Chapter 47

Originally clashing with jewelry was not that serious with clashing with dresses after all most of them were not taboo but Mrs. Zhong’s face was still not very good.

Not only because she was beaten by Jian Ruixi but also because Jian Ruixi was continues to mend the knife on her wound.

“But not as lucky as Jenny, my set is not a gift from my husband but from my mother.”

Someone cooperated by exclaiming.

“It’s from Madam Fu?”

Jian Ruixi nodded pleasantly and watched the birthday star’s face instantly turning black.

In the past it was widely rumored that Madam Fu was not valued by her in-law and she was also separated from her husband which was not a good sign.

Jian Ruixi didn’t know whether Mrs. Zhong deliberately showing off ‘affection’ on purposed, anyway she already wrote down the enmity.

Mrs.Zhong was a mistress and was kick out by her mother-in-law’s favorite daughter-in-law only felt a shot in the knee.

The surrounding was silent for a few seconds before someone came forward to salvage the situation.

“Wow, this set of diamonds is said to be limited to ninety-nine sets worldwide, two of which are in Hong Kong City, Jenny and Annie are really lucky.”

Mrs. Zhong and Jian Ruixi also cooperated with a few modest words and still looked cordial. After that Mrs. Zhong smiled brightly and said to Jian Ruixi.

“Annie there are still many guests today so I won’t stay too long with you. Please make yourself at home and thank you for the gift.”

Jian Ruixi smiled more brightly and without any reluctance she said.

“I know you’re busy, go and greet everyone. Don’t worry about me.”

When the birthday star left more people came to talk to Jian Ruixi. They didn’t expect that Jian Ruixi was so hard to mess with.

Those people that have enmity with her before, were those people don’t have eyes or was Madam Fu have a good temper in the past?

A lady said bitterly.

“Annie is getting better and better, but forget us old friends. You don’t come to play cards or shopping, you didn’t come to Mrs. Liu birthday last time….”

Jian Ruixi thought that after she passed through a ‘certain phase’, the employees and relatives around her didn’t have any complaints about her new changes. It almost pass through her mind.

She picked up her glass and said with a smile.

“I’m a little busy, please be considerate of me.”

Someone else said.

“Annie, it’s been a while since I’ve been on your yacht. When are you going to take everyone out on the water?”

Jian Ruixi could not help but look at them with surprise, it turned out that there were such brazen people in the rich circle. Although Madam Fu didn’t lack money, how could they cadge a meal, and freeload on her yacht with their little politeness?

However she didn’t intend to get used to the stink of these plastic sisters. She smiled and said.

“Unfortunately Jayce birthday is coming, I’m going to celebrate it on the yacht so I’m going to redecorate it according to his preference.”

The noblewoman all had children and once the conversation shifted to the children the atmosphere was much more harmonious.

But Jian Ruixi’s good spirit was almost ruined and said goodbye to the host as the clock hit nine o’clock.

Assistants also have circle of assistants, Lisa did not follow behind Jian Ruixi. After getting into the car she also asked expectantly.

“Madam has not participated in this kind of activity for a long time are you still used to it?”

Jian Ruixi shook her head.

“A little tired.”

“You are used to going to bed early lately, let’s make another appointment with SPA tomorrow.”

Lisa said here, she couldn’t help smiling when she remembered the scene of her boss and the birthday star competing with their acting skills.

“And tomorrow, the whole city of Hong King should know that Old Madam Fu sent you a limited jewelry.”

In wealthy families, it was also important to get the love of their mother-in-law. Just as Mrs. Zhong has the support of her mother-in-law, she was able to dragged on for so many years and Jenny’s son has also been an illegitimate child for so many years.

Jenny really has the ability she should ask Mrs. Zhong to give her pigeon eggs rather than coax her with something.

After all wasn’t it normal for a husband to give his wife a birthday present?

All in all, it was solid win for her boss. Lisa felt honored.

Jian Ruixi didn’t talk about the incident until Lisa shared a gossip with her.

“I heard form Mrs. Shen’s assistant that Judy accepted Second Young Master Shen’s proposal today. It seems that good things is coming.”

Judy was a good friend of Madam Fu, and recently Jian Ruixi has been chatting with her on WeChat. Compared to Madam Fu, Judy was an authentic celebrity occupying a place in the rich and powerful families in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately her personal relationship was not going well in the impression that she was going to get married. Hearing this now, Jian Ruixi was really happy to hear that she was getting married.

“What a surprise, when she returns home I will ask her.”

Lisa then accompanied her to talk more about Judy so when she get home Jian Ruixi’s mood had recovered and since she also talked to Jayce on the phone for a while before washing up.

After washing up, Fu Shiyuan’s video call was sent over again.

Recently although not every day but Fu Shiyuan would video call her and the frequency was not low. Jian Ruixi was complete unbothered by this as she calmly connect the call and greeted.

“I see that your circle of friends are in the party but why are you back so early?”

Jian Ruixi spread herself on the bed and curled her lips exprionlessly.

“It’s a little boring.”


Fu Shiyuan kindly suggested.

“Why don’t you bring Jayce to Beijing at the weekend?”

Jian Ruixi expressed her emotion and then refused.

“I promised Even to go see his recital this weekend.”

Fu Shiyuan raised his eyebrows.

“You’ve been hanging out with Even lately?”

After Madam Fu joined the Weibo the most frequent interaction she have was not President Fu but Even. After all President Fu didn’t used his weibo that much not until a few months ago.

Jian Ruixi didn’t have the chance to interact with him, however her relationship with the young pianist attracted a lot of speculation.

These two people who seem to have nothing in common was actually good friends in real life. Because of the internet everyone knows that Madam Fu played the piano from primary school and Even was a pianist, maybe there were classmates, or could be brothers and sisters who had good relationship.

From this it also derived that Madam Fu was also very talented, it was the identity of a rich and noble woman that limited her to develop which made her circle a group called “talent powder.”

Fu Shiyuan of course knows how much his wife weighs, not to mention being Even’s “junior sister” she may despised by his son for giving lessons so it’s hard for him to ignore why they suddenly have something in common.



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