Chapter 53

She combed through the timeline and in a little over two months, Hua Shan would be dead.

Even if Chen Fang if she was now fried with Chen Fang if she may say.

The plot was still damn scary.

In fact, who Chen Fang fall in love with whether it was Hua Shan, Hua Shui, Hua Hua or any Hua and even if with Duan Rong, were the slightest has nothing do with her.

She wasn’t too concerned either ways.

…..though she might be able to care as a friend.

Forget it, she don’t need to stick herself, Chen Fang couldn’t possible treat her as a friend.

But right now she still had to care, because it was a matter of life and death to her.

Now the problem was, originally her death node were Chen Fang and Hua Shan who has to determine each other’s feelings, a long-lasting love affairs was about to unfold but Jiang Liangchan get Hua Shan killed.

And was the doomed end of Jiang Liangchan.

This was the turning point, and the original reason of the death was very clear.

But now it was completely chaotic, Chen Fang has not yet recognized his affection for Hua Shan, then how would this plot line continue?

Would Hua Shan still be dead in two months?

If it was true that she would still die, then when the times comes, the death of Hua Shan would it still be related to her?

What’s more, now there was an additional factor Duan Rong who was out of nowhere pop up making it more confusing.

Jiang Liangchan arranged the combinations on the paper and found that there could now be three different endings.

The first ending.

The plot line has completely changed, Chen Fang’s sexual orientation has changed. If he really falls in love with Duan Rong and found Duan Rong he would surely follow him.

As for Hua Shan, she would only stay as the saving benefactor.

Then, she has three possibilities.

The first possibility would completely relieved her, with the male lead completely detaching from her, her future would be free death threat.

But her father would still fight against Chen Fang.

The second possibility, if Hua Shan died and it would still be related to her then Chen Fang would avenge the death of her benefactor which would lead to her crushing death.

The third possibility was that because she made Duan Rong appear, the entire emotional line of the plot was distorted and as the source of this problem she had to pay the price with her life. After all she distorted time and space of the plot.

The second ending.

Chen Fang fell in love with Duan Rong, but Duan Rong disappear forever or could be dead.

The blackened Chen Fang remembered the only gift that Duan Rong had ever made was given to her.

She pawned as Chen Fang’s love rival.

The third ending.

Since the power of the plot was great.

When Chen Fang turned his eyes to Duan Rong midway, but when the news of Hua Shan’s death comes the sharp pain in his heart tells him that his favorite person has always been Hua Shan.

But Hua Shan was already dead.

His anger had to find gap, and he needed a companion in the tombstone of his dead love.

And who would receive that?

Of course it would be Liangchan who made him meet Duan Rong and mistakenly thought he loved him and made him missed out on the one loved the most.

Or it was Jiang Liangchan, the day Hua Shan died it was said that Jiang Liangchan was present.

All roads lead to Rome.

The name of Rome, called death.

Which ending had her name written on it?

After all this time, her efforts to change the plot never stopped, but the plot was like dodging her rarely going in the direction she wanted it to go.

She very much suspected that probably no matter how she tried to please Hua Shan, the death of Hua Shan was still going to drag her down.

Just as it may be regardless he felt affection for Duan Rong, Zhu Rong, Song Rong or whatever Rong, Chen Fang may eventually recognize that at the end his love was for Hua Shan alone.

The plot was irreversible.

The main character CP could not be tear apart.

The official match was the way to go.

So the road to survival in front of her has become clearer and more daunting.

She could not denigrate the love between him and Duan Rong, lest she be crushed by the angry male lead before she reached her point of death.

But at the same time, she has secretly help Chen Fang connect with Hua Shan. In this way when the plot suddenly turns back to the main line she would jump from the villainess who killed the white moonlight to a hero who supported their love.

This was still better.

At the same time she had to be careful to send someone to protect Hua Shan but must keep distance from it lest it really destined to become the white moonlight that make way for female lead and she would follow along with the funeral.

It was the task that originally only needed to release the malicious binding with Hua Shan, but now out of nowhere it changed into three tasks.

The key was that Chen Fang was not interested in Hua Shan now and does not want to cultivate his feeling with her so what could be done?

Jiang Liangchan sighed deeply as her eyes landed on the ink stone on the bookcase and suddenly had an idea.

And once again her wit was awakened.

She found a piece of paper which was scented. She stretched out her hand and took the pen, she then wrote a love letter that was full of lingering feeling for a beloved.

Signed, Chen Fang.

She carefully blew it dry, folded it up and called someone to send Chen Fang’s letter to Hunchun brothel.

She also specially instructed the servant to tell Hua Shan that he was a friend of Chen Fang and that Chen Fang was secretly in love with her but did not dare to say so and after writing the letter he treasure it himself and did not show it to her.

He was anxious for Chen Fang who was secretly in love but not asking for love so he secretly took the letter out and delivered it to her.

Therefore, he hopes that after Hua Shan received the letter she would understand Chen Fang’s heart and also would not reveal to Chen Fang that he was the one who told her about the letter.

Jiang Liangchan gave the letter to the servant and explained these words, she even asked the servant to recite them to her and helped him adjust his expression to make him look more sincere before letting him go.

Listening to the footsteps of the servant going out, Jiang Liangchan crossed her kegs and let out a long sigh.

Her intelligence and her desire to survive always works so well together.

If Chen Fang does not find Hua Shan then let Hua Shan find him—

That should be okay right?

Unexpectedly in order to survive she had to break her heart for his love.

In the future Chen Fang with white moonlight or with whoever, she just hope he could remember her well intentions.

That in his love history, she has half of the merits.



The author has something to say:

Jiang Liangchan: I am struggling every day with the edge of life and death!

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  3. chinesefanreader Avatar

    He told me not to interfere with his love life but that fool doesn’t know how in love he is so I have to save his beloved so he doesn’t blame me for her death that Im trying to prevent or be grateful for lifesaving grace if i can save her 😅😅😅

    Thanks for the chapter 🤪

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  4. Honestly the MC is getting less and less likable because of how insanely stupid she is and although it would have been okay if she were the actual age her body is, she is someone who supposedly has been an adult in her previous world already so how can she still act like this? where tf does she even get that ridiculous thought process of hers?? the author must’ve really broken his head and had no other better ideas to come up with that

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  5. Hmm i feel FL should also add the scenario of what if messing with their relationship would lead to moonlight’s death.. (then hopwfully she’d stop it) *sigh* thanks for the hard work!


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