Chapter 163

“Having confidence in yourself is good.”

Luo Pingping turned the list of actors in his hand a few more time and asked.

“By the way, how come I didn’t see the auditions for the other male lead? You already have candidate yourself?”

Fu Zhen nodded and replied.

“It’s already set, it’s Zhou Wenliang.”

“Zhou Wenliang?”

Luo Pingping recalled the name and remembered that he was the actor who played Chen Zhiye in Chun Huashan.

He did a good job in Chun Huashan and his acting skill were not bad but it seemed like she hadn’t seen him from dramas or movies for a long time.

“Is he still working as an actor?”

Luo Pingping asked Fu Zhen a crucial question.

“Still doing.”

But in recent years he has been suppressed by Zhao Jin. He was once a top student who graduated from a well-known film academy but after graduating he could only run in circle to pick up supporting role in a web drama.

Fu Zhen knows that he has dragged him down.

However when Fu Zhen contacted Zhou Wenliang he find out that Zhou Wenliang was taking a Ph.D. at Nandian Electric Power Co., Ltd. sometime ago and was also admitted.

So even if capable people were suppressed their lives would not be too bad.

Zhou Wenliang very quickly agreed to accept the role Fu Zhen gave him, in the first place he never blamed Fu Zhen.

At the beginning he didn’t take Fu Zhen’s offer but already felt that the script was good before agreeing, so he made his own choice.

Fu Zhen hadn’t conceal anything from him so all consequences should be borne by him alone.

On the other end, Fu Zhen chose Zhou Wenliang as the male number 1 was because, in addition to his acting skill he not only wanted to pull him at this time to make his acting career better but also because he wanted him to take new actors in the crew with Mr. He Ming.

Luo Pingping had no objections to this.

“Ok, I believe in your vision.”

The other directors also have no opinion and since Fu Zhen himself was the biggest investor of <<White Castle>> he could make the decision of many things himself.

After the remaining actors auditioned, Fu Zhen discussed with several directors about the requirements and candidates for some other small roles.

When his phone rang at this time, and the screen showed the name of Jiang Hengshu.

“Excuse me, I’m going to take a call.”

Fu Zhen picked up the phone and walked into the compartment.

Jiang Hengshu’s voice came over the phone and said to Fu Zhen.

“Eight hours are up, it’s time to get off work ah big director.”

Fu Zhen looked back at the outside and begged Jiang Hengshu.

“There is still a little thing to finish, it will be over soon.”

“Five minutes, five minutes at most.”

Jiang Hengshu set a dead line for Fu Zhen.

“I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

“Got it.”

Fu Zhen gave a kiss to the phone, and Jiang Hengshu’s low laughter came from the other end of the phone.

Fu Zhen hung up the phone and patted his somewhat red cheeks as he walked out of the cubicle and Luo Pinping asked him.

“What’s wrong? Who’s looking for you?”

Fu Zhen smiled somewhat interestingly and said to Luo Pingping.

“My wife urge me to go home.”

Luo Pingping couldn’t help but laugh as she joked with Fu Zhen.

“It’s better for you young people, you still have your lover to rush you.”

“That old man in my house don’t wait for me to go home.”

Luo Pingping sighed and helped Jiang Hengshu urge Fu Zhen.

“All right, hurry up and go back.”

Fu Zhen nodded and explained to Luo Pingping and the other directors.

“The other small roles in the movie I plan to pick a few newcomers in Hexi entertainment or some old actors from Aojiang side.”

Luo Pingping urged him.

“Just do it, if you don’t leave again he will be anxious.”

Fu Zhen packed up his things and said goodbye to the others.

“Then I’ll leave first, and all the teachers should go home early too.”

Jiang Hengshu’s car was already waiting for Fu Zhen downstairs. The former leaned by the car door after seeing Fu Zhen come out from the lobby on the first floor of the company.

He opened the door and bent down in an inviting gesture.

“Please, my prince.”

Fu Zhen smiled at Jiang Hengshu and sat beside him, Jiang Hengshu went around the front of the car, got in and took Fu Zhen home.

None of them expected this scene to be caught on camera by the paparazzi again.

Since the last time they put the secretly captured video of Jiang Hengshu on the internet, they have never taken a picture of Jiang Hengshu and Madam Jiang in the same frame again.

Today, they came to Hexi entertainment not to shoot Jiang Hengshu. They heard that Gao Tian came here for an audition so they came here and checked.

Unexpectedly Gao Tian didn’t appear, finally while waiting they saw Jiang Hengshu standing outside the car and seem to be waiting for someone.

They all thought it would be Madam Jiang coming out from Hexi Entertainment, they also guessed whether Madam Jiang would also be entering entertainment circle.

As a result the person he has been waiting was a man, if looked carefully it turned out to be Fu Zhen.

This was too surprising to them, they never heard of Jiang Hengshu having any relationship with Fu Zhen before.

To prevent being discovered by Jiang Hengshu, the paparazzi took two photos and left in a hurry.



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