”

Some people just could not hold up the wall.



Author has something to say: Several days later, a man felt his face hurt.

golden house1– a golden house to keep one’s mistress (idiom); a magnificent house built for a beloved woman

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