Chapter 22 (4)

Tang Tang subconsciously took a step back.

“Come here.”

Jiang Zhu looked and saw that she was afraid of him, his eyes darkened again and his voice lowered.

“…what are you doing ah?”

Tang Tang was frightened by his cold expression and stepped back but his face was solemn and calm.

Jiang Zhu saw this and reached over to grab her arm but unexpectedly Tang Tang was surprised by this action and directly hugged her two arms together.

“Let’s talk about it, don’t touch me yet.”

Jiang Zhu repeated.

“Come here.”

Tang Tang didn’t understand what this meant, Zheng Xue who had been standing for a long time spoke at this time.

“Young Master Jiang Zhu, Miss Tang is from our side now. I’m afraid it’s very inconvenient to go to you.”

Hearing his voice, Tang Tang was gnashing her teeth.

Zheng Xue must have known that Jiang Zhu had arrived in this neighborhood so he deliberately induced her to say those words to let Jiang Zhu hear.

As for why he would know that Jiang Zhu arrived in this neighborhood, Tang Tang guessed that it might have something to do with his ability. After all, Zheng Xue has always hidden his strength. She doesn’t know whether his ability has many other uses besides binding people.

In the end, it’s her own fault, she didn’t notice anything and fell for it.

With this thought, Tang Tang open her mouth but in the end she couldn’t open her mouth to explain.

When Jiang Zhu heard this, he looked at him coldly from the side.

“Get out of the way.”

“Mater Jiang Zhu…”

Jiang Zhu was too lazy to listen to his nonsense, as soon as his palm turned over he suddenly hit him with a surging power. The speed was so fast that Tang Tang who was standing on the side reacted when Zheng Xue was already hit and flew out for a long distance.

Tang Tang was stunned.

She quickly turned around and saw that there was no Zheng Xue in the visible range of one meter which means that he was hit one meter away?

Jiang Zhu’s psychic ability just awakened, was it so powerful? Or was Zheng Xue still hiding his strength and was hit on purpose.

Tang Tang does not know, and her legs were now starting to tremble.

She just scolded him again, and told herself that the next one to get knocked off would not be herself.

Suddenly, the arm she was holding was grabbed.


Tang Tang shivered and stiffened as she turned her head and met the sight of Jiang Zhu. He repeated that sentence and tried to take her to the opposite side.

She was calm on the surface and even dared to engage him in a stare-down, but in reality she wanted to run.

“Jiang Zhu, this kind of woman is too insulting for you to take, leave her to us. We’ll teach her a lesson and make sure she regrets saying those words!”

In the male lead’ side, a boy shouted.

Tang Tang looked at the sound and then saw the other party’s hand displayed was a few knives.

Those several knives floating above the palm of his hand, they were circling facing her side. Because they were rotating, although the speed was not very fast it was still difficult to distinguish at once how many it was.

Could it be that this was also an ability?

What kind of psychic ability could this be, the ability to control objects? It couldn’t be that these knives were also made by him too…

Tang Tang admires herself for having the effort and time to think about this, she was sometime just too good to show herself to the pit if she was not careful.

Jiang Zhu felt that instantly stiff arm under the palm of his hand and looked up at the talking boy coldly. However the boy didn’t understand his meaning was still turning the knives excitedly. Qin Zhang and Qi Mu could see clearly that Jiang Zhu was basically angry when he showed this expression to his own people.

Quickly they reached out and tug the arm of the excited boy alone.

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

They woke up when it was almost dawn, and as soon as they realized that Tang Tang was gone they rushed out after her. In the middle, they met three other people who were also fleeing and since they all knew each other before they all trusted Jiang Zhu and followed them without saying anything.

Because they were familiar and the three people didn’t ask what they were looking for in such a hurry, they just followed up without saying a word and they didn’t explain anything to them. So the three people didn’t know that Tang Tang was on their side, and the eight of them were a group.

Qin Zhang regretted that he was not able to explain anything to them, he should have said more and told them the situation first of all.

Now, he was afraid it’s even more awkward now.

“What are you doing?”

Jiang Chi was impatient after watching for so long. He stood out and pointed at Tang Tang and Jiang Zhu.

“Didn’t you two broke up? What do you have to drag her over?”

Jiang Chi simply couldn’t understand the relationship of these two people especially Jiang Zhu. The video of the woman dumping him was crazy, she scolds her just like that. But now he wants to drag her over, why do he like her so much?

He looked at Tang Tang, and didn’t find the woman who was all wrapped up in her equipment, attractive.

But that’s not what it mean when Jiang Zhu heard it with his ears.

Jiang Zhu looked back at Tang Tang, squeezing her arm with force.

Tang Tang perceive that cold sight and became very innocent.

Look, why we’re all looking at her—she was very quiet did not say anything ah..

Tang Tang glanced at the boy who had just speak opposite to her, the knives in his hands had not been put away. Qin Zhang seemed to have holding his shoulder ad wanted to say something to him but he wasn’t listening. He looked at her excitedly, and the knives even turned a little faster.

This person was definitely thinking about hot to cut her off with a knife.

Qin Zhang was annoyed by him and slapped him on the head and yelled.

“Listen to me!”

Jiang Chi was ignored again, making him unhappy. He also stretched out his hand to pull Tang Tang, but before his hand could touch her a dark light suddenly flashed in front of him and his hand was swat away.

“What are you doing Jiang Zhu? Are you sick?”

He covered his hand that was injured by the his ability and cursed at Jiang Zhu.

Jiang Zhu didn’t answer. Tang Tang glanced at him and always felt that his face was a little colder.

She thought to herself that today’s Jiang Zhu seems to have a really bad temper. It seems that what she said today would not save her life, she just don’t know if Jiang Zhu plans to do it himself or giver her to the boy who play with the knives opposite to them. No matter which one, she was sorrowful.

Tang Tang—was such a sad female.

Zheng Xue who had just been knocked out, walked back in.

He covered his stomach that was badly injured, he had to take a deep breath every step he was even coughing. When he covered his mouth with his hand, Tang Tang suspected that he had been beaten and vomited blood.


It’s so enviable.

If she had psychic ability she couldn’t have been so constrained before.

Tang Tang looked at Zheng Xue’s miserable appearance. She not only feel sympathetic but also wanted to have her own ability.

“Young Master Jiang Zhu’s awakening ability is very powerful, but I’m sorry Miss Tang Tang is from our side. You just heard that Miss Tang Tang hates you very much, please don’t bother us anymore.”

Tang Tang does not quite understand why this person just couldn’t learn to behave.

It’s okay if he doesn’t learn but even if he wants to die, why do he have to take her?

Did he think her situation was not poor enough? She really need to thank him, sure enough it was either he or she who would die or it wouldn’t be settled.

During this time, Tang Tang had been dragged by Jiang Zhu a long way and was about to reach his group.

And just as they were approaching, she suddenly noticed that there seemed to be someone behind Qi Mu—he seems to be carrying something? Because the distance between her and them exceeded one meter she couldn’t see clearly but now  the closer she get, the more she sees clearly.

At his back seems to be Yan Zhen ah?

He’s not dead.


Tang Tang was relieve and put her heart at ease.

This man was with her for so many days, they have been together for so long. How could he not resist the last day? Tang Tang was happy that he was alive but she soon realized something.



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